'''Pairings''' are relationships, either enacted or implied, that fans enjoy and discuss actively. The desire for ''love'' to blossom on the The Island between several pairs of characters, to varying degrees of commitment and affection is explored further in Fanfiction. 

Such Fan-made names for pairings are also more generally known as '''ships'' (short for "relationships"). In addition to the canonical couples listed here, there are many pairings (fanon)''Lost'' shippers.

''The fan created portmanteau name for each pair is provided in parentheses.''
For example, Jate is the ship name for Jack and Kate, taking the J from Jack and replacing the K from Kate with it.

==Primary relationships==
Primary relationships form the basis for key storylines on the show, or represent well-established or married couples.
* Jack & Kate (Jate)
* Jack & Juliet (Jacket (relationship))
* Sawyer & Kate (Skate)
* Sawyer & Juliet (Suliet, Sawliet)
* Daniel & Charlotte (Charladay, Darlotte)
* Sun & Jin (Jun, Sin)
* Bernard & Rose (Roseard, Brose)
* Desmond & Penelope (Despenny, Dope, Denelope, Pesmond, DesPen)
* Charlie & Claire (PB&J, for Pregnant Babe and Junkie or Peanut Butter and Jelly, CC, Chaire, The Moth and the Butterfly, Sugarplum Fairies)
* Shannon & Sayid (Shayid, Shanyid)
* Shannon & Boone (Shoone, Bannon)
* Sayid & Noor (Sayir, Noorid)
* Alex & Karl (Karlex, Kalex)
* Paulo & Nikki (Pikki)
* Richard & Isabella (Risabella)
* Hurley & Libby (Hubby)

==Secondary relationships==
Secondary relationships include fleeting, uncertain, or underdeveloped pairings referenced by the show.
* Sawyer & Ana Lucia (Sana, Ana LuSawyer)
* Michael & Sun (Mun)
* Ben & Juliet (Benliet, Jen, Benet)
* Tom & Arturo (Torturo)
* Scott & Steve (Sceve)
* Ben & Annie (Bennie)
* Sawyer & Charlotte (Sawlotte, Charyer)
* Kate & Tom Brennan (Katom,Kannan)
* Sayid & Locke (Socke, Lockyid)

==Final pairings==
The following couples sat together as the series closed and characters moved on from the flash-sideways timeline. Many of these relationships awoke characters to their states and reminded them of their lives on the island.
*Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun-Hwa Kwon ''(Main article Jun)''
*Desmond Hume and Penny Widmore
*Charlie Pace and Claire Littleton ''(Main article PB&J)''
*Hugo Reyes and Libby Smith
*Sayid Jarrah and Shannon Rutherford
*James Ford and Juliet Burke ''(Main article Suliet)''
*Bernard Nadler and Rose Nadler ''(Main article Roseard)''
*Jack Shepherd and Kate Austen ''(Main article Jate) ''

==Symbolic (not people)==
* Middle section and tail section reuniting
* Yin & yang on the DHARMA logos
* Black and white theme
* Fate vs. free will theme
* Life and death theme
* Science vs. faith theme
* ''Bad Twin'' is all about opposite pairs

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