''This article is about the mercenary.  For the character from Sayid's flashback, see Omar (Solitary). For Sayid's brother, see Omer Jarrah.''
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=Omar Idris
=Anthony Azizi
=Florida, USA
=30 December 2004
="There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3's No Place Like Home, Part 2"
=Killed by a grenade's blast
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'''Omar Idris''' was one of the mercenary team sent by Charles Widmore to the Island aboard the freighter ''Kahana''.  According to Keamy, he was originally from United States in Lost. He and Keamy have been seen to communicate using only glances, thus indicating that either Omar has tactical experience or has worked with Keamy prior to being hired by Widmore. {{crossref}}

Omar and the rest of the mercenaries were killed on TimelineDecember 2004 by the Others during the Battle at the helicopter. {{crossref}}

===Days 94–100 (Season 4)===
Omar and other mercenaries shot skeet with automatic weapons from the deck of the ''Kahana''. {{crossref}}

{{I=4x11Omar.jpg=150=left=Omar stands on the deck of the ''Kahana''. {{crossref}}}}
Upon Frank, Sayid, and Desmond's arrival on the freighter, Keamy and Omar escorted Desmond down to the sickbay. Omar informed Desmond that they only knew they were somewhere in the http// Pacific Ocean with no more knowledge of their whereabouts. Later, Keamy and Omar returned to sickbay having been called by the doctor's emergency alarm.  The pair quickly subdued Frank, Sayid, and Desmond, taking the satellite phone from Desmond and once again locking Sayid and Desmond in the sickbay. They then took Frank to speak with the Captain Gault. {{crossref}}

Omar was part of Keamy's strike team that assaulted the Island. Upon return of the helicopter to the freighter, Omar helped to unload the injured Mayhew and stood guard over Sayid and Desmond. On his way to the armory upon Keamy's request, Omar received Faraday's Morse code message on his satellite phone. After strapping a Keamy's device to Keamy's chest, he helped to load up the helicopter and informed Ray about the message sent from the beach.

Omar also made his gun accessible to Keamy, who used it to kill Captain Gault. {{crossref}}

He later patrolled the Orchid station with Keamy and the other mercenary team on the Kahana, holding a gun to Ben as Ben surrendered himself. {{crossref}}

{{I=4x13 Omar killed by grenade.jpg=200=right=Omar is killed by a grenade. {{crossref}}}}
Omar and the other mercenaries escorted Ben back to the helicopter, where they were ambushed by the Others.  One of the Others threw a grenade at the helicopter, but when Keamy kicked it away, it landed at Omar's feet and exploded, throwing back and killing the surprised Omar. {{crossref}}

== Flash sideways ==
Omar was a man who worked for {{alt}}. He was killed by {{alt}} when he was helping Keamy threaten him. {{crossref}}

* During casting for {{ep}}, he was described as "''Larson. Late 20s - 30s, any ethnicity, smart, dangerous but capable of charm and humor. Tough military type. Follows orders and doesn't question them... Guest star, possible recur''." http//
** His last name was given as ''Omar Idris'' in a clip show for Lost The Auction.
* Omar was played by a stand-in, not Anthony Azizi, in {{ep}} and {{ep}}.
{{I=Omar4x10.JPG=200=right=An unnamed extra plays Omar.}}
* Omar's episode count is 7. Two of these appearances were made solely by his flash-sideways counterpart.
* Out of the PortalMain Characters, Omar has met Sayid Jarrah, Michael Dawson, Desmond Hume, Frank Lapidus, Benjamin Linus, Kate Austen, Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun-Hwa Kwon. He likely encountered Charlotte Lewis, Daniel Faraday and Miles Straume on the ''Kahana'' as they were part of the Science team.
* Omar is the first character to be killed in both timelines. He was also accidentally killed by his own friends in both timelines. In the original timeline, Keamy killed him unintentionally by kicking the grenade to Omar. In the flash-sideways timeline, he was shot by one of Keamy's henchmen when the henchman was aiming for Sayid.


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