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'''Regina''' was a crew member aboard the ''Kahana''.

==On the freighter==
===Days 92–96 (Season 4)===
On the ''Kahana'', Regina was only seen to be working as a communications officer, though it is unknown whether this was her primary job on the freighter. She likely took over the job when George Minkowski became ill as a result of being unstuck in time, becoming unfit for such a demanding job.

Regina shared a satellite phone conversation with Miles when he demanded to talk to Minkowski, but Regina explained that he could not come to the phone, becoming more and more firm as Miles made the urgency of the situation clear. {{crossref}}

She later spoke with Daniel Faraday on the phone to assist him with an experiment. After Daniel set up a beacon on the Island, Regina launched a "payload" from the freighter, and counted down its distance from the Island. She (like Daniel) found it "weird" that the payload had not arrived as the freighter's indicators had shown. {{crossref}}
{{I=Reginajumps.JPG=200=left=Regina jumps. {{crossref}}}}
She later answered the emergency line when Charlotte called, and told her that Frank, Sayid and Desmond hadn't yet arrived on the freighter by helicopter. {{crossref}} 

When Sayid and Desmond arrived on the freighter, they were held captive in the sickbay. Regina acted as their guard. Distant and confused, she spoke with Frank after he approached. He mentioned the book she was reading was upside down. She then let Frank in to see Sayid and Desmond. 

Later that day, Regina walked out onto the deck wrapped in chains. She climbed the railings and committed suicide by jumping overboard. According to Captain Gault, she was afflicted by what might best be described as a heightened case of cabin fever. {{crossref}}

Gault referenced her death when warning Keamy that he may be suffering from the same sickness. {{crossref}}

* ''Regina'' is Latin, Italian and Romanian for "queen."
* During casting for {{ep}}, Regina was described as "Late-20s to early 30s, any ethnicity. Tough, formidable, someone who could take an order and execute it flawlessly but who is now a shell of her former self; nervous and paranoid. ''Nice co-star. would prefer to have a stunt woman but not crucial.''" http//
* The book Regina reads is ''Literary_works'' by Jules Verne, a story about the final voyage of a ship at sea.
*Regina, along with Minkowski, were only heard over the phone for three episodes, then died mysteriously in their first actual episode appearances.
* Regina has a New Zealand accent.

==Unanswered questions==
*What was her role aboard the freighter?


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