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'''Michael deYcaza''' is one of the members of the background cast as both a Tailie and then as an Other (since he was kidnapped). His first appearance was in {{ep}} portraying Bernard, one of the Tailies. He appeared as a background tail-section survivor {{crossref}}. Since then, he appeared as a background Other in at the decoy village {{crossref}}, the Pala Ferry Dock {{crossref}}, the quarry {{crossref}}, the ruins {{crossref}} and the second camp {{crossref}}, he also appeared when the Others captured Kate and Sayid {{crossref}}. He was among the Others heading back to the Temple {{crossref}}.

He may have been killed along with the rest of the Others when Widmore fired missiles onto the beach, sending Jack into the air. {{crossref}} However, he also might have scattered into the jungle along with those Others who managed to survive the mortar attack. {{crossref}}

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* DeYcaza has also appeared in shows and movies such as ''Magnum P.I.'', ''You, Me and Dupree'', ''50 First Dates'', ''The Big Bounce'' and ''Beyond the Break''.

* DeYcaza is also known as "Mr. Squinty" by some http//thelostmeister.blogspot.com/2007/01/hiatus-spoilers-galore-and-more.html unofficial podcasts.

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* http//www.midweek.com/content/columns/hawaiiwood_article/hawaiiwood87/ Midweek Article

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