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'''Mrs. Gardner's grandson''' was a teenage drug dealer who lived in Mrs. Gardner's home in Inglewood, California. After his murder, his grandmother hired Miles Straume to exorcise his spirit from the home. Miles proceeded to the young man's bedroom, plugged in his ghostbuster device, and spoke aloud, telling the spirit that he wasn't doing his grandmother "any good by staying here", then demanded to be told the location of an unspecified item.  Miles heard a "clank" sound in one corner of the bedroom, then pushed aside a bookcase and removed a vent cover to find a paper bag with a large wad of money and a small packet of drugs in it.  Miles took the cash and left the drugs, refunding Mrs. Gardner $100 of his $200 ghostbusting fee before leaving, telling her "It wasn't as tricky as I thought." {{crossref}}

*WikipediaMartin Gardner is a well-known mathematician and science writer whose specialties include debunking fringe- and pseudo-scientific practices like those of Miles Straume.
*WikipediaGerald Gardner was a 1960s occultist who co-founded the Wiccan movement and was involved with Co-Freemasonry.

*There are some changes on the picture wall between the time Miles comes into Mrs. Gardner's house and goes up to the boy's bedroom and the time he comes back down from the bedroom. In the earlier scene, the photo of what is presumably Mrs. Gardner's grandson has a wooden frame with what looks like some bronze ornamentation, and the picture to the left of this also has a wooden frame. After Miles's "ghostbusting" exercise, the photo of the boy has a golden metal frame, the picture to the left of it has a silver frame, with the latter now containing a different photograph (young man in blue shirt beside a car) and the frame above the photo of the teenager has also changed.
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* Hanging on the wall of the boy's bedroom was a $15 lottery ticket and a photo of a football player with number 15.
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frPetit-fils de Mme Gardner
ruВнук миссис Гарднер
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