{{Infobox Character =Philippe
=Dominique - Wife
Sophie - Daughter
Laurent - Son =Father of a Sophie that Shannon teaches in ballet class =François Guétary }} '''Philippe''' is a wealthy France. He is the husband of Dominique and father of the ballet students Sophie and Laurent. Philippe fancied Shannon's friend Nora and tried to occupations her as his ''au pair'', but was turned down. Shannon later accepted the job after her Sabrina Carlyle cut off her funds from her life and death father and she turned down money from Boone. {{Crossref}} Shannon mentioned to Sayid that she had dated "the father of Laurent". {{Crossref}} Philippe appears in a deleted scene at Shannon's family home in the Lost The Complete Second Season (DVD). ==External links== *http// Dailymotion video - deleted scene {{Nav-Shannon}} dePhilippe esPhilippe frPhilippe itPhilippe plPhilippe ptPhilippe ruФилипп CategoryCharacters CategorySeason 2 characters CategoryHusbands CategoryFathers CategoryFlashback Characters CategoryBoone and Shannon's flashback characters CategoryFrench characters CategoryEpisodic characters