{{I=Mittelosbioscience.JPG=200=right=The fan reproduction of the Mittelos Bioscience logo. Note the subtle differences between this and Mittelos Bioscience, such as the lack of offsetting between the two hexes of the "M" and the "B".}}
'''http// Mittelos Bioscience''' is a fake site first discovered early February of 2007, when a fan claimed that he saw an ad in a local Portland, OR newspaper about Mittelos Bioscience, and gave the link to the website (the information was emailed to  At the time, there was only a countdown timer set to finish at midnight of February 6th (the night before {{ep}} was set to premier), so the timing and the Portland connection intrigued fans.  

On February 23, 2007, the registrar for the site ( disabled this domain due to the false information provided by the registrant for whois.

It was refuted by Gregg Nations in his post http// on  as being an unofficial fansite 

{{quote='''That is not an official website.''' What is it counting down to? The day of a new Lost episode? I'm not sure what they plan on doing with it, but it certainly '''won't have any secrets or inside information'''.}}

{{I=IslandsfakeMB.jpg=200=right=The fan reproduction of the islands of Lost; saying there is another island to be found.}}Confirmed again as fake by Gregg Nations http// {{quote= Re Erm... dude? Mittelos? Yes, it is fake. Everyone can talk about it all they want, but it's not an official website. A fan obviously went to a lot of trouble with it. Most if not all of the information is flat out wrong. Actually, what I want to see is the parody that the island is really a roll of Mentos, or entirely made up of Mentos, and all those actors from those painfully bad commercials are really the Others.}} ==WHOIS information== Registrant NameRichard Alpert Registrant OrganizationMittelos Bioscience Registrant Street1108 Hofmann Blvd. Registrant Street2 Registrant Street3 Registrant CityMultnomah County Registrant State/ProvinceOregon Registrant Postal Code97205 Registrant CountryUS ==Notes== * It has been known through spoilers since the beginning of the winter that the title of Episode 7 would be {{ep}}, so this is not truly insider information. * Juliet and Ethan's names are listed in the Executive Bios section. '''Some of the other spoilerish references (such as to Mittelos and their logo, Juliet's last name, Richard Alpert, Rachel's name) appeared on the website only shortly after the sneak preview of the episode was available to limited audiences (not truly exclusive information). ''' * The episode was prescreened at Harvard University in January, and the website appeared online shortly thereafter. * There is no proven nor intended connection between the newspaper (The Oregonian) that published the article and the Mittelos website. The fan who emailed claims to have found the website on his own, after reading the article mentioning Mittelos. This article can be found here http// {{ Flash Script.png=200=right=Login.swf script source code. There is only one account there.}} * The section under Projects is password-protected, and leads to a "secret file" and email, which then uncovers the "hack" video, supposedly a message to Juliet * The username is '''jburke''' * The password is '''rachel''' * Site registrant info is never double-checked by the service provider (so this did site did not necessarily originate from that individual or location). * There are references to WikipediaLSD, WikipediaRam Dass and the WikipediaCasimir effect on the fansite. * The site often appears "down" recently, but can be brought up by refreshing. The reason it is down so often is because it is using cheap shared web-hosting (IP, where you can also find 152 other domains/websites (none of the primary official TLE websites ever did this and all used a dedicated IP, * On the May 24, 2010 edition of G4's "Attack of the Show," host Kevin Pereira admitted that he and a friend owned the site. He claims that they had heard the name "Mittelos Bioscience" prior to the episode airing and registered the site to trick Lost fans. =="Secret" fake video "We Miss You"== The Revver site that the hidden video is linked from is a "share and profit" site, where the hoax creator earns 40%, with 20% going to the affiliate. See http// Revver website help page for more information. We are linking to the faked video on YouTube instead. This ensures that Lostpedia viewers are kept informed about these fakes, and makes sure that the fake video creators do not profit off of their misinformation. xWj6YyaRb6I ==External links== * http// - hoax website * http// - same website, 2nd domain CategoryWebsites CategoryFan films CategoryVideos