{{I=Mural3.jpg=400=right=The mural in the The Swan, aka "The Hatch Painting"}}
{{I=JackBender-Mural.png=200=left=The Swan mural by Jack Bender.}}
The '''mural''', also known as the '''hatch painting''' or '''Swan mural''', was a large painting along the wall between the entrance corridor and the living area of the Swan.  Painted in an expressionist style by Desmond, {{crossref}} it was a mélange of images and writing, many of which may be open to interpretation. The basic elements are identified in the gallery below; detailed interpretations are found on the Mural/Theories.

==Elements ==
* Black man with eye scratched out, who appears to be wearing a cassock or other item of clerical clothing
* Caucasian woman
* Yellow object and the sign eye, m, sick (I am sick)
* Sailing vessel
* Stick figure people up-side down
* Arrow
* Sun
* Numbers 108 and 42
* Three Houses
* Waves
* Fish
* Stick figure people right-side up.  One of the stick figures is connected with a red line to the numbers.  Some of the stick figures are in a section of the mural that is red as opposed to yellow.
* Moon and starry night.  The moon's phase appears to be between waning crescent and last quarter.
* The Arrow is heading towards 325° and at the left side of the Arrow you can read "Out".
* A pair of wings behind the man and woman. The left wing (according to the painting) being Black and the right one being White


{{I=Mural4.jpg=200=right=The mural with overlays from the chalkboard.}}
* The mural was painted by executive producer and director Jack Bender. All of Jack's art can be seen on his official website http//
* The tools Bender used were paint, pencil, and wax crayon. http//
* The mural was featured in the trailer for ''Lost Via Domus''.
* Many items on the mural reappeared at a chalkboard in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute in {{ep}}.
* The circle with a dot is called a circumpunct,  long used to symbolize the sun.
==External links==
{{I=Hatchpainting-meltdown.jpg=200=right=Painting displayed in a gallery of Jack Bender's artwork at the Conventions launch party for Action_figures}}
*Jack Bender's full Art Collection - http//
*http// - Official site, from Jack Bender and Yarger Fine Art
*http// Yarger Fine Art - To see the mural, click to "Jack Bender" under "Artists".  Autographed and unautographed renditions of the "Hatch Painting", either poster or on canvas, are for sale.


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