Paul Zbyszewski

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Supervising Producer (Season 5)
Co-Executive Producer (Season 6) =1033788 }} {{Wikipedia-ref}} '''Paul Zbyszewski''' was a writer and producer for ''Lost''. He became a member of the production team for the fifth season, starting as supervising producer. With the sixth season he became a co-executive producer. Zbyszewski has written the following episodes '''Season 5''' * {{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) * {{ep}} (with Brian K. Vaughan) * {{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) '''Season 6''' * {{ep}} (with Graham Roland) * {{ep}} (with Graham Roland) * {{ep}} (with Graham Roland) ==Appearances== * Zbyszewski appears at Lost University/Psychology 201 Self discovery through family relationships ==Background== * He has previously written the film ''After the Sunset'' and was the creator, co-executive producer and writer of the science fiction series ''Day Break'', which briefly took over ''Lost'''s time slot on ABC in 2006. Nestor Carbonell had a recurring role on the show. Presently, he works on another ABC Studios Production WikipediaAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. {{brclear}} {{crew}} dePaul Zbyszewski esPaul Zbyszewski frPaul Zbyszewski itPaul Zbyszewski ptPaul Zbyszewski CategoryCrew, Paul CategoryWriters, Paul CategoryProducers, Paul