Locke's drug

{{I=Paste.jpg=right=200=Locke grinds up a paste which he later applies to Boone's head gash in {{ep}}.}}
This '''drug''' refers to the material John Locke ground up and used as a hallucinogen to "speak to the Island".  After mixing the ingredients in a coconut bowl, the resulting paste had the color and consistency of chocolate pudding. {{crossref}}

== Episodes ==
{{I=Sweatlodge.jpg=right=200=Locke mixes the drug before entering a sweat lodge in {{ep}}}}* Locke spread a paste on Boone's open head wound, and Boone subsequently dreams and visionsShannon's life and death. {{crossref}}
* Locke created and ingested the mixture before having a vision of Boone. {{crossref}}

== Unanswered questions ==
* Is the real purpose of the drug to see visions?
* Did Locke create the mixture himself?

== See also ==
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frDrogue de Locke
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