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'''Rousseau's camp''' was an underground bunker in the jungle where Danielle Rousseau used to live.  After her science expedition's ship had crashes on the Island, Rousseau and her team dug out the shelter, presuming that it would be temporary.  However, there was no rescue, the rest of her team The sickness, and Rousseau made the shelter her home for 16 years.  Its location is apparently in the central valley at the foot of the eastern plateau, and about a half a days walk northeast from the Survivor's camp.  

The camp was well furnished and had many instruments and supplies (presumably salvage from the ship) including tables, chairs, storage lockers and shelves, kerosene lamps, various nets, and a bed frame.  Rousseau also had electricity; she had many batteries sitting around and was able to power devices such as light bulbs. The ceiling was a bamboo frame filled with bundles of foliage, similar to that of Alex's hideout and Ana Lucia's tiger pit.  

Rousseau had set out various Rousseau's traps around the perimeter of her camp, as she lived in fear of the The Others whose whispers she heard.  Not far from the former dwelling was a rope bridge, which collapsed after a near-disastrous crossing by Charlie. 

==Encounter by the Flight 815 survivors==
After leaving the Beach camp' camp out of shame for torturing Sawyer, Sayid found a cable buried in the sand, which he followed into the jungle, leading him into one of Rousseau's traps.  Rousseau Abduction and kidnapping Sayid, brought him back to her camp, and tortured him using electric shocks sent through old matress springs, thinking he was one of "them".  Sayid was able to win Rousseau's trust enough to end the infliction, allowing him to fix her music box.  Sayid later managed to escape the bunker after Rousseau had gone outside to investigate a mysterious noise, and in the process took her Rousseau's maps and notes of the island and the numbers that she had spread out on a table. {{crossref}}

{{I=ExplodedCamp.jpg=right=250=Sayid exploring the wreckage of Rousseau's camp.}}
Following this encounter with Sayid, Rousseau abandoned her camp and rigged it with explosives, likely suspecting that he would return with others from his camp.  Indeed, Hurley set out to find Rousseau in search of the meaning of the Numbers written on her notes.  Sayid, Jack and Charlie soon caught up to Hurley, and they continued to the camp, ostensibly to obtain a battery for the raft.  Upon arriving to the underground bunker, Jack tripped a wire, setting off an explosion and destroying the camp. {{crossref}}.

* Damon Lindelof answered whether Rousseau's camp was one of the DHARMA Initiative stations"UH-UH" http//, indicating a no.


deDas Lager von Danielle Rousseau
frCamp de Rousseau
ruУбежище Руссо
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