Lost Moments

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=Lost Moments
=November 15, 2006 - February 1, 2007
=Various writers
=Various directors
=M.C. Gainey - Tom
Teddy Wells - Ivan
Michael Bowen - Pickett
Bai Ling - Achara
Ariston Green - Jason (Other)
Kimberley Joseph - Cindy
Diana Scarwid - Isabel }} '''"Lost Moments"''' were a series of official previews aired on ABC to keep ''Lost'' fans' interest during the 13-week break in Season Three. It is also the name of Sky One's Video podcast featuring the same preview videos. Each week, a preview was supposed to be shown after an episode of ''Daybreak'', which was airing in the usual ''Lost'' time slot during the mid-season hiatus (starting November 15, 2006). However, ''Daybreak'' was canceled December 13, 2006. Each clip featured new footage from future episodes of Season Three, more specifically {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} and {{ep}}. Following ''Daybreak'''s cancellation, "Lost Moments" aired during ''Grey's Anatomy'' on Thursday nights at 900 EST/PST. The ABC ''Lost'' website also posted these videos—exclusively to American Express cardholders on Fridays, and to the general public a day later. http//abc.go.com/primetime/lost/lostmoments/index ==Clip 1 - November 15, 2006== {{I=Lost moments desmond.JPG=150=right=Desmond in the first Lost Moments clip.}} {{I=Lost moments charlie.JPG=150=right=Charlie calling Desmond a coward.}} {{I=Lost moments hurley.JPG=150=right=Hurley sees what Desmond is doing to Charlie.}} ===Description=== Charlie shouts at a seemingly drunken Desmond on the beach at night. When Charlie accuses Desmond of being a coward, the Scot charges, knocking him to the ground and trying to strangle him. He says that Charlie doesn't want to know what happened to him, and begins to sob as Hurley looks on from nearby with a shocked look on his face.
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Desmond walking by Charlie on the beach) --Charlie "Hey, I don't know what you are doin', but you best tell us." (Desmond keeps walking) --Charlie "Oi, don't walk away from me. Don't know how you're doing what it is you're doing, but I know a coward when I see one." (Desmond turns around) --Charlie "Yeah a coward..." (Desmond tackles Charlie to the ground) --Desmond "You don't want to know what happened to me when I The Discharge." --Charlie "Get off!" (Desmond starts crying and choking Charlie. Hurley watches the fight in amazement) --Desmond "...You don't want to know what happened to me." (End) }} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment 1 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 2 - November 22, 2006== {{Deuterocanon}} {{I=Lost moments locke.JPG=200=right=Locke takes a break from fishing to speak to Hurley}} ===Description=== Hurley asks Locke whether he has new-found super powers due to the Hatch explosion, and about Desmond. He reveals that he believes Desmond now has the ability to see the future.
This clip was seemingly cut from the episode {{ep}}. {{I=Lost moments hurley 2.JPG=200=right=Hurley confides in Locke his suspicions about Desmond}} ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Hurley watching Locke shallow-water spear fishing) --Locke "Is there something you want to ask me, Hugo?" --Hurley "Do you have super powers? The Fantastic Four got blasted by cosmic rays, and us... what if we were all like radiationed? What happened when the Hatch exploded, and what about Desmond?" --Locke "I saw him running through the jungle just after it happened. Is that a super power?" (Hurley walks closer) --Hurley "No, but future seeing ... is." (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST moment-2 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 3 - November 29, 2006== {{I=Lost moments hurley 3.JPG=200=right=Hurley and Charlie notice that Desmond is watching them}} ===Description=== Hurley and Charlie are discussing whether or not to ransack Sawyer's tent when "Desmond" tells them tersely to come with him.
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. {{I=Lost moments desmond 2.JPG=200=right=Desmond asks for Charlie and Hurley to follow him}} ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Hurley is looking on as Charlie goes through a stash of things in someone's tent) --Hurley "Dude, I don't know about this." --Charlie "He would want us to do this." --Hurley "He'd want us to ransack his tent and take his stash?" --Charlie "Well he stole all this in the first place, I mean people 'need' food." (Desmond appears, looking pensive) --Desmond "Charlie!" --Hurley "Desmundo." --Desmond "I need you to come with me... both of you." (Hurley and Charlie look at each other, Desmond walks away) (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment -3==Clip 4 - December 6, 2006== {{I=Lost moments sayid.JPG=200=right=Sayid and co arrive to see what is happening}} ===Description=== {{I=Lost moments sun.JPG=200=right=Charlie realizes that Claire is missing}} Desmond notices someone laying face down in the water off shore. He swims out there, and brings back Claire (it is unknown if she is alive).
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. {{I=Lost moments claire.JPG=200=right=Claire is pulled out of the water by Desmond}} ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Desmond races into the water as other Losties look on) --Sayid "What's he doing?" --Locke "There's someone else out there." (Charlie looks at Sun holding Aaron) --Charlie "Where's Claire?" (Charlie starts to run out into the water) --Charlie "Claire!" (Desmond brings Claire back on land) (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment-4 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 5 - December 13, 2006== ===Description=== {{I=Lost moments jack.JPG=200=right=Jack wakes to find people watching him from outside a cage}} Jack is woken up by the murmur of about ten people outside the cage he is in. He shouts at them, and then a woman comes up to the cage. This woman is revealed to be Cindy. Jack questions her why she has joined them, which results in Jack shouting at her.
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. {{I=Lost moments cindy.JPG=200=200=A smiling Cindy reveals herself to Jack}} ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Jack wakes up, and looks at the people who have gathered around the cage) --Jack WHAT? (shouting) (A woman approaches the cage) --Cindy Hey Jack. --Jack Do I know you? --Jack You're the stewardess... --Cindy Cindy... --Jack How did you end up, with them? --Cindy It's not as simple as that... --Jack What are they doing here right now? What are you doing here?! --Cindy We're here to watch, Jack.. --Jack If you've got something to watch, Cindy, GO WATCH IT! (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment -5{{Brclear}} ==Clip 6 - December 20, 2006== {{I=Lost moments jack2.jpg=200=right=Jack talks to Kate via walkie-talkie}} ===Description=== Jack is in the Hydra operating room, talking to Kate over the walkie-talkie. Kate tells Jack they need a boat to get off of Hydra Island, revealing to Jack that they are no longer on "their" island. Jack asks Tom (Mr. Friendly). Kate and Sawyer are running from Pickett and two Others, when something (presumably a bullet, but possibly a rock or something else) destroys the walkie-talkie in Kate's hand. Sawyer shoots at the Others, and one of them aims his gun at Kate. We see something stop him from shooting Kate.
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. {{I=Lost moments kate sawyer.jpg=200=right=Kate and Sawyer on the shore, before Pickett and others attack}} {{I=Lost moments tom.jpg=200=right=Tom being asked by Jack about getting off the Island}} ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (We see Ben's face in the Hydra operating room and we hear Kate's voice) --Kate Jack are you there? (Via walkie-talkie) --Jack I'm here. --Kate Jack, we need a boat. (On shore with Sawyer) We need some way to get off this island. --Jack (Shouting to Tom) How do they get off this island? (A bullet from Pickett breaks the walkie-talkie of Kate, then Pickett, Ivan and Jason start shooting Sawyer and Kate) --Jack Kate! (Sawyer and Kate run from the Others and hide behind trees. Jason starts pointing a gun at Kate but someone hits him, and he falls.) (End)}} ===Video=== FileLost Moment 6 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 7 - December 27, 2006== {{Deuterocanon}} {{I=Lost Moments Tom 2.jpg=200=right=Tom threatens Jack's life.}} ===Description=== In the Hydra operating room, Tom asks Jack whether or not Juliet asked him to kill Ben during the operation, and informs him that if Ben dies, Jack will die with him. Jack claims he will take that chance.
The first two lines of this clip were used in the episode {{ep}}, but the last two lines were cut. {{I=Lost Moments Jack 3.jpg=200=right=Jack is willing to take his chances.}} ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) --Tom Did Juliet really ask you to kill him? --Jack Yeah. --Tom You do understand the only reason you're still alive right now is because we need you to do this operation. So if you let Ben die, you die too. --Jack I'm willing to take my chances. (End)}} ===Video=== FileLost Moment 7 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 8 - January 4, 2007== ===Description=== In one of Jack's flashbacks, while he sleeps in his room, Achara enters, takes off her clothes and gets into his bed. They both roll in his bed, until they fall, and start to laugh.
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Achara enters to a room where Jack is asleep. He suddenly wakes up) --Jack Who's there? (Achara takes off her clothes, and gets into Jack's bed. She gets on top of him, and they both roll in bed. They suddenly fall off the bed, and both laugh) (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment 8 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 9 - January 11, 2007== ===Description=== Hurley tries to convince Charlie to go with him on a dangerous mission. This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Hurley slaps Charlie) --Charlie Ow! What did you do that for? --Hurley Snap out of it! I've got an idea that can help us both. Now- (Picks Charlie up) --Hurley It is dangerous. And there's a very good chance that you will die. --Charlie Is that supposed to convince me to come with you? --Hurley It is. 'Cause if you don't die - then we win. (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment 9 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 10 - January 19, 2007== {{I=Lost Moments Vincent.jpg=200=right=Vincent, decayed arm, and a key}} ===Description=== Hurley and Charlie find Vincent with Roger's arm which holds a lucky rabbit's foot and a key. This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Vincent running out of the jungle towards Charlie and Hurley, with something in his mouth) --Charlie Vincent? (Hurley and Charlie run to Vincent) --Hurley What you got there boy? --Charlie Is that an arm? (Vincent has a decayed arm with a key chain with a key and a lucky rabbit's foot) --Hurley Here Vincent, come here boy. (Vincent runs away into the jungle) --Hurley I think we need to get that. --Charlie Yeah, chase the dog with a skeletal arm into the creepy jungle. You be my guest. --Hurley Okay, if I'm not back in three hours tell somebody. (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment 10 {{brclear}} ==Clip 11 - January 18, 2007== ===Description=== Sawyer is talking and teaching Jin English, while Hurley is sitting in the background. They are sitting outside an old, deserted van in the jungle. Note There is a skeleton leaning against the van, and they are drinking out of a can. This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Sawyer and Jin are sitting in an old deserted van in the jungle) --Jin I'm Sorry --Sawyer Okay. Nice. --Jin You were right --Sawyer Okay. That's two. --Jin Those pants don't make you look fat. --Sawyer Now you got it, the only three things a woman needs to hear. (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment 11 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 12 - January 25, 2007== ===Description=== Kate and Sawyer, are in a boat on their escape from Hydra island. Kate stops and says she does not want to leave Jack behind.
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Sawyer and Kate are in a boat heading for the main island, Sawyer is singing) --Kate Stop. --Sawyer What do you want a turn, steering? --Kate We have to go back. --Sawyer What the hell are you talking about? --Kate Turn the boat around Sawyer, I mean it. --Sawyer Have you lost your mind? We've just got away! --Kate Just do it. --Sawyer Give me one good reason to... --Kate Because we can't leave Jack behind. (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment 12 {{Brclear}} ==Clip 13 - February 1, 2007== ===Description=== Jack is in his cage, with Isabel standing outside. She comments on the irony of the Chinese quote in Jack's tattoo.
This clip is from the episode {{ep}}. ===Full transcript=== {{quote=(Start) (Jack is sitting in his cage while an unknown other is reading his tattoos) --Isabel I was just reading your tattoos, the five and the stars are very cute, but the Chinese, I find it a bit ironic. --Jack You find what ironic? --Isabel What it says, you do know what it says? (End)}} ===Video=== FileLOST Moment 13 {{Brclear}} == External links == http//abc.go.com/primetime/lost/lostmoments/index ABC "Sneak Peek" Page {{Nav-YouTube}} deLost Moments esLost Moments frLost Moments plLost Moments ptLost Moments CategoryEpisodes CategoryLists CategoryVideos