Mary Jo

''For the Emmy-award winning editor for Lost, see Mary Jo Markey''
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=Mary Jo
=Mary Jo
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=Lotto girl
=She's the girl who read The Numbers that led to Hurley winning the lottery.
She was about to sleep with Sawyer. =Brittany Perrineau =Character appearances}} {{I=Mary_jo_lotto.jpg=200=left=Mary Jo announcing the winning Mega Lotto Jackpot numbers. {{crossref}}}} '''Mary Jo''' drew Hurley's winning numbers in the Mega Lotto Jackpot. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} She later almost had sex with Sawyer, who was possibly trying to deceptions and cons her, but they were interrupted by Hibbs, who misinformed Sawyer about the identity of the Anthony Cooper as Frank Duckett. {{crossref}} ==Trivia== * Brittany Perrineau, the actress who plays Mary Jo, is the wife of Harold Perrineau (Michael Dawson). * Mary Jo is credited as "Woman" in "Outlaws" and "Lotto Girl" in "Numbers", but not ever by her name. {{Nav-Sawyer}} {{Nav-Hurley}} deMary Jo esMary Jo frMary Jo itMary Jo nlMary Jo plMary Jo ptMary Jo ruМэри Джо CategoryCharacters CategorySeason 1 characters CategorySeason 2 characters CategoryFlashback Characters CategoryHurley's flashback characters CategorySawyer's flashback characters