Omer Jarrah

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=Omer Jarrah
=Tikrit, Iraq
=Sayid's brother
=Sayid's mother - Mother
Sayid's father - Father
Sayid Jarrah - Brother
Eva Jarrah - Daughter (Flash sideways)
Sam Jarrah - Son (Flash sideways)
''Noor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem'' - Sister-In-Law/Wife (Flash sideways) =Character appearances= Character appearances}} '''Omer Jarrah''' was Sayid's older brother. ==Childhood== {{I=5x10-omer-sayid-brother.jpg=150=right=Omer as a boy. {{crossref}}}} One day in his childhood, Sayid's father approached him and requested that he kill a chicken on his own as a way to prove his maturity. Omer hesitated and held the cleaver for a while unwilling to proceed. Sayid then approached him and wrung the chicken's neck in front of him. Their father initially thought Omer killed it and appreciated him, but when he knew it wasn't him, he critically remarked that at least one of them was going to be a man and proudly congratulated Sayid. {{crossref}} ==Flash sideways== {{I=6x06 Sayid Omer.jpg=200=left=Omer begs Sayid for help. {{crossref}}}} Omer lived in the United States and was married to Nadia Jazeem. The couple had two children. Omer was a businessman who owned at least two dry cleaning stores, but to finance his latest store he borrowed money from a Martin Keamy. In September 2004, he asked Sayid to intimidate his creditors into leaving him alone, because he knew that as an interrogator for the Republican guard, Sayid had certain skills. Later he was beaten severely by the men he owed money, causing him to be hospitalized with a collapsed lung. {{crossref}} ==Trivia== *In Arabic, the name "Omer", originally written "عمر", sometimes transliterated as ''"Omar"'', ''"Umar"'' and ''"Umer"'' means "living" and "firstborn". *In Islam, '''Omer Ibn Al-Khattab''' is the second Muslim Caliph and one of the most prominent figures in early history of Islam. He's one of prophet Muhammad's fathers-in-law and a lifetime supporter and companion of him. The name's popularity in the Arab World is derived from his fame amongst Muslims. * This character was officially credited as '''Iraqi boy''' in the ABC Medianet press release for {{ep}}. * In the casting call he was described as ''"Older boy, 12, must speak Arabic. Sensitive and kind-hearted, he's scared of his domineering father and knows he's a sad disappointment."'' http// * In the scene Omer's name was spoken three times by his father, although that wasn't shown in the subtitles. http// {{nav-Sayid}} ==References== {{reflist}} {{brclear}} {{DEFAULTSORTJarrah, Omer}} deOmer Jarrah esOmer Jarrah frOmer Jarrah ptOmer Jarrah ruОмер Джарра CategoryFlashback Characters CategorySayid's flashback characters CategorySeason 5 characters CategorySayid's flash-sideways characters CategorySeason 6 characters CategoryFlash-sideways characters CategoryArabic characters