Margo Shephard

{{Infobox Character
=Margo Shephard
=Margo Shephard
=Los Angeles, California, USA
=Ray Shephard - Father-in-law
''Christian Shephard'' - Husband
''Jack Shephard'' - Son
Sarah Wagner - Ex-daughter-in-law
Claire Littleton - Step-daughter
Aaron Littleton - Step-grandson
David Shephard - Grandson (flash sideways) =Jack's mother =Veronica Hamel =Character appearances=Character appearances=Character appearances}} '''Margo Shephard''' was Jack's mother and Christian Shephard's widow. == Before the Crash == Margo was not shown at Jack's wedding, though she may have attended.{{crossref}} Christian admitted on that day that he had made the wrong choice by marrying Margo. {{crossref}} When Christian went missing in Australia she convinced Jack to go after him, saying he wouldn't get to say no "after what he did," in reference to Jack's causing Christian to lose his medical license. {{crossref}} ==After Jack's return== After the return of the Oceanic Six, she was awaiting Jack at the runway. She was extremely glad to see that he had returned safely. Afterward, she attended Christian's funeral. She left when it was over and returned home to wait for Jack. {{crossref}} ==Flash sideways== Margo talked to Jack via cell phone after he landed at LAX. Jack was frustrated that his father's casket had been lost. {{crossref}} Margo later called Jack as she was unable to locate Christian's will among his papers. After he arrived to assist her, she found it at last, but was puzzled by the mention of someone named "Claire Littleton". When she offered him a drink, Jack refused, leading Margo to say, "good for you." {{crossref}} ==Trivia== *Margo appeared in 3 episodes as of "Lighthouse". ** One of her appearances was made solely by her flash-sideways counterpart. *Margo appeared in one flashback episode ({{ep}}), one flash-forward episode ({{ep}}), and one flash-sideways episode ({{ep}}). ** Her first and last appearances were Jack's first flashback and flash-sideways episodes. *Margo is short for Margaret. Margaret is a Greek name for Pearl. http// *Margo's appearances were 75 episodes apart, the second longest gap after Tom Brennan's gap of 80 episodes. However, she is still the character with the longest gap between appearances played by the same performer, as Tom Brennan was played by different actors in each episode. ==Unanswered questions== {{NavMinor-Unanswered}} * Why did both Christian and his father feel that Margo was the "wrong choice"? {{Nav-Jack}} {{Nav-Oceanic6}} {{DEFAULTSORTShephard, Margo}} arمارجو شيبارد deMargo Shephard esMargo Shephard frMargo Shephard itMargo Shephard nlMargo Shephard plMargo Shephard ptMargo Shephard ruМарго Шепард CategoryCharacters CategorySeason 1 characters CategorySeason 4 characters CategoryMothers CategoryWives CategoryFlashback Characters CategoryJack's flashback characters CategoryFlashforward Characters CategoryJack's flashforward characters CategorySun's flashforward characters CategoryKate's flashforward characters CategorySayid's flashforward characters CategoryHurley's flashforward characters CategorySeason 6 characters CategoryJack's flash-sideways characters Category Flash-sideways characters
Hello, could you not keep changing the Desmond page to fit your own assumptions? The scottish accent part is confirmed by the actor who played the role. Thanks

Response from Cappsy Then I'm afraid he's awful at accents.  I couldn't for a minute guess he was trying to be Scottish.  Anyway, I'm sorry, I didn't realise he'd officialy confirmed this.

He wasn't trying to be anything, he spoke in his own accent - he is scottish. --UserSkks 0629, 4 April 2006 (PDT)

Ok, fine!

Actually yours was probably an honest mistake.  He grew up in a Scottish (father)/Peruvian (mother) household so there's probably a blend of the two although the Scottish definitely predominates.--UserTricksterson 1249, 4 April 2006 (PDT)

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