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In the course of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience, the Hanso Foundation company website included an http// RSS feed, which regularly updated with significant clues and information. Below are all the key updates issued before the site was shutdown.

==8 May 2006==
* As indicated by the press release, a new message was revealed by Persephone in the Executive Bio about Alvar Hanso. The '''October 28, 2003''' below his picture was hyperlinked to a from Persephone.

==9 May 2006==
*A http// newspaper ad appeared in several American newpapers, including the ''Chicago Tribune'', the ''Washington Post'' and the ''New York Times'' (et al.), placed by The Hanso Foundation. Claiming to be from Hugh McIntyre, the ad was entitled 'Don't Believe "Bad Twin"', and stated that "The truth about the Hanso Foundation was available at and not on the pages of Gary Troup's "Bad Twin"."
*Persephone provided another clue in the Thomas Mittelwerk bio. A provided the code for a floating box on Mittelwerk's bio, revealing another message from Persephone about Mittelwerk and Caltech. There were also hashed-out writings in red and blue that stated Gary Troup knew too much and needed to be silenced.

==10 May 2006==
*The document revealed in the previous day's clue was changed; both of the messages about Gary Troup were changed to red hash-out, and the text was no longer readable through the boxes.
*''A Note from the Publisher'' was placed on Hyperion and Gary Troup's websites stating
 'We have received many calls and e-mails asking about the recent advertising campaign done by the Hanso Foundation about our recent publication of BAD TWIN. While we can't respond to you individually on this matter, please know that this issue is of great concern to us, and we are investigating what actions we should or shouldn't take in relation to this complaint. Meanwhile, thank you for your attention and consideration.' http//  http// http//

==12 May 2006==
*A new press release was issued on website about BAD TWIN. The release stated that the book includes misinformation about the Foundation and to remember the atruistic work they are doing. A link provided a http// newspaper.gif of the ad publication from May 10. 
*Exploration of the parent directory for the newspaper.gif file provided a http// letter from Hugh McIntyre to Robert Miller, President of Hyperion Books. The letter demanded that Hyperion cease selling BAD TWIN. Legal action was suggested as a possible recourse.
*Hugh McIntyre responded to emails sent to him at; these appeared to be legitimately written by a person rather than automated. It was suggested that the best chance for getting a reply was to write the letter "in-game" about something the "real" Hugh would answer. Questions about Bad Twin, Joop, and interview requests for one of the executives seemed to get the most responses. Long, complicated emails that were clearly trying to get a major explanation seemed to be ignored. Emails sent from gmail and hotmail accounts also appeared to have lower response rates. It was speculated that the next major clue would be revealed by Hugh through email and that the correct question had not been asked yet. Presumably, this question would be about something learned in the book, Bad Twin.

==16 May 2006==
*Hidden in the HTML source code of the website was an embedded clue to another website The DJ Dan site appeared to be the website for a radio station DJ that specialized in conspiracy theories. May's topic was Alvar Hanso, and http// the 16 May podcast talked about Alvar at length. DJ Dan called Hanso a "Weapons Dealer" turned "Mad Scientist". According to an "inside Hanso Foundation source" of Dan's, Alvar is currently cryogentically frozen in a lab outside Phoenix.
** Some of the images on the front page of the DJ site resemble pictures used in the Lost Experience game (Joop, the Hanso Foundation symbol). 

*Part four of the interview with Gary Troup was posted at http//

*The http// site displayed a short message (115 116 97 110 100 98 121), which translated to ASCII read "standby".

==17 May 2006==
* Parts http// FIVE and http// SIX of the interview with Gary Troup were discovered at Powells' books and the website. 
* The stock picture for Hugh McIntyre in the Executive Bios portion of the Hanso Foundation website was changed to a ? and a login box for access to ''Press Releases'' was discovered.
* On the Electromagnetic Research Initiative page of, the date of the Aurora Borealis picture was changed to October 62, 9291 and the upper left corner of the picture displayed cursor coordinates, which revealed a at the coordinates matching the date.

==18 May 2006==
*A new clue was found on the http// page which in base64, provided an anagram that revealed a phrase from the blast door map.  The significance of this clue was established The Lost Experience clues/May 21.

==19 May 2006==
* Peter Thompson's picture was discovered to have flashing letters behind it which spelled out "survivor guilt".  This code entered into the hidden text box below the picture revealed another message from Persephone regarding Thompson's past activities.

==21 May 2006==
* Persephone's read '''2'''.  Combined with the 18 May clue, another subdomain is revealed http// ( On this page was a black-white portrait of a man with facial figures ''photoshopped'' out (filename ''''q9als2002.gif''').

==22 May 2006==
* Announcement that Hugh McIntyre was going to be a guest on http// Jimmy Kimmel Live on 24 May (U.S.).

==24 May 2006==
* A new careers link appeared next the RSS feed link on the website that led to a powered page with 5 new job openings available in the Hanso Foundation.
* A new entry in http// The Hanso Foundation rss feed announced that the Board of Directors were updated, and listed Jacob Vanderfield, Liddy Wales, Dick Cheever, Lawrence Peck and two new names Bill Flood and Sam Hicks (not listed in the http// Board of Directors page).  (The page was later changed, which caused an error message due to the ­ (soft hyphen) before each BOD name not parsing.)
* The "Login & Password" section of the Board of Directors page at The Hanso Foundation became active.  A hidden puzzle at http// allowed a successful login, and divulged information on Vanderfield and Peck.
* During the North American airing of Live Together, Die Alone, a short TV ad for The Hanso Foundation (sponsored by ended with a link for the new web site. http// Video
* Hugh McIntyre was Hugh_McIntyre.21_Interview via satellite on the ABC TV show http// Jimmy Kimmel Live following the Season 2 finale.  http// Video

==25 May 2006==
* A half-page ad was published in the American daily "USA Today" about Bad Twin.  Titled "The book the Hanso Foundation doesn't want you to read", Robert S. Miller of Hyperion Publishing defends Gary Troup's allegations against The Hanso Foundation.
* http// has been updated to mostly advertisement now. The 9 May clue has been removed, and there are two new clues for the game. "Sublymonal" Codes '''''108''''' and '''''Persephone''''' reveal a bit of background, and hidden in the source code was another message from Persephone ("") that refers to the image of the plane with the 108 code on the tail.

==26 May 2006==
* http// Updated
** Next podcast rescheduled to 6/01 (was previously 5/26).
** Explosion.jpg picture in the footer replaced with a slightly different image named "pers12.432.87.gif", which
*** links to http// when clicked
*** has had "code persephone" added in faint text
*** has a few of the bottom pixels blinking brighter & darker
* In the May 26 podcast, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse stated that they and some of the casts will be at the http// Comic-Con in July. They said that at that time, they will reveal something about the Hanso Foundation.

==30 May 2006==
* Mathematical Forecasting Initiative page updated with interactive map.
* Values for 2006 statistics are missing for the US GDP per capita, Italy Death rate /1000, and the Sudan Growth rate in %.
* After entering the correct values in the map (from the http// CIA world factbook) a letter from Peter Thompson is revealed to the "Minister of the Interior Mugnto" (or possibly "Mugato" - the text is blurred).  To access the letter look for a circle between Australia and Africa on the map.
* A new message from Persephone appeared at the bottom of the letter "The Hanso Foundation -- Starting Wars So You Don't Have To!"

==31 May 2006==
*The clue at changed to '''+1''', revealing http// another website with a new image.

==1 June 2006==
* The 1 June podcast link on the DJ Dan website is updated, linking back to with new information about 'owelles' and 2007 Jeep Compass.
* Hanso's Worldwide Wellness and Prevention introduced a login box where the word 'miracle' is located on the press release subsection.  A new message from Persephone was revealed, discussing Hanso's part in illegal organ harvesting, and refuting Hanso's claims of altruistic motives for opening free hospitals in third world areas.

==5 June 2006==
* Persephone website was updated with a source code message stating 'standby'.

==6 June 2006==
* A 'standby' message with a timer was revealed on the Institute for Genomic Advancement section of http//  The timer was set to count down to 1300 PDT on June 7th.
* The user directory for "owelles" at http// substituted "DJDan6-01-Pod", an audio only version of the previously available "".
* A new website was revealed through a television commercial, Retrievers of Truth (http// link) which connects to an anti-Hanso discussion forum when a password is entered in the subscribe to newsletter field.  This new site is Speaker approved.

==8 June 2006==
*A new djdan podcast is available where DJ Dan describes the societal and environmental effects of genetic engineering, specifically examining The Hanso Foundation. Dan also speaks of naming a successor after receiving a threatening phone call.

==12 June 2006==
*A new message was posted on http//
*This led to the discovery on an image at http//
*The Hanso Foundation's RSS feed mentioned an update to the Mental Health Appeal section of http//

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