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{{ep}} ={{ep}} = Intended destination for Oceanic Flight 815
Departure airport for Ajira Flight 316 = Airport }} '''Los Angeles International Airport''' (LAX) was the destination of Oceanic Flight 815 flying from Sydney, Australia. The flight never reached LAX due to the aircraft's Mid-air breakup on/near the Island. In the flash sideways, however, the plane landed safely at LAX. ==Flashbacks== {{I=AnaMeetsChristian.jpg=200=right=Christian Shephard and Ana Lucia at the LAX bar in {{crossref}}.}} *{{ep}} Ana Lucia, after working for the Los Angeles Police Department becomes a security guard at LAX, where she meets Christian Shephard. They have a drink at the airport bar, when Christian invites her to be his bodyguard in Australia. *{{ep}} The flight of Ajira Airways, which brings five of the Oceanic Six, Ben and Locke back to the island, departs at the Los Angeles Airport. ==Flash-forwards== *{{ep}}; In the flash-forward, Jack arranged to meet Kate near LAX, stating "you know where"; they meet just beyond the gates outside the end of the runway. *{{ep}}; A continuation of when Jack met with Kate in {{ep}} outside the end of the runway. ==Flash-sideways timeline== After their deaths, characters re-imagined their flight on Oceanic 815, this time actually arriving at LAX. At the airport, characters experienced various complications. {{I=6x11 Courthouse.jpg=200=right=The airport courthouse in {{crossref}}.}} *Jin did not declare a large sum of money in his luggage and was held for further questioning, while Sun was ordered to stay in the waiting room. {{crossref}} *Jack was informed that his father's body was never placed on Flight 815 and was currently "in transit". {{crossref}} *Locke had luggage containing his knives lost in transit. {{crossref}} His knives were later recovered and delivered to him. {{crossref}} *Kate escaped from custody in the womens bathroom, hijacking a taxi cab which Claire was also riding in. {{crossref}} *Charlie Pace (flash-sideways timeline). Afterwards he was met by Desmond Hume (flash-sideways timeline), and they went across the street to JAX for a drink. {{crossref}} ==Location map== {{.943787, -118.40395~Los Angeles International Airport =38.272689, -92.636719 =3 =450 =250 =hybrid =zoom }} {{Nav-Locations}} frAéroport international de Los Angeles ruМеждународный аэропорт Лос-Анджелеса CategoryOff-island locations CategoryLocations