Missing body parts

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'''Missing body parts''', amputated limbs, and missing organs were frequently discussed or shown in ''Lost''.

== Occurrences ==

The following list shows when characters have mentioned, or were shown with missing body parts.

=== Season 1 === 
* Kate was turned in by Ray Mullen who has a prosthetic arm. {{crossref}}
* Locke referred to Norman Croucher, a double amputee who climbed Everest, while telling Randy about his planned walkabout trip to Australia. {{crossref}}
* Christian Shephard's whole body was missing from his coffin in the caves. {{crossref}}
* Sayid threatens to cut off suspected bomber's hands during interrogation flashback. {{crossref}}
* Hurley, after stepping on a sea urchin, urged Jin to pee on his foot to stop the poison, he said, "Do you understand infection, gangrene, amputation?" {{crossref}}
*Jack threatened Sawyer for the case by saying he wouldn't give him his pills which would make Sawyer want his arm to be removed.
* Sayid threatened to cut out Sawyer's eye. {{crossref}}
* Hibbs had a segment of his fourth digit on his left hand missing. {{crossref}}
* Martha Toomey told Hurley that she lost her leg in a car crash. {{crossref}}
* Locke sacrificed his kidney to save Anthony Cooper.  {{crossref}}
* Jack planned to amputate Boone's leg to save his life. {{crossref}}
* Rousseau referred to Montand losing his arm in the Dark Territory. {{crossref}}

=== Season 2 === 
{{I=Foot-statue.jpg=200=right=The 4-toed Four-Toed statue that Sayid found.}}
* When the survivors watched the Swan Orientation Film, the presenter, Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund. Marvin Candle, had a prosthetic arm. When seen in Pearl Orientation Video, both of his arms were functional. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer told Jin, "Yeah, yeah, Chewie, I know. My arm's about to fall off." {{crossref}}
* A glass eye was discovered in the Arrow station. {{crossref}}
* Ana Lucia told Goodwin she planned to cut off Nathan's finger to make him talk. {{crossref}}
* Sayid found a Four-Toed statue of a foot and lower leg. {{crossref}}

=== Season 3 === 
* Juliet told Jack that the station they are in is called the Hydra, a reference to a mythological creature able to regrow heads that had been cut off. {{crossref}}
* Mikhail Bakunin was missing an eye. {{crossref}}
* Jack removed a tumor from Ben's spine. {{crossref}}
* Roger's corpse was accidentally decapitated when removed from the van by Hurley and Jin. Previous to this, Vincent stole his arm. {{crossref}}
* Jin's ghost story was about a man with an amputated hand. {{crossref}}

=== Season 4 ===
* While hiking through the jungle, Locke told Sawyer about his missing kidney, and how, irony, it saved his life after being shootings by Ben. {{crossref}}
* Jack had his appendix removed. {{crossref}}

=== Season 5 === 
* Jones' men threatened to cut off Juliet's hands. {{crossref}}
* Montand's arm was pulled off while the science team tried to rescue him from the Monster. {{crossref}}

=== Season 6 ===
*Montand's skeleton in the Temple ruins was missing an arm. {{crossref}}

== The Lost Experience ==
* There was a "Missing Organs Folder" which was repeatedly referenced, and an organ harvesting scandal which was at the heart of the story. {{crossref}}

==Producers' commentary==
From the Official Lost Podcast transcript/November 28, 2005/28/05 podcast

{{quote='''Carlton Cuse''' Exactly. Is there any connection between the loss of Montand's arm, and the fact that Dr. Marvin Candle has a fake hand? 

'''Damon Lindelof''' Eh, I dunno, is there? We also found a glass eye in the Arrow Station. People just lose body parts I think easily on the Island.

'''Carlton Cuse''' Exactly.

'''Damon Lindelof'''  It isn't a widely known fact that actually Marvin Candle has a fake hand. You actually have to watch the film a fair amount of times, so I think that's a good nugget of podcast exclusivity that you just downloaded there. 

'''Carlton Cuse''' Wow, that's cool. And would it be possible that in a future episode we would discover why Marvin Candle has a fake hand? 

'''Damon Lindelof''' I suppose anything's possible, I guess. But, unlikely. Carlton laughs}}


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