Mega Lotto Jackpot

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=Mega Lotto Jackpot 
=Mega Lotto Jackpot
{{I=Mega-Lotto-Jackpot.jpg=200=left=The winning numbers for the Mega Lotto Jackpot in {{crossref}}}} 
The '''Mega Lotto Jackpot''' was the lottery that Hurley won for $114 million money by playing the Numbers. {{crossref}}
== Employees of Mega Lotto Jackpot ==
{{I=Lotto ticket .jpg=200=right=Hurley's winning lotto ticket. Note that the ticket looks different than the one above.}}
* Mary Jo, who drew the winning lottery number, also previously appeared in a separate episode. {{crossref}}
* An unnamed Lottery Official was present at the press interview between Hurley and his family shortly after his win. {{crossref}}
== Trivia ==
{{I=1x18-lotteryofficial.jpg=200=right=The lottery Official at Hurley' press conference in {{crossref}}}}
*Hurley's Mega Lotto ticket is included as a prop in the Hurley action figure set. (Action_figures)
*The man's voice responding to Mary Jo when she announces the lotto numbers is the voice of Carlton Cuse. {{crossref/April 30, 2007}}

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