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'''Paul Edney''' is a member of the island survivor background cast of ''Lost''; he plays an unnamed redshirt. After hearing about ''Lost'' "through the grapevine" and contacting Julie Carlson, Edney was hired as a background cast member on the show {{Crossref}}. From his website, it appears he also guest starred as an Australian police officer on the show.

He also runs a website that shows and lists other background actors of the show (linked below).

Edney appears to specialize in small background roles as an extra, especially roles involving the military.
His credits (often nonspeaking) include

* ''Ocean's Thirteen''
* ''Mission Impossible III''
* ''Spiderman 3''
* ''Grey's Anatomy''
* ''Jericho''
* ''E-Ring''
* ''Invasion''
* ''Numb3rs''
* ''Crossing Jordan''
* ''Without a Trace''
* ''Hawaii''
* ''North Shore''
* ''Shaggy Dog''
* ''50 First Dates''

Paul is exactly six feet tall, weighs 200 pounds. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. Edney also has dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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*http// - Official homepage
*http// - Lost Survivors (page he is webmaster for, listing background cast)
*http// SAG Actor BB profile
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