{{I=Huntingpartycap632.jpg=200=right=The Others, led by Tom make themselves known in great numbers to Jack, Sawyer, and Locke.}}
'''"O-Missions"''' is a term for when the Others assemble a strike team to undertake a mission, such as kidnapping Walt {{crossref}}, or invading the survivors' camp. {{crossref}} The nature of these missions was best summarized by Ana Lucia (a Tailies who felt personally victimized by the Others). {{crossref}} {{I=3x23 AtGunpoint.jpg=200=left=Standoff at the last major "O-Mission" before the Others retreated for a period.}}
An "O-Mission" refers to a mission of the Others, which usually includes a combination of Ben, Richard, Tom and other members sent on infiltration or military operations.

=ANA LUCIA They came the first night that we got here and took three of us. Nothing happened for two weeks, then they came back and took ''nine'' more. They're smart, and they're animals, and they could be anywhere at any time. Now we're moving through the jungle - ''their'' jungle - just so you can save your little hick friend over here. And if you think that one gun and one bullet is going to stop them - ''think again''. So shut your mouth and keep moving. 
=Definition= To be considered an "O-Mission", at least one Others must be responsible for the idea of performing the mission, though one or more members of the Nicknames"A-Team,", "B-Team" or Freighter may support this plan. Additionally, any of the base members of the Others Ben, Richard, Tom, Bea and Pryce may assume leadership of a mission. This number has been supplemented from time to time as Ethan, Goodwin, Mikhail and Pickett have been called upon by Ben or Richard to serve the interests of the Others. An "O-Mission" is further defined here as an individual or strike team targeting an individual or group of individuals for capture (in the case of the survivors) or elimination (in the case of the mercenary team). The term for a primary or main survivors mission is an "A-Missions," the term for a supportive or independent survivors mission is a "B-Mission," the term for an Others mission is an "O-Missions" and the term for a Freighter mission is an "F-Missions." Each are interpreted as reactions usually counter to the goals of "O-Missions." ==Members== {="font-size13px; text-align center; background-color;" ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" ImageRichardmini2.jpg Richard "A-Team" , communicator with Jacob Others though only rarely has he been seen in an unquestioned leadership position. He has remained a strong spiritual leader to the less prominent members of the Others and remains as a check to any "O-Mission" he feels is not the wisest choice. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" ImageBen-mini.jpg Ben "A-Team" , DHARMA-background Others following the Purge in 1992 when the DHARMA Initiative was wiped out by the "Others." During his time, and due largely in part to the crash of Oceanic 815 over the Island, he has organized nearly every "O-Mission." ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageJuliet-mini.jpg Juliet , doctor/fertility researcher Others, where she was slowly broken down by Ben, resulting in her coercion into several "O-Missions." She eventually gave her allegiance to the survivors when she tired of Ben forcing her to live his dream. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" Image6x01_Dogan.jpg Dogen , Temple-dweller Other charged with leading the Others taking refuge at the Temple. He does this by speaking only in Japanese to his people, effectively separating himself from them so they follow his command in protecting the Island from forces that would destroy it. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" Image6x01_Lennon.jpg Lennon , Temple-dweller 's translator to separate his status from that of the rest of the Others. He resides at the Temple and engages in "O-Missions" productive toward protecting the Temple stronghold and the Island. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImagePryce-mini.jpg Pryce , soldier Others security detail to Ben Linus after Pickett was murdered by Juliet. He reports directly to Ben and has often led his best men on his missions, which include Jason, Ivan, Matthew, and Luke. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageMsKlugh-mini.jpg Ms. Klugh , interrogator . Klugh was a very subtle, yet powerful force within the Others who was very loyal to Ben and would work in conjunction with Tom and Danny Pickett, usually involving extraction and kidnapping missions. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageTom-mini.jpg Tom , interrogator Others in their personal interactions with the survivors and laid down the terms of "the line" that should not be crossed in order to maintain their tense "understanding." He served primarily on extraction and kidnapping missions, often at the behest of Ben, Klugh, or Pryce. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImagePickett-mini.jpg Pickett , soldier Others security detail at the time of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 in which he often participated in missions to capture and guard survivors of the crash at the behest of his superiors. He was seen to be in command of subordinate Others such as Jason, Ivan, Matthew, and Luke before he was life and death by Juliet. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageEthan-mini2.jpg Ethan , DHARMA-background, doctor/surgeon Others who worked very closely with fertility specialist Juliet before he was ordered by Ben to inflitrate the middle-section survivors' camp to compile a list and report back to him. Although he served Ben's will in several "O-Missions," his rogue, aggressive nature led him to act outside the jurisdiction of his superiors. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageGoodwin-mini.jpg Goodwin , doctor, chemical technician Other involved romantically with Juliet, resulting in Ben's jealousy and his sending of Goodwin to the tail-section survivors to compile a list and report back to him. He was instrumental in the kidnapping of many Tailies due to his charming facade. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageMikhail-mini2.jpg Mikhail , technical skills, soldier Ben who manned the Flame station for the Others. He was called upon by Ben to maintain communication with the outside world due to lone nature and unyielding resolve to put himself in mortal danger for the Others. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageColeen-mini.jpg Colleen , soldier Others hierarchy but remained a competent soldier and able to organize a strike team to aid Ben Linus. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageJason-mini.jpg Jason , soldier Others who reported primarily to Pickett and later Pryce. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageIvan-mini.jpg Ivan , soldier Others who reported primarily to Pickett and later Pryce. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageMatthew-mini.jpg Matthew , soldier Others who reported primarily to Pickett and later Pryce. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-colorPink;" ImageLuke-mini.jpg Luke , soldier Others who reported primarily to Pickett and later Pryce. |} ='''Day 1-44 (Season 1)'''= The first 44 days of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors on the Island was supplanted with the ominous threat of the Others. While it was a subtle presence for the mid-section survivors, it was an aggressive presence for the tail section. This established the "O-Mission" as being one of stealth or infiltration being masterminded by Benjamin Linus at the DHARMA Initiative Barracks with forces showing up intermittently to terrorize the survivors respective beach camps. The primary "O-Missions" in Day 1-44 consisted of Ethan and Goodwin being planted in the mid-section and tail section camps, respectively, as well as fixation on abducting survivors for unknown purposes (specifically children)...

Infiltrate the Mid-Section

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Infiltrate the Mid-Section =3x01ethanrom.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} =Ben, Ethan =Middle section survivors =To reach the site of the mid-air break-up, appear to have been on the plane, and make a list of the survivors of the mid-section survivors of Oceanic 815. =None =None = On September 22, 2004, an electromagnetic anomaly within the Island triggered by a system failure in the Swan caused the mid-air break-up of Oceanic 815, which had aftershocks that were immediately felt by the Others at the Barracks. Reacting to the unexpected event, Ben Linus sent Ethan Rom, the Others' chief doctor and surgeon to investigate the wreckage of the middle section, make lists of the survivors, and blend into their campsite as he waited for further instructions. = '''Half-Accomplished'''; Ethan successfully co-habitated with the survivors for two weeks, but was eventually discovered to be a spy before he could make his list of the middle section survivors. =Locke's healing, Claire's pregnancy =When some of the survivors moved to the caves, Ethan followed them and tried to test Claire's pregnancy to make sure that the baby was not sick as so many had been on the Island before. Yet, when Claire woke up in the middle of the injection, Ethan was forced to retreat and Claire became convinced that someone was trying to hurt her and her baby. Hurley took it upon himself to take a census of the middle section survivors, and compared it with the manifest from the plane that Sawyer had. When Ethan realized that a census was being taken, he realized that it was only a matter of time before the survivors realized he wasn't on the plane. =right }}

Infiltrate the Tail Section

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Infiltrate the Tail Section =Goodwin ana promo.JPG = {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} = Ben, Goodwin = Tailies = To reach the site of the plane crash, appear to have been on the plane, and make a list of the survivors of the tail section of Oceanic 815. =A-Missions(Pt. 1) Survive on the Beach(Pt. 1) Survive on the Beach = None = On September 22, 2004, an electromagnetic anomaly within the Island triggered by a system failure in the Swan caused the mid-air break-up of Oceanic Flight 815, which had aftershocks that were immediately felt by the Others at the Barracks. As punishment for his affair with Juliet (whom Ben deemed as "his" woman), Goodwin was sent to infiltrate the tail section and make a lists in three days for review by Jacob to see who should be "taken." = success =None =Goodwin established himself more predominantly in the Tailies campsite than Ethan, but he still gained the trust of Ana Lucia, the ''de facto'' leader of the Tailies. The lists was successfully made by Goodwin regarding the tail section and sent to the Barracks for further examination. The first night, the threats were to be removed so that the Others could move in at a later date and take only the "good people." =left }}

Kidnap the Tailies

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Kidnap the Tailies =Other48Days.jpg = {{ep}} = Goodwin, additional Others = Tailies = To kidnap the appropriate people from the Tailies of Oceanic 815. =A-Missions(Pt. 2) Protect the Camp(Pt. 2) Protect the Camp = None = Once Goodwin had sent the list of the Tailies back to the Barracks, the “good people” were to be abducted. First, however, the stronger members of the camp had to be captured and neutralized so that the remainders could be easily taken. Although Eko killed two of them, three Tailies were missing the next day. = '''Half-Accomplished''', although many of the tail-section survivors were successfully abducted, the remaining survivors soon moved inland and disappeared from the Others' radar. =The Others' lists =On the 12th day, the Others moved into the tail section’s camp and took all the people on the list, including the kids. Ana Lucia killed one of the invading Others and pulled a pocket knife and lists from her pocket. This confirmed Ana Lucia’s suspicions that the beach was not safe and that the signal fire had to be extinguished. To keep his cover, Goodwin relented. =right }}

Kidnap Charlie and Claire

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Kidnap Charlie and Claire =1X11 CharlieJack.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} = Ethan = Claire, Charlie = To adapt to Ethan's blown cover by kidnapping Charlie and Claire to cover his tracks. = A-Missions= None = As soon as it became apparent that the survivors were taking a census and he knew his name would not appear on the manifest, Ethan moved further from the camp to keep an eye on Claire. A frantic Charlie then came running through the jungle, calling for help and telling Ethan to go find Jack since Claire was having serious contractions. Ethan pretended to go run for help but instead doubled back and surprised the two, staring vacantly at Claire, the newest pregnant woman on the Island since the rest had died from infection. = '''Half-Accomplished'''; despite warnings from Ethan to go back, Kate and Jack persisted in their pursuit and found Charlie hung by his neck from a bundle of vines in the tree, yet Claire was nowhere to be found = Ethan wanted Claire for her pregnancy, the Hatch = Jack, Kate, Locke, and Boone proceeded after Claire when it became apparent from Hurley's census that Ethan was not on the plane. They found the remnants of a struggle and a drag trail, so the four split up into two teams (Jack/Kate, Locke/Boone) to track the abduction. Jack found Ethan after following his trail but was beaten down and told to stop following the trail. Jack pressed on and found an unconscious Charlie hanging from a tree by neck, apparently dead. Ethan had abducted Claire successfully. Charlie was eventually resuscitated but Claire was not seen for a week. =left }}

Analyze and Operate on Claire

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Analyze and Operate on Claire = Ethan Claire Promo 2x15.JPG ={{ep}} =Ethan, Tom, Alex = Claire = fdfdf. =To perform medical tests on Claire in the Staff and successfully give birth to her baby. = None = None = success =The great number of the Others = Michael encountered Pickett, whose seeming peacefulness was a trap. Tom appeared and captured Michael with a pair of bolas. =right }}

Retake Claire

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Retake Claire =Claire Bait.jpg ={{ep}} = Ethan = Middle section survivors = To bring Claire back to the Staff and remove Aaron surgically. = A-Missions = None = Claire had previously escaped from the Others' custody after spending a week highly sedated and under observation. Ethan had grown attached to Claire and refused to accept this failure, and so he acted on his own to take her back from the survivors and re-infiltrated the beach camp to deliver this message to Charlie. =fail = The survivors were well-organized and armed, Ethan could infiltrate the survivors beach camp from the ocean (likely though use of the Galaga) =Before he could successfully kidnap Claire and bring her back to the Staff, Ethan was ambushed by the "A-Team" and executed by Charlie. Ethan's death brought the first severe casualty of the Others out of the tension with the survivors. News of his death prompted Juliet to beg Ben to allow Goodwin to return home, as well as cost the Others their very skilled surgeon. =left }}

Track the Tailies

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Track the Tailies =2X07 AnaGoodwin.jpg = {{ep}}, {{ep}} = Goodwin, Tom, Pickett = Tailies = With the realization that the Others knew their position, Ana Lucia ordered Tailies to extinguish the signal fire on the beach and trek inland through the jungle to avoid further victimization. It was around this time, nearly a month into their time on the Island, that Ana Lucia began to suspect Nathan, a fellow survivor, of being "the Others" and imprisoned him in the tiger pit she had built specifically to interrogate him. He was later released in the night by Goodwin who promptly snapped his neck before he could reveal that Goodwin was the spy of the Others. = To relocate the Tailies and begin to take them again as needed. =A-Missions(Pt. 5) Hide in the Jungle(Pt. 5) Hide in the Jungle = None =fail = Goodwin was exposed, Juliet "belongs" to Ben =The Tailies had by now disappeared from the Others, who were having trouble tracking them and monitoring their progress across the Island. When Ana Lucia realized Goodwin was never on the plane, she confronted him and killed him with a stake to the chest. Although the Others failed to relocate the Tailies' position in the jungle, a recon team led by Tom and Danny Pickett came across the dead body of Goodwin, reporting it to Ben. Ben, now annoyed by Juliet pressing for Goodwin's return from assignment, brought her out to the spot where Goodwin had been killed and showed her his body. As she wept over it and accused Ben of sending Goodwin to his death, Ben told her that she was disrespectful to him by being involved with Goodwin to begin with. Since he brought her to the Island, she is "his." Goodwin's body remained there, and was stumbled upon by Jin and Eko as they attempted to return to the survivors' beach camp. =right }}

Kidnap Walt

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Kidnap Walt =Walt kidnapped.jpg ={{ep}} = Tom, Molotov Woman, The Twins (Others)= To locate the raft and kidnap Walt. = Michael, Sawyer, Jin, Walt = A-Missions = None = In order to reach a shipping lane and contact the outside world, the survivors constructed and launched a raft crewed by Michael, Sawyer, Jin, and Walt. While the raft sailed undisturbed for almost an entire day, it was eventually intercepted by a the Others' boats crewed by what appeared to be fisherman. These "fisherman" were actually the Others who had come specifically for "Walt," as the Whispers had alluded to (according to Danielle). = success = The The Others' boats = When the boat stopped and Tom told them that they would "have to take the boy." When Michael refused to turn his son over to these people, Tom turned off their search light and things took a dark turn from there Sawyer reached for his gun and was shot off the raft, Jin dove in after him, and the Twins (Others). They beat up Michael, grab Walt, and knock Michael off the raft as they put Walt onto their boat. The Others finish off the survivors by throwing a Molotov cocktail onto the raft, blowing it up in the middle of the ocean.. =left }} ==Season Breakdown== *'''Season 1 - Percentage Successful''' 25.0% (1/4) *'''Season 1 - Percentage Half-accomplished''' 50.0% (2/4) *'''Season 1 - Percentage Failed''' 25.0% (1/4) ='''Season 2'''= The beginning of Season 2 ties up the transition from Season 1. With Walt in their custody, the Others slowly begin to realize that he is more "special" than they had previously realized and many are afraid to be in the same room as him. With the tail section survivors terrified by the numerous abductions by the Others when they first got to the Island, the survivor faction as a whole begins to rebel against these invisible enemies. As the survivors venture into the DHARMA stations and cover more territory on the Island, the Others begin to feel more threatened by their "guests" and deliver a message for them to stay away. But that all changes once their leader, Benjamin Linus, is captured incidentally in one of Danielle Rousseau's nets and the survivors find him...

Deliver a Message to the Hunting Party

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Deliver a Message to the Hunting Party =KateandBeardedMan.jpg‎ ={{ep}}, {{ep}} =Tom, Danny Pickett, Alex = Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Michael =With Jack, Locke, and Sawyer in hot pursuit of Michael, the Others paused their captive escort and waited until nightfall to surround the survivors' hunting party and deliver a message. THis was designed to warn them to stop intruding on the Island and not advance too far inland (likely because they would find the security perimeter and the Barracks). ="Right here, there's a line. You cross that line, we go from misunderstanding to something else. Now, give me your weapons, turn around, go home." - Tom = None = None = success =The Others are great in number = While Michael was held prisoner by Alex and Pickett in the shadows, Tom forced the consent of the survivors, who left their guns and returned to their beach camp. Alex asked Michael if Claire was safe and if she had her baby, much to Michael's surprise. =left }}

Rendezvous at Pala Ferry

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Rendezvous at Pala Ferry = 2x23 BenAlexPalaFerry.jpg ={{ep}} =Ben, Tom, Danny Pickett, Alex, Bea Klugh. Klugh, additional Others = Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Michael =With the survivors on the lists captured, the Others proceeded with their captives to Pala Ferry to finalize the deal with Michael. =To rendezvous at Pala Ferry with Michael and the captive survivors. =None = None =success =Pala Ferry, the identity of “Ben Linus,” compass bearings, the Discharge =While at Pala Ferry, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley are marched in with their hands bound and bags on their heads to meet with “Henry” who has revealed himself to be the leader of the Others. Michael and Walt are given the Others’ boats, and Hurley is let go to deliver the message to stay away to the survivors. Jack, Kate and Sawyer are kept with the Others. =right }} ==Season Breakdown== *'''Season 1 - Percentage Successful''' 50.0% (5/10) *'''Season 1 - Percentage Half-accomplished''' 20.0% (2/10) *'''Season 1 - Percentage Failed''' 30.0% (3/10) ='''Season 3'''=

Steal the Elizabeth

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Steal the Elizabeth =3x02-SunShooting.jpg ={{ep}} =Tom, Colleen, Matthew (Other), Ivan, Ryan Pryce = None = When Ryan radioed in to tell Colleen that the survivors had a sailboat, Ben ordered her to steal it. = To steal the sailboat =A-Missions = None = '''Half-Accomplished''', the boat was stolen, but Colleen was killed = Sun will protect herself at any cost = Ben instructed Colleen to get the boat back from the mid-section survivors. She took a team out in order to do so, and the team boarded the boat, only to find Sun was on it. Sun had a gun, and used it to shoot Colleen. {{crossref}} }}

Recapture Sawyer and Kate

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Recapture Sawyer and Kate =3X07 KateSawyerEscape.jpg ={{ep}} =Pickett, Ivan, Jason (Other), Aldo = None = After Pickett attempted to execute Sawyer, the tables were turned when Kate and Sawyer escaped. = To re-capture Sawyer and Kate, and kill them if needed. =A-Missions= None =fail = Juliet's deception = After Sawyer's execution failed, Kate and Sawyer attacked Danny Pickett and Jason (Other)cages area in the Hydra station. Ivan was sent by Juliet to help Danny and Jason, and to go after the fugitives.
The trio chased after them, but lost them when Alex hid them in her Alex's hideout. They eventually came to the Hydra facility, where Aldo the guard, told them Sawyer, Kate and Alex had managed to rescue Karl from room 23 and ran away.
Danny continued to chase after them, and eventually found them on the beach. At this point, he was shot and killed by Juliet. =}}

Re-Infiltrate the Survivors' Camp

{{Sectionbox O-mission = Re-Infiltrate the Survivors' Camp =3x16_Juliet%27s_tent.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} = Juliet, Ben = Middle section survivors = With the Galaga destroyed and Jack’s rescue party failed in its efforts, Ben saw an opportunity to re-infiltrate the survivors camp after the loss of Ethan. = To re-infiltrate the survivors camp to observe, study, and analyze the female middle section survivors. =None = None =success = Sun’s pregnancy = Ben planned with Juliet to defect into the middle section survivors group and cure Claire as a token of goodwill. Juliet was to record messages on a tape recorder in the Staff on a regular basis until a week later when the Others would invade the beach camp and take all confirmed pregnant women. Juliet, however, would betray the Others by revealing their plan to Jack and siding with the Losties. }}

Invade the Beach Camp

{{Sectionbox O-mission = Invade the Beach Camp = tent explosion.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} = Ben, Pryce, Tom, Ivan, Matthew (Other), Luke, Jason (Other), Diane (Other), Isabel, Juliet, Karl, Alex = Middle section survivors = Ben, shaken after his experience with Locke at the Cabin, changes the plan and moves the timetable up on the capture of the middle section survivors’ pregnant women. He tells Pryce of the change and orders a Beach camp battle of the camp a day early. Pryce takes his best men and heads out. = To abduct the pregnant women in the survivors camp in order to test their conditions. = A-Missions= None =fail = Many of the Others do not trust Ben, Juliet and Alex betrayed Ben =With Juliet revealing the Others’ plans to Jack, the survivors camp (with aid from Danielle Rousseau) stashed three piles of dynamite in each of the three tents Juliet marked for the Others to focus on in their raid. The survivors expedite their plan when Karl (under orders from Alex to warn them) told the survivors that the Others were coming that night, not the next day. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin elect to stay behind and shoot at the dynamite, while Jack moves the rest of the survivors to the radio tower. Not anticipating their knowledge of the raid, Pryce and his men fall right into the trap and suffer massive casualties when the dynamite is discharged. Only Pryce, Tom, and Jason (Other), managing to take the three remaining survivors hostage in the process. No pregnant women were captured whatsoever. }}

Guard the Hostages

{{Sectionbox O-mission = Guard the Hostages = 3x23 WatchingHurleyDriving.jpg ={{ep}} = Ben, Pryce, Tom, Jason (Other), Juliet = Sayid, Jin, Bernard, Hurley, Sawyer = With seven of their people dead, Tom angrily communicates this update to Ben, who tells them to hold on to Sayid, Jin, and Bernard as hostages and not to kill them yet. = To guard the hostages taken after the fallolut from the Beach camp battle. = A-Missions= None =fail = Ben’s bluff, DHARMA van, Juliet’s betrayal = Under orders from Ben to fire three rounds into the sand, Tom and Pryce keep the hostages alive but under close watch. Sawyer and Juliet sneak back into camp to free their friends but have no guns. Suddenly, the two are surprised by Hurley, who has also come back and has commandeered the DHARMA van they found a week ago. Hurley runs over Pryce, causing Jason and Tom to scatter. Sayid trips Jason and snaps his neck with his legs all while bound and gagged. Juliet holds Tom at gunpoint and Sawyer delivers the final blow, executing an unarmed Tom as he surrenders for taking Walt off the raft. }}

Secure the Looking Glass

{{Sectionbox O-mission = Secure the Looking Glass = 3x22 MikhailInTheLookingGlass.jpg={{ep}} = Ben, Mikhail, Bonnie, Greta = Charlie, Desmond = Receiving word from Bonnie and Greta, operatives he put in charge of safeguarding the radio-signal jammer in The Looking Glass, Ben learns that Juliet betrayed him by informing the middle section survivors of the beach raid and the underwater station’s existence. He sends Mikhail Bakhunin down to the Looking Glass to eliminate Charlie and to keep the signal functioning. = To find out what Charlie is doing there and to keep the signal operational. = None = None = fail = Bonnie and Greta are secretly in charge of the station, Juliet betrayed Ben, Ben has been blocking communications from off the Island. = Mikhail shoots at Desmond who is still in the outrigger, prompting him to swim down to the moon pool and Mikhail gives chase. The Looking Glass receives a message from Ben, which Mikhail answers. Under new orders from Ben, Mikhail kills Greta, shoots Bonnie, and is about to execute her when Desmond reappears and harpoons Mikhail through the chest. Mikhail regains consciousness, and appears with a grenade outside the porthole in the room where Charlie has just deactivated the jamming signal. He releases it and kills them both. }}

Prevent Contact with Naomi’s Ship

{{Sectionbox O-mission = Prevent Contact with Naomi’s Ship = normal glass-promo17.jpg={{ep}} = Ben, Alex = Jack, Kate, Locke, other Middle section survivors = After learning that seven of Pryce’s men were killed during the beach raid, and that the survivors have disappeared, Ben realizes that he must act now if he is to save the Island. He takes Alex with him to intercept the survivors on their way to the radio tower. = To catch up to Jack and the middle section survivors and talk them out of contacting Kahana’s ship. = A-Missions's Ship's Ship = F-Missions= fail = Identity of Alex's biological mother, Locke wants to stay on the Island = Jack keeps his promise to Sayid by letting them “die” so Ben's con is rendered useless. Ben is taken prisoner by the survivors who end up deactivating The Looking Glass's ship, despite a last minute intervention by Locke taking Naomi out with a knife to the back. }}

Lead the Others to the Temple

{{Sectionbox O-mission = Lead the Others to the Temple = 3x22 TakeThemToTheTemple.jpg ={{ep}} = Richard Alpert, the rest of the Others = None = In his last effort to save the Island, Ben sets off to intercept the survivors en route to the radio tower. Before he leaves, he places Richard Ben proceeds to the radio tower, he tells Richard to lead the Others to the Temple, apparently a task they had already discussed beforehand. = To lead the Others to the Temple as part of Ben's plan = None = None = success = The Temple = The Temple is strictly for the Others and is the safest place for their people if Ben should fail in his mission. When Naomi’s ship is ultimately contacted, Richard is currently leading the Others to the Temple. Ben states four days later in {{ep}} that the Others are at the Temple by this time. }} ='''Season 4'''= The fourth season marked the substantial retreat of the Others from the epicenter of conflict and tensions on the Island. With the Others being led by Richard Alpert to the Temple in light of the beach camp battle, the only Others unaccounted for were Ben, Alex, and Karl who had assimilated into the survivor factions, primarily by following Locke's group to seek refuge at the Barracks. The threat of the Freighter had not yet been realized and the strength of the Others laid dormant until the call to action was imperative.

Evade Capture

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Evade Capture = ScaredBen.jpg ={{ep}} = Ben, Alex = survivor factions's group's group, mercenary team = With Alex held hostage by Keamy and his mercenary team, Ben and survivor factions's group's group were alerted by a Code 14J at the sonar fence which meant the team was en route to the Barracks. = Avoid being captured by Keamy and taken back to the Freighter by any means necessary. = a-missions= f-missions(Pt. 1) Assault on the Barracks(Pt. 1) Assault on the Barracks = success =Ben's secret door = Despite the murder of several survivors and the public execution of Alex, Ben refused to surrender, eventually summoning the Monster to ravage the mercenaries and provide a means of escape. With the Barracks in ruins, Survivor factions's group's group became divided over the issue of visiting Jacob's cabin. Thus, the group was split up yet again, with Miles, Claire, and Aaron following Sawyer back to the beach camp and Ben and Hurley following Locke to the cabin. }}

Travel to the Orchid

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Travel to the Orchid = 4x11 TheCabinTrio.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} = Ben = Locke, Hurley = After visiting the Jacob's cabin and making contact with Christian Shephard's surrogate, Locke is told to move the Island. Ben knows that this means traveling to the Orchid, a means of "last resort." = Assume the worst-case-scenario in regards to defending the Island and travel to the Orchid station. = None = None = success = The only way to defend the Island from the Freighter is to move it = By journeying to the Orchid, Ben assumed full responsibility for protecting the Island and acquiesced to the harsh situation by agreeing to "move the Island," which would lead to his inevitable banishment from it. }}

Signal the Others

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Signal the Others = 4x12 ThroughTheMirrorGlass.jpg ={{ep}} = Ben, additional Others = Locke, Hurley = Assuming that Keamy and his mercenary team were following the Secondary Protocol, Ben knew that he would need reinforcements if his plan was to work. = Locate Island stashes's hidden case's hidden case and use the signal mirror to send a message to the Others. = None =f-missions(Pt. 2) Regroup on the Freighter(Pt. 2) Regroup on the Freighter = success = Island stashes's hidden case's hidden case, = By signalling for aid, Ben accepted that he could not handle the mercenary team on his own and requested additional support to stealth them so he could safely surrender upon reaching the Orchid. }}

Capture Kate and Sayid

{{Sectionbox O-mission = Capture Kate and Sayid = Richardseasonfour.jpg ={{ep}} = Richard, additional Others = Kate, Sayid = Ben communicates with one of the Others with a mirror, after this Kate and Sayid encounter Richard in the Jungle and are taken prisoner by the rest of the Others, who reappear in their ragged clothes. = Capture Kate and Sayid and lead them to an as of now unknown place. = None = None = success = Richard and the Others have returned to their "primitive" roots = Richard and the rest of the Others are now seen to still posses large amounts of weapons and manpower. }}

Surrender to the Mercenaries

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Surrender to the Mercenaries = bensurrenders.jpg ={{ep}} = Ben = Locke, Hurley, mercenary team = Correct in their assumption, Ben, Locke, and Hurley discover the mercenary team already in position at the Orchid. Knowing he has incoming support, Ben steps into the main area of the destroyed greenhouse and surrenders. = Surrender to the mercenary team at the Orchid. = None = f-missions(Pt. 3) Stake-Out the Orchid(Pt. 3) Stake-Out the Orchid = success = None = The mercenary team accepts Ben's surrender and Keamy pistol whips him into submission. The team, believing their mission to be complete, then escorted their prisoner back to the helicopters. }}

Rescue Ben from the Mercenaries

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Rescue Ben from the Mercenaries = 4x13 Omar killed by grenade.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} = Richard Alpert, additional Others = Kate, Sayid = Ben is taken by Keamy and some of his mercanaries from the ''Kahana'' to be brought back to the ''Kahana''. = Rescue Ben from freighter people. = None = f-missions(Pt. 4) Return to Freighter(Pt. 4) Return to Freighter = success = None = The Others locate the mercenary team escorting Ben to the helicopter and battle at the helicopter, killing them all. Ben is reunited with Richard and the Others, and as per their agreement Kate and Sayid are allowed to leave the Island on the helicopter. }}

Move the Island

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Move the Island = FDK.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} = Ben = Locke = As the "last resort" to save the Island from the threat of the Freighter, Ben and Locke travel to the secret station beneath the Orchid greenhouse. After killing Keamy who returned to claim Ben, Locke is told to by Ben to go lead the Others while Ben goes to move the Island and suffer permanent expulsion. = Rescue Ben from freighter people. = None = f-missions(Pt. 5) Last Stand in Orchid Station(Pt. 5) Last Stand in Orchid Station = success = The frozen wheel, the Orchid, electromagnetism, time flashes = As Ben dons a DHARMA parka, he overloads the micro-wave emitter to blow a hole in the station wall to reach the ancient ante-chamber hidden behind it. He travels down a narrow tunnel and into a frozen room with a massive wheel built into the side of a wall. Upon turning it, the Island vanishes from sight and all those within the barrier move with it. }} ='''Season 5'''=

Journey to Meet Jacob

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Journey to Meet Jacob = 5x16 BenIsComing.jpg ={{ep}} = Ben, Richard, The Man in Black= Sun = Locke, as the new leader of The Others, demands that Richard leader him and the rest of the others to Jacob in Statue of Taweret. = Travel to meet/kill Jacob. = = = success =Jacob's chamber = }} ==Season Breakdown== *'''Season 4 - Percentage Successful''' 100.0% (7/7) *'''Season 4 - Percentage Half-accomplished''' 0.0% (0/7) *'''Season 4 - Percentage Failed''' 0.0% (0/7) = Overall Breakdown = *'''Percentage Successful''' (8/17) 47.06% *'''Percentage Half-Accomplished''' (5/16) 31.25% *'''Percentage Failed''' (4/16) 25% =Season 6=

Get Sawyer back to the Temple

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Get Sawyer back to the Temple =Vlcsnap-2010-11-01-17h22m51s29.jpg ={{ep}} = Aldo, Justin = Kate, Jin, Lennon = Sawyer escapes from the Temple. Lennon wants to know where he has gone. Kate claims she can bring Sawyer back. Jin volunteers to go with her. = = A-Missions = = fail = Claire, Substitute baby = On their way Aldo tries to help Kate remember she knocked him out earlier. Kate then knocks out both of the others and leaves them lying there, going to the barracks by herself. When they wake up they track Jin and Aldo tries to shoot him, but Justin is captured and Aldo killed by Claire. =left }}

Keep the Man in Black out of the Temple

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Keep the Man in Black out of the Temple =6x06_Dogen'sStory.jpg ={{ep}} = Dogen,Cindy =The Man in Black = Jacob is killed by Benjamin Linus. The Man in Black revives Sayid. = Protect the temple from MIB. = = = fail = = =left }}

Poison Sayid

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Poison Sayid =6x03 FateInHisHand.jpg ={{ep}} = Dogen,Lennon =The Man in Black = Sayid wakes up couple hours after drowning in the well. = Poison Sayid because there is a darkness growing in his heart. = = = fail = What happened to Claire = =left }}

Have Sayid Kill the MIB

{{Sectionbox O-mission =Have Sayid kill MIB =6X06SayidStabsMIB.jpg ={{ep}} = Dogen,Lennon =The Man in Black = Dogen tries to poison Sayid. Dogen then tells Sayid to leave. = Kill the Man in Black = = = fail = Ancient Dagger, Dogen's baseball = =left }}
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