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'''Richard P''' was "ConspiraSpy of the Month" at the The Lost Experience website DJ Dan during May - September 2006.  He claimed to be a diver who photographed a shark carcass with a DHARMA swan logo on its tail off the coast of Australia_in_Lost (the Great Barrier Reef) http// "We were diving off the Great Barrier Reef when we found this partially decayed shark carcass. Check out the logo on this guy...definitely not a tattoo or a brand..." -Richard P

* A side-bubble refers to him as "Tricky Dick".  (Tricky Dick was also a nickname of former U.S. President Richard Nixon).
* Full last name unknown.
* His call reporting this find to the DJ Dan show was added into the DJ Dan podcast of 06/08.
* Lives in Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C.

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