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'''Patrick Fischler''' played the role of Phil.
* Fischler played the recurring role of acerbic comedian Jimmy Barret on the drama ''Mad Men''.
* Fischler plays knowledgeable police detective Kenny No-Gun in the NBC drama ''Southland''.
* Fischler also had a small but memorable role in David Lynch's film ''Mulholland Drive'', as a man in a diner who recounts a creepy nightmare he had then witnesses the nightmare playing out in reality. He later shared a scene with Mark Pellegrino. 
* Fischer had a supporting role in the 2003 comedy ''Old School'', which also featured Terry O'Quinn in an uncredited cameo role.
* Fischler is the brother-in-law of ''Seinfeld'' actress Julia Louise-Dreyfus.  She was unable to name his character when asked about it on ''Jimmy Kimmel Live!'' on May 11, 2010, and misidentified him as one of  the Others.
* According to IMDB, Fischler also played the role of "The Communicator" in the 1996 film ''Twister.'' Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday) and Sean Whalen (Frogurt) also had roles in ''Twister.''
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