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The Mathematical Forecasting Initiative is one of the current active projects being undertaken by the Hanso Foundation. Its goal is to more accurately predict future events and trends by analysing current states and creating mathematical models. The Initiative's population growth models were used by the Minister of the Interior Mugato to launch strikes against their tribal enemies. 

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{{quote= *Will global changes in weather cause population centers to shift?
*Where are new diseases likely to emerge?
*Which species need protection now before they begin to decline?
*How can the human race adapt to help the planet support our growing numbers?

The Mathematical Forecasting Initiative uses cutting-edge theory to anticipate the twists and turns of humanity's story. By understanding and modeling the mathematic probability of seismic human events, The Hanso Foundation can illuminate the path ahead and provide a true road map to the betterment of humanity.}}

==MFI Forecast Map==
There is a hidden message on the map which has been written backwards
''She was an employee of the foundation.''
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==News== Taken from the ===01/05/2005=== {{quote= '''Copenhagen, Denmark, Friday 01/05/06''' Hanso Foundation is pleased to announce a significant breakthrough in population growth modeling. Beginning ten years ago, in partnership with the government of the developing African nation of , Hanso Foundation researchers providing a detailed schedule of population growth to country officials along with analyses of how a growing citizenry would affect national security, medical spending, agricultural output, employment rates, and other pertinent factors. The Hanso Foundation's model has allowed to prosper in its growing population, with a 40% rise in GDP, a 20% drop in unemployment, and a significant reduction in preventable illness. The capital, , has become a significant center of commerce for the region, and urban planners have expanded major city centers while increasing standard of living. Potential applications for our new population model are as far-reaching as they are varied. The Hanso Foundations thanks its timeless mathematicians, as well as Hanso, for this great gift to humanity.}} ''Note The three blank words are "Zambia", "More Soon" and "Steevo".'' ==External links== *http// Non-canonical Mathematical Forecasting Initiative webpage *http// Mathematical Forecasting Initiative Interactive Test {{Nav-Hanso}} deMathematical Forecasting Initiative esMathematical Forecasting Initiative Category The Lost Experience