'''Rivers''', '''streams''', and '''creeks''' are abundant on the Island.

===Season 1===
* When Jack is hanging over a cliff after looking for Christian Shephard, There was a small stream running through rocks at the base of the cliff. {{crossref}}
* There are extremely dangerous rivers located on the Island, according to Rousseau's maps and notes. {{crossref}}
* While Boone and Locke were searching for Claire, it started to rain.  There was a river that was created due to the excess rain, which was right next to the Hatch. {{crossref}}
* When Boone was dreaming about saving Shannon from the Monster, he finds Shannon lying dead in the river. {{crossref}}
* While Walt is running away, he finds a river shortly before the fight with the polar bear. {{crossref}}
* When Jin is recovering from his burns for trying to stop the raft fire, he goes to a river.  Sawyer knocks Jin unconscious at this river. {{crossref}}
* When Hurley, Jack, Sayid, and Charlie are searching for Rousseau, they find a rope bridge.  Underneath the bridge is a river. {{crossref}}
* There is a river that runs through the Dark Territory. {{crossref}}
* The survivors cross another river (probably the same one in {{ep}}) that is in the Dark Territory. {{crossref}}

===Season 2===
* When Jin and Eko are searching for Michael, they stop at a river to get water. {{crossref}}
* While Ana Lucia, Sawyer, Jin, Eko, Libby, Bernard, and Cindy are traveling to the survivors beach camp, they cross a river. {{crossref}}
* When the Tailies are exploring the jungle, Nathan suggests that they rest at a river. {{crossref}}
* When Kate and Jack are playing golf, Jack hits his golf ball into the jungle.  It lands in a river, near where they encounter Eko and Sawyer. {{crossref}}
* Sayid, Charlie, and Ana Lucia cross a stream on their way to Henry Gale's balloon.  The stream is also listed on Ben's map to the balloon. {{crossref}}
* When Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Michael, and Hurley are traveling to the Decoy village' camp, they trek alongside a river. {{crossref}}

===Season 3===
* Charlie gets water at a river for Eko, after he is saved from the polar bear cave by Locke. The river is only heard, and not seen onscreen. {{crossref}}
* Eko stops to rest at a river while traveling to the Beechcraft.  He also sees the Monster in a reflection in the river. {{crossref}}
* Locke, Kate, Sayid, and Danielle find a stream close to the Flame. {{crossref}}
* Locke, Kate, Sayid, and Danielle stop at a stream for water located near the sonar fence. {{crossref}}
* Juliet, Jack, Kate, and Sayid cross a river on their way back to camp. {{crossref}}
* Desmond and Charlie cross a river while searching for Naomi. {{crossref}}
* Locke and Sawyer rest at a river in the jungle. {{crossref}}
* Locke and Ben get water at a river near the Others' makeshift camp. {{crossref}}
* The survivors pass a river on their exodus to the radio tower. {{crossref}}

===Season 4===
* Jack, Kate, Juliet, Daniel, and Charlotte encounter a creek on their way to the Tempest. {{crossref}}
* Kate says there is a stream on the way to the Barracks as seen on Kate's map. {{crossref}}
* Claire gets water at a creek while she is heading back to the beach camp with Sawyer and Miles. {{crossref}}

===Season 5===
* The survivors plan to meet at the creek after the flaming arrow attack.  When Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, and two survivors get there, they are sabatoged by Others. {{crossref}}
* Miles gets water from a stream near the Mesa after Charlotte passes out from the time shifts. {{crossref}}
* Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Sawyer, Locke, and Juliet travel next to a river on their way to the Orchid. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer, Kate, and young Ben cross a river that's inside of Hostile territory. {{crossref}}
* Jack, Eloise, and Sayid swim through a stream to access The Tunnels. {{crossref}}

===Season 6===
* Jin stops at a river to drink some water on his way back to the Temple. {{crossref}}
* The smoke monster flies over a river on his way across the Island to the Barracks. {{crossref}}
* Jack spotted Kate filling up her water bottle in a river. {{crossref}}
* Claudia goes to a river for water, where she meets Mother. {{crossref}}
* The light in the episode {{ep}} that Jacob and the Man in Black are told to protect is at the end of a river. {{crossref}}
* The Boy in Black runs across a river before meeting his real mother, Claudia. {{crossref}}


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