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An the Others wearing a United States Army jumpsuit bearing the name '''Mattingly''' was a member of the group of Others that included Charles Widmore and Cunningham.  The group attacked Juliet and Sawyer in the jungle on the Island in 1954 and, armed with a machete, Mattingly was ordered by Widmore to cut off Juliet's hand.  As he was about to do so, Locke attacked Mattingly with a rock.  Mattingly recovered and was about to kill Juliet with the machete, when Locke hurled his knife into Mattingly's side.  Mattingly collapsed and Life and death.  Locke then pulled the bloody knife out of Mattingly's dead body. {{crossref}}

The name "Mattingley" (additional "e") was number 10 among the names of Jacob's candidates written in the cliffside cave.  His name had been crossed out. {{crossref}}.

*Given that Widmore was wearing a uniform with the name "Jones" on, it is likely that the uniforms were stolen, so it is likely that Mattingly is not his real name.
*Ken Mattingly and Walter Cunningham were Apollo-era astronauts. Ken Mattingly was the command module pilot of Apollo 16.
*http// Ken Mattingly had been scheduled to fly on  http// Apollo 13, but was held back due to concerns about a potential The Sickness (which he did not contract).
*http// Don Mattingly played for the New York Yankees from 1982 to 1995 and wore the number 23.

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