Old Scooter Man

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'''Old Scooter Man''' appeared briefly in {{ep}}. He had just had a hip replacement surgery, and was riding a personal transportation scooter in the Sydney Airport.  Hurley was rushing through the airport to board Flight 815, and bought the scooter from him for $1600.  It is unknown how he continued to travel throughout the airport, considering he just had a hip replacement, as Hurley didn't return the scooter. 

* Glenn Cannon, the actor who plays "Old Scooter Man", also had a small role in {{ep}} as the British Priest (but was not depicted on screen).
* The Number 8 is on his cap.

arرجل الدراجة العجوز
deAlter Mann mit Elektroscooter
frHomme au scooter
plStarszy mężczyzna
ruЧеловек на скутере
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