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''For unofficial DHARMA logos, see Fan-made DHARMA logos'' This table is a listing of all '''logos''' that were custom-made for the props department and used in the LostpediaCanon, including the Episode Guide, List of websites, books, and Lost Video Diaries. ==Logos in Lost== ''These logos have appeared in television Episode guide of Lost.'' {="toccolours" cellpadding="3" style="border 1px solid ; margin 0; border-collapse collapse; font-size 100%;width100%;" ="" ! Logo !! Organization !! ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageAction8news.jpg ="center"'''Action 8 News''' ="4"Tricia Tanaka and her cameraman worked for in {{ep}}, the news program that covered Mrs. Arlen's car accidents in {{ep}}, and the program which covered Hurley's car chase in {{ep}} See also KSVU 8 below. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageApollobar.jpg ="center"'''Apollo Candy Bar''' ="4"the Swan's supply room, as well as in the website Apollocandy.com of The Lost Experience and elsewhere as Easter Eggs ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageBluebus.jpg ="center"'''Blue Bus Coach Lines''' ="4"Kate tried to buy a ticket for in {{ep}}, before she was apprehended by Edward Mars. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Imagelogo-blackrock.jpg ="center"'''{{link}}''' ="4"{{ep}},{{ep}} & {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageBrezza.jpg ="center"'''Brezza''' brand cigarettes ="4".S. Marshal Edward Mars smoked these cigarettes while transporting Kate, shortly before the accident involving Kate's Horse's black horse in {{ep}}. The brand was seen again amongst Sawyer's stash in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Image3x21-Butlins_logo.jpg ="center"'''Butlin's''' ="4"{{ep}}. A famous British holiday resort. Charlie learned to swim in a pool here. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Butties.jpg ="center"'''Butties Diapers''' ="4"{{ep}}, when Charlie & the rest of Drive Shaft did their commercial for them. Also appeared as an Easter Egg in {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageCafebrukutu.jpg ="center"'''Cantina Brukutu''' ="4"{{ep}}, when Eko and his gang drove up to a bar for a drug deal for heroin. A clearer view of the logo is visible http//www.lostvirtualtour.com/lost/filming_locations/moliigardens/index.html here. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Image4x01_CircuitHouseLogo.jpg ="center"'''Circuit House''' ="4"{{ep}}, where Randy Nations worked, and where Hurley's car chase in his Hurley's Camaro ended in a car accidents with the Golden Pontiac. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageCowin Heights Knights.jpg ="center"'''Cowin Heights High School''' ="4"{{ep}}, where Locke was a student at the Knights' high school ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageDie_mauer.jpg ="center"'''Die Mauer''' ="4"Sayid and Elsa met in {{ep}} "Die Mauer" is German for "The Wall". ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Imagedinascoffeeshop.jpg ="center"'''Dina's Coffee Shop''' ="4"Desmond and Libby met in {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageDriveshaftlogosmall.jpg ="center"'''Drive Shaft''' ="4"Charlie's rock band. Same logo also seen on studio chairs. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Imagelogo_theelizabeth.jpg ="center"'''Sailboat ("Elizabeth"), The''' ="4"Libby gave to Desmond in {{ep}}. The ship identification graphics are not real, and were created for the filming of Lost. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageErics.jpg ="center"'''Eric's Expert Service''' ="4"Sawyer and Cassidy worked their jewelry con in {{ep}}. See also '''Portsmouth''' and '''Bilson''' brand cigarettes below. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Image5x02 Exposé logo.gif ="center"'''Exposé (TV series)''' ="4"Nikki guest starred in before leaving Sydney. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageFiji_Taxi.jpg ="center"'''Fiji Taxi''' ="4"Michael used in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Flightline.jpg ="center"'''Flightline Motel''' ="4"{{ep}}. An Oceanic Airlines aircraft flew over, giving credence to the name. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageFuture.jpg ="center"'''Future Paint''' ="4"Desmond used in his lucid flashback in the episode {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageGannon.jpg ="center"'''Gannon Car Rentals''' ="4"Oceanic tickets in {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} and {{ep}}. The company's logo was also seen on a football match hoarding in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageGlacier.jpg ="center"'''Glacier Bar''' ="4"Hurley by his David Reyes in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Imageharborside-jewelry.jpg ="center"'''Harborside Jewelry''' ="4"Claire and Christian had coffee in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageHerarat aviation logo.jpg ="center"'''Herarat Aviation''' ="4"Mittelos Bioscience in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Image3x15KeithsDiner.jpg ="center"'''Keith's Diner''' ="4"Diane worked as a waitress in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Image1x18-KSVU8.jpg ="center"'''KSVU 8''' ="4"'s house in {{ep}}. See also Action 8 News, above. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Image1x18-KYAP17.jpg ="center"'''KYAP 17''' ="4"'s house in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-LATeamRealtors.jpg ="center"'''LA Team Realtors''' ="4"Nadia was inspecting with Locke in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-LastCall.jpg ="center"'''Last Call Cocktail Bar''' ="4"Christian Shephard went after he left Ana Lucia, and where he had a conversation with Sawyer, in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-lejardin.jpg ="center"'''Le Jardin Croissant Fertile''' ="4", in {{ep}}. There was a second sign noting Arabian food on the lower left. Neither sign was legible in the episode; these images are taken from the ABC.com press release still photos for this episode. The name referred to what is known in English as "The Fertile Crescent", a historically rich geographic area in the Middle East that includes what is now Iraq. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-le-portail-darabie.jpg ="center"'''Le Portail D'Arabie''' ="4"{{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLondonCentralDeliverylogo.jpg ="center"'''London Central Delivery''' ="4"delivery man worked for in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLA_Organic.jpg ="center"'''Los Angeles Organic Produce''' ="4"{{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLynford.jpg ="center"'''Lynford, The''' ="4"{{ep}}, where Jack found Christian Shephard attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageMClogo.jpg ="center"'''MacCutcheon whisky''' ="4"Charles Widmore drank (and said was too good for Desmond) in {{ep}}. It was also the whisky that Anthony Cooper offered John Locke in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Lotto.jpg ="center"'''Mega Lotto Jackpot''' ="4"(with Mary Jo), as well as on lottery ticket, in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Walkabout.jpg ="center"'''Melbourne Walkabout Tours''' ="4"Locke visited in {{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-MinnesotaMetallurgy.jpg ="center"'''Minnesota Metallurgy''' ="4"(original). Appeared on the The Balloon ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageMittelosLogo.jpg
="center"'''Mittelos Bioscience''' ="4"Juliet in {{ep}}.

Below logo from submarine uniform {{crossref}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageMolly-fisher-fruit-roll-ups.jpg ="center"'''Molly Fisher Fruit Roll-Ups''' ="4"Hurley was eating in before visited by Walt in {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageMoriah vineyards etiquette.jpg ="center"'''Moriah Vineyards''' ="4"Desmond belonged to in {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-MrClucks.jpg ="center"'''Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack''' ="4"Hurley worked in {{ep}}. Variations seen on storefront, and on uniform knit shirts and caps. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageIsaac_of_uluru.jpg ="center"'''National Flash''' ="4"{{ep}}. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Nozzala.jpg ="center"'''Nozz-A-La Cola''' ="4"The Balloon, originally from Stephen King, although King's versions are similar to ''Coca-Cola'' in design (white script on red background) ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Oceanic.jpg ="center"'''Oceanic Airlines''' ="4", as well as website Oceanic-air.com. This logo was different to previous non-Lost appearances of WikipediaOceanic Airlines. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Imagelogo_otooles.jpg ="center"'''O'Toole's Irish Pub''' ="4"Bernard and Rose met in {{ep}}. The image was taken from the filming location's website's snapshots of the Lost filming. The sign was a prop created by the Lost crew, based on the bar's actual name and logo. http//www.otoolesirishpub.com/otooles/lost/index.html (link) ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImagePalmetto.jpg ="center"'''Palmetto Telesis''' ="4"{{ep}}, Kate called US Marshal Edward Mars in a phone booth operated by Palmetto Telesis. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-PanPacific.jpg ="center"'''Pan Pacific Airlines''' ="4"Ana Lucia's flashback in {{ep}}. Logo shown was a composite of parts visible from the two scenes. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLostpp.JPG ="center"'''Playpen Magazine''' ="4"Sawyer's stash by Charlie and Hurley in {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Cigarettes.jpg ="center"'''Portsmouth''' and '''Bilson''' brand cigarettes. ="4"'''Eric's Expert Service''' gas station where Sawyer played a con in {{ep}}. Bilson cigarettes appeared in the 2002 film ''May'' (in the film and/or the DVD commentary). Also, George Bilson co-wrote the screenplay for the 1945 film ''What, No Cigarettes?''. However the connection of these two possibilities to Lost are unknown. The brand may be named for Gregg Bilson, Sr. Bilson is the founder of Independent Studio Services, a company that produces props for the film and television industry. Examples of Bilson and Brezza cigarette packs can be found on the website of http//www.issprops.com/Graphics.aspx, the company's graphic design and print shop. Portsmouth is the birthplace of Charles Dickens as well as the port from which the Black Rock (ship). ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Imagelogo_ripple.jpg ="center"'''Ripple Potato Chips''' ="4"the Swan's supply room in {{ep}}. Seen only in Hurley's dream sequence. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|Imagelogo_seoulgatewayhotel.jpg ="center"'''Seoul Gateway Hotel''' ="4"Jae Lee owned, where Jin worked, and Sun entered, in {{ep}}. Note the real hotel name logo on the glass, partially visible behind the prop signs. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Southway.jpg ="center"'''Southway Garrison''' ="4"Desmond was incarcerated, and was freed from in {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageSouthfield's Auctions.jpg ="center"'''Southfield's Auctions''' ="4"Charles Widmore bid for the Black Rock ledger in {{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageStSebastian.jpg ="center"'''St. Sebastian Hospital''' ="4". Sebastian Hospital, as seen on Jack's name tag. ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageStatePolice.jpg ="center"'''State Police''' ="4"Officer Barnes. A similar state police logo appeared on Detective Calderwood's file regarding Sawyer. The design was based on the badge of the WikipediaNew_South_Wales_Police_Force . ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Welcomehome.jpg ="center"'''Welcome Home''' ="4"John Locke owned, as seen on his Automobiles featured in Lost{{ep}} ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLogo-Widmore.jpg ="center"'''Widmore Labs''' ="4"The Balloon, the preganancy test box, and in the background during {{ep}} outside the set of the You All Every Butties commercial. } ==Logos in The Lost Experience== ''These are logos which appear in the tie-in ARG (alternate reality game) The Lost Experience, but have not appeared in any episodes.'' {="toccolours" cellpadding="3" style="border 1px solid ; margin 0; border-collapse collapse; font-size 100%;width100%;" ="" ! Logo !! Organization !! ="2"|ImageHanso_logo.jpg ="center"'''Hanso Foundation''' ="4". ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageHanso_Logo_2.png ="center"'''Hanso Foundation''' ="4". ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageEri.jpg ="center"'''Electromagnetic Research Initiative''' ="4"thehansofoundation.org ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageIga.JPG ="center"'''Institute for Genomic Advancement''' ="4"thehansofoundation.org ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageLifeExtensionProject.png ="center"'''Life Extension Project ''' ="4"thehansofoundation.org ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageMathematicalForecastingInitiative.png ="center"'''Mathematical Forecasting Initiative''' ="4"thehansofoundation.org ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageMentalHealthAppeal.png ="center"'''Mental Health Appeal''' ="4"thehansofoundation.org ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageImg ROTlogo.gif ="center"'''Retrieversoftruth.com''' ="4"retrieversoftruth.com ="5" bgcolor="" ="2"|ImageWwwdp.jpg ="center"'''Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program''' ="4"thehansofoundation.org ="5" bgcolor="" |}
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