==Official merchandise==
{{I=CharlieFig.jpg=200=right=action figures of Charlie, from the first series}}

* Official ''Lost'' merchandise is avilable on the ABC TV Store website or through the Official ''Lost'' Fan Club website.
*http// ABC TV Store - Official Lost Merchandise
*http// The Official ''Lost'' Fan Club

* Fans had the opportunity to bid on autographed scripts and memorabilia from the show during charity event Destination L.A..  Please see their website for what items will be up for auction.
{{I=LMB222-0010_Lost_FC.jpg=200=right=The 2010 calendar}}
*http// Destination LA Party Official Site
* ''Lost'' jigsaw puzzles (4 Images)
*http// Puzzles at TDC Games
*Also sold at Barnes & Noble stores
* McFarlane Action Figures (see main article)
*First displayed at Comic-Con '06
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*Ships Oct-Dec
*First series has 6 figurines
*Second series has 4 figurines
*Third series should have 5 figurines, but was cancelled. 
*http// Figures at All Star Figures
*http// Figures at Clark Toys
* Apollo Candy (see main article)
*To date, not sold in stores.
*Free giveaways to promote ''The Lost Experience'' game, given nationwide in U.S. & U.K. -- see Events for details.
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{{I=LostViaDomusCover.jpg=200=right=Lost Via Domus.}}
{{I=LostBoardGame.jpg=200=right=Lost The Board Game}}

* ''Lost The Official Magazine'' (see main article)

* ''Lost Via Domus'' (see main article)

* ''Lost The Mobile Game/iPod Game'' (see main article)

* ''Lost The Board Game''  (see main article)

* ''Lost'' trading cards - special chase cards include fragments of T-shirts actually used as wardrobe by the cast in the filming of ''Lost''

*http// Season 1 
*http// Season 2 
*http// Season 3 
*http// Revelations 
*http// Season 1 Thru 5 
*http// Archives - The Final Season  
*http// Relics 

* Official DVDs
** Lost The Complete First Season
** Lost The Complete Second Season
** Lost The Complete Third Season
** Lost The Complete Fourth Season
** Lost The Complete Fifth Season
** Lost The Complete Sixth Season
** Lost The Complete Collection
** Lost Season 1 Part 1 (Region 2)
** Lost Season 1 Part 2 (Region 2)
** Lost Season 2 Part 1 (Region 2)
** Lost Season 2 Part 2 (Region 2)
** Lost Season 3 Part 1 (Region 2)
** Lost Season 3 Part 2 (Region 2)
** Lost Series One - Two
** Lost Series One - Two - Three                                                          
** Lost Series One - Two - Three - Four
** Lost Series One - Two - Three - Four - Five

* Official CD's
**Lost (Original Television Soundtrack)
**Lost Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)
**Lost Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack)
**Lost Season 4 (Original Television Soundtrack)
**Lost Season 5 (Original Television Soundtrack)
**Lost Season 6 (Original Television Soundtrack)
**Lost The Last Episodes (Original Television Soundtrack)

*A calendars is produced for the year after the season ends

==Unofficial merchandise==

* http// everythingLOST Merchandise Store - Unofficial Oceanic Airlines and Ajira Airways Replica Models

==See also==
*Action Figures
*jigsaw puzzle
*Apollo Candy
*Lost The Auction
*''Lost The Official Magazine''
*''Lost Via Domus''

==External links==
*http// LOST Collection - A fan-made site that lists official merchandise
''Fan-made merchandise''
* Hieroglyphics T-Shirts are available at the http//,cubit_glyphs,cubit_glyphs2,cubit_ninja SWLS Cafe Press Store
* The Numbers and other design T-Shirts are available at the http// Cafe Press Store
* Quotes and Dharma Initiative merchandise are available at the http// GEEKISMO gifts & tees for nerds & geeks ... Cafe Press Store

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