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Co-Producer (Season 5)
Producer (Season 6) =1714574 }} {{Wikipedia-ref}} '''Melinda Tsu Taylor''' was a writer and producer for ''Lost''. She joined the production team at the beginning of the fifth season as co-producer and became a producer in season 6. She has written the following episodes *{{ep}} (with Brian K. Vaughan) *{{ep}} (with Greggory Nations) *{{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) *{{ep}} (with Greggory Nations) *"The New Man in Charge" (with Graham Roland and Jim Galasso) ==Other Work== *"Medium" wrote two episodes of season 1, one episode of season 2, and was story editor of season 2 (2005-2006) *"Vanished" wrote one episode and was executive story editor of the series (2006) *"Women's Murder Club" wrote two episodes and was executive story editor of the series (2007-2008) *"Star Wars The Clone Wars" wrote two episodes in season 2 (2009) *"Falling Skies" (in production, airing 2011) supervising producer/writer ==Appearances== *At Lost University/Psychology 201 Self discovery through family relationships {{brclear}} {{crew}} arميليندا هسو تايلور deMelinda Hsu Taylor esMelinda Hsu Taylor frMelinda Hsu Taylor itMelinda Hsu Taylor ptMelinda Hsu Taylor CategoryCrew, Melinda Hsu CategoryWriters, Melinda Hsu CategoryProducers, Melinda Hsu