Literary works

The following '''literary works''', references or authors have been mentioned or shown in the series to date. Please see their main articles for details; this page is primarily for listing.

== Books and literature ==

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

{{Sectionbox Books = =The Adventures of Tom Sawyer =wikipediaMark Twain =* One of Anthony Cooper's aliases, and the one after which James Ford named himself, was Tom Sawyer. Cooper also jokes that wikipediaThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn''"already taken."'' {{crossref}} =The Adventures of Tom Sawyer =Tom Sawyer.jpg }}

After All These Years

{{Sectionbox Books =After All These Years =After All These Years =wikipediaSusan Isaacs =* This book can be seen in the Swan station by Sawyer's bed as he is recovering from the injuries caused as a result of the raft incident (shown ''very'' briefly). {{Crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =Afterall.gif }}

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

{{Sectionbox Books =Alice's Adventures in Wonderland =Alice's Adventures in Wonderland =wikipediaLewis Carroll =* This book by wikipediaCharles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, and its sequel '''''Through the Looking-Glass''''', and '''''What Alice Found There''''', have been incorporated into the story of LOST in many episodes, such as {{crossref}}, and {{crossref}}. * We see Vincent, the yellow labrador race by, as a reference to the rabbit in '''''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''''' {{crossref}} * White rabbits are used as recurring themes in LOST. * In the non-canonical LOST Via Domus, a copy of '''''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''''' can be obtained and traded with other survivors. {{crossref}} * Jack is seen reading a portion of Chapter 2, ''"The Pool of Tears"'' from this novel to Aaron. {{crossref}} =Alice's Adventures in Wonderland =Alice.jpg }}

Animal Farm

{{Sectionbox Books =Animal Farm =wikipediaGeorge Orwell =* Leslie Arzt shouts ''"The pigs are walking! The pigs are walking!"'' a line from the book referring to what he sees as Kate and Jack being out of control and power hungry. {{crossref}} =Animal Farm =AnimalFarm.jpg }}

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret

{{Sectionbox Books =Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret =Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret =wikipediaJudy Blume =* When Sun is approaching James "Sawyer" Ford, he is seen reading this book. He tells her the book is ''"Predictable. Not nearly enough sex."'' {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret =Areyoutheregod.jpg }}

Bad Twin

{{Sectionbox Books =Bad Twin =Bad Twin =Laurence Shames (Ghostwriting for metafictional character, Gary Troup) = * Hurley found the manuscript for ''Bad Twin''. {{crossref}} * Sawyer is seen reading the manuscript, before Jack throws it in the fire. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Badtwin.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =Bluebeard =wikipediaCharles Perrault =* James "Sawyer" FordTom as ''"Bluebeard"''. {{crossref}} =Bluebeard =Complete Fairy Tales.jpg }}

Book of Laws

{{Sectionbox Books =Richard's objects =Book of Laws =wikipediaManu (Hinduism)= * One of the objects that Richard Alpert places before young John Locke. {{crossref}} '''See also
Religion and ideologies''' =Book of Laws.jpg }}

Holy Bible, The

{{Sectionbox Books =Bible =Holy Bible, The =Various = * Mr. Eko gives Locke a book that he found in the Arrow. When Locke opens the book, he realizes that it is the Bible and also finds that part of the center of the book has been removed. Inside this opening is a missing piece of the Swan Orientation Film. {{crossref}} * Cassidy pretends to be someone selling Bibles in her first attempt to help Kate talk to her Diane Janssen. {{crossref}} * Scripture references are carved into Mr. Eko's walking stick. {{crossref}} * A Bible is also on display on the bookshelf in Jack's office. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Jack's shelf
Religion and ideologies''' =The Bible =Bible.jpg }}

A Brief History of Time

{{Sectionbox Books =A Brief History of Time =Brief History of Time, A =wikipediaStephen Hawking =* Eloise Hawking and the author of this book share the same last name. Eloise is aware of time travel and oversees the Lamp Post. * Aldo is seen reading this book, while guarding Karl. {{crossref}} * This book can be seen in Ben's bedroom. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =A Brief History of Time =BriefHistoryTime.jpg }}

The Brothers Karamazov

{{Sectionbox Books =The Brothers Karamazov =Brothers Karamazov, The =wikipediaFyodor Dostoevsky =* While Ben (who was then claiming to be "Henry Gale (original)") was held captive in The Swan, Locke gave him this book for reading material. Ben responed, by asking ''"You don't have any Stephen King?"'' {{crossref}} * The map to the balloon Ben gives Ana Lucia is written on page from this book {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =The Brothers Karamazov =The_Brother_Karamazov.JPG }}

Caravan of Dreams

{{Sectionbox Books =Caravan of Dreams =wikipediaIdries Shah = * Seen on a bookshelf in Benjamin Linus' house. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =Caravan of dreams.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =Carrie =Carrie =Stephen King = * The book that Juliet and the other members of the book club are reading. Juliet says it is her favorite book. {{crossref}} * A different edition of the book (not the same cover) is seen in Juliet's flashback, on Rachel (Juliet's sister)'s nightstand. {{crossref}} See the image http//;sa=view;id=218 here. * Ben reads ''Carrie'' in his library for the forthcoming book club discussion, and complains that he finds it depressing. {{crossref}} This is again a different edition, the http// paperback edition. *Emilie de Ravin played the character Chris Hargensen in the 2002 television remake of ''Carrie''. * Minor characters include Principal Henry Grayle (possible connection to Henry Gale)and Restaurant Owner Hubert Kelly, who "Complained constantly that his electronic pacemaker was on the verge of electrocuting him." =Carrie (novel) =Carriebook.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =Catch-22 (book) =Catch-22 =wikipediaJoseph Heller = * A Portuguese copy of the book is found by Desmond after a helicopter crash near the Island. {{crossref}} =Catch-22 =Catch-22-cover.jpg }}

A Christmas Carol

{{Sectionbox Books =A Christmas Carol =Charles Dickens = * James "Sawyer" Ford"The Ghost of Christmas Future" while banging on the door of The Swan. {{crossref}} * Sawyer also described The Man in Black as "The Ghost of Christmas Past." {{crossref}}. =A Christmas Carol =A Christmas Carol.jpg }}

The Chosen

{{Sectionbox Books =The Chosen =wikipediaChaim Potok =* This 1967 book, is seen as Ben is rummaging through Sawyer's tent at the beach camp. {{crossref}} '''See also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =The Chosen (Potok novel) =The Chosen.jpg }}

The Chronicles of Narnia

{{Sectionbox Books =The Chronicles of Narnia =The Chronicles of Narnia =wikipediaC. S. Lewis.S. Lewis = *Charlotte Staples Lewis is a reference to Clive Staples Lewis. * The DHARMA Initiative station, the Lamp Post, is a reference to ''The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'' where a lamp post marks the passage between Narnia and the real world. *Narnia is a hidden world where time passes faster than on Earth and where magic is common. The guardian of Narnia is Aslan, a lion who appears after death. Only certain people chosen can enter Narnia. The Island, Jacob, visions of dead people and the Losties are references to the books. =The Chronicles of Narnia =Narnia_books.jpg }}

The Coalwood Way

{{Sectionbox Books = =The Coalwood Way =WikipediaHomer Hickam = * The book is shown on the bookshelf in the DHARMA classroom when the Hostiles attack. {{crossref}} =coalwood.jpg }}

Dark Horse

{{Sectionbox Books = =Dark Horse =wikipediaTami Hoag = *This book is found in Jack's book shelf in his office while he is speaking with his Christian Shephard.{{crossref}}
'''See also
Books on Jack's shelf''' =Tami Hoag =Dark_Horse.gif }}

The Dark Tower I The Gunslinger

{{Sectionbox Books =The Dark Tower I The Gunslinger =Stephen King = * The first book of The Dark Tower series, ''The Gunslinger'', has been said to be found on Ben's bedside desk while he is recovering from spinal surgery in his house {{crossref}} =The Dark Tower The Gunslinger =The Gunslinger.jpg}}

The Dark Tower II The Drawing of the Three

{{Sectionbox Books =The Dark Tower II The Drawing of the Three =Stephen King = * Charlie has strong similarities to character Eddie Dean. Both are addicted to heroin when introduced and are nearly caught while attempting to smuggle the drug on board an airplane. {{crossref}} * Charlie and Eddie both have complicated and detrimental relationships with their respective older brothers. These relationships are direct influences to the development of their addictions. {{crossref}} * Both characters are forced to endure withdrawals in very similar beach settings and emerge as improved individuals who ultimately perish and reemerge in somewhat altered form. {{crossref}} =The Dark Tower II The Drawing of the Three =200px-The Drawing of the Three.jpg}}

The Dark Tower III The Waste Lands

{{Sectionbox Books =The Dark Tower III The Waste Lands =Stephen King = * The key used in this book is very similar to Constant - an anchor existing in both realities that can cure madness caused by time travel {{crossref}} =The Dark Tower III The Waste Lands =The waste lands.jpg }}

The Dark Tower VI Song of Susannah

{{Sectionbox Books =The Dark Tower VI Song of Susannah =Stephen King = * In this book, some of the characters are randomly sent to 1977 to meet Stephen King, the writer that created their quest in the first place and started them on their journey. This is similar to how the survivors find themselves in 1977 to witness and play a role in The Incident (event). {{crossref}} * Also in this book, the characters in 1977 consider investing in Microsoft in order to amass a large fortune, just like James "Sawyer" Ford. {{crossref}} =The Dark Tower VI Song of Susannah =Song of Susannah.jpg }}

Dirty Work

{{Sectionbox Books =Dirty Work =Dirty Work =wikipediaStuart Woods = * This book is shown on the bookshelf in the Swan hatch. {{crossref}} * A copy of this book is also displayed on the bookshelf in Jack's office. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Jack's shelf'''
'''Literary works''' =DirtyWork.gif }}

The Epic of Gilgamesh

{{Sectionbox Books =The Epic of Gilgamesh =Epic of Gilgamesh, The =wikipediaGilgamesh = * The Crossword Puzzle that Locke is solving contains a clue referencing "''The Epic of Gilgamesh''". {{crossref}} =The Epic of Gilgamesh =GilgameshTablet.jpg }}

Everything That Rises Must Converge

{{Sectionbox Books =Everything That Rises Must Converge =Everything That Rises Must Converge =wikipediaFlannery O'Connor'Connor = * The book Jacob was reading moments before John Locke falls out an 8-story window. {{Crossref}} =Everything That Rises Must Converge =ETRMC book cover.jpg }}

Evil Under the Sun

{{Sectionbox Books =Evil Under the Sun =Evil Under the Sun =wikipediaAgatha Christie = * This is one of the novels that Sawyer reads on the Island. He is seen reading it when he is approached by Nikki in {{ep.}} * Also a member of the mercenary team, Redfern shares a name with a central character from the novel Patrick Redfern. '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Evil Under the Sun =Evil Under the sun.jpg }}

Fahrenheit 451

{{Sectionbox Books =Fahrenheit 451 =wikipediaRay Bradbury = * Seen on a bookshelf in Benjamin Linus' house. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =Fahrenheit 451 =Farneheit 451.jpg }}

Fear and Trembling

{{Sectionbox Books =Fear and Trembling =Fear and Trembling =wikipediaSøren Kierkegaard = * Hurley discovers this book with Montand inside the Temple Wall. {{crossref}} =Fear and Trembling =FearAndTrembling.jpg }}

Flowers For Algernon

{{Sectionbox Books =Flowers For Algernon =wikipediaDaniel Keyes = * Ones of the books in Ben's bookcase in front of the secret room. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =Flowers for Algernon =FlowersForAlgernon.jpg }}

The Fountainhead

{{Sectionbox Books =Fountainhead, The =wikipediaAyn Rand =* Sawyer is seen reading this 1943 novel while noticeably missing Kate. The title is a reference to Rand's statement that ''"man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress"''. A character in the book is a con-man who is in love with a woman called "Katie." {{crossref}} ** As mentioned by Damon Lindelof in the Season 3 DVD, Special Feature ''"LOST Book Club"'', Sawyer is very similar to the novel's main character, Howard Roark. Both are rebels against the general culture of their society and prefer to be by themselves. '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =The Fountainhead =TheFountainhead.jpg }}

Grimm's Fairy Tales

{{Sectionbox Books =Grimm's Fairy Tales =wikipediaJacob and Wilhelm Grimm=* (LostpediaCanon) - Sawyer is seen reading this book while talking to Elliott on the beach.{{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Grimm's Fairy Tales =Grimm's Fiary Tales.jpg }}

Harry Potter

{{Sectionbox Books =Harry Potter =wikipediaJ.K. Rowling.K. Rowling = *Hurley comments on how Sawyer looks wearing his new glasses ''"Dude, looks like someone steamrolled Harry Potter."'' {{crossref}} *wikipediaHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanJack's shelf. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Jack's shelf''' =Harry Potter =HarryPotter.jpg }}

Haroun and the Sea of Stories

{{Sectionbox Books =Haroun and the Sea of Stories =wikipediaSalmon Rushdie =*This book is being read by Desmond on Flight 815 in the flash-sideways timeline. {{crossref}} * Doc Jensen's http//,,20357575,00.html article on Haroun and the Sea of Stories =haroun.jpg }}

Heart of Darkness

{{Sectionbox Books =Heart of Darkness =wikipediaJoseph Conrad = *Jack asks Kate ''"Tell me something, how come every time there's a hike into the 'heart of darkness' you sign up?"'' when Kate volunteers to go on the boar hunt with Locke. {{crossref}} *Charlie tells Hurley, ''"One minute you're happy-go-lucky, good-time Hurley, and the next you're Colonel bloody Kurtz!"'' {{crossref}} *Sawyer also, refers to John as ''"Colonel Kurtz"'' {{crossref}} **Colonel Kurtz is a character in the 1979 film ''Apocalypse Now'', which is loosely based on ''Heart of Darkness''. *In the non-canonical Lost Via Domus, a copy of ''Heart of Darkness'' can be found in a set of caves inhabited by polar bears. {{crossref}} =Heart of Darkness =HeartofDarkness.jpg}}

High Hand

{{Sectionbox Books =High Hand =http// Gary Phillips. = * Seen on a bookshelf in The Swan station. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =N73637.jpg }}

Holy Qur'an, The

{{Sectionbox Books =Holy Qur'an, The = = * A copy of the Holy Qur'an is on the bookshelf in front of Ben's hidden room {{crossref}}. '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf
Religion and ideologies''' =Qur'an =Quran.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =Hotel =wikipediaArthur Hailey = * A copy of ''Hotel'' is found on Ben's bookshelf. {{crossref}}. * This story depicts a group of people who's lives are intertwined with a hotel. Each of these characters has a shady past and each person is currently dealing with these pasts and trying to redeem themselves in the present. '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =Hotel_%28novel%29 =HotelBook.jpg }}

I Ching

{{Sectionbox Books =I Ching =written during the wikipediaHan Dynasty = * Ideograms from the ''I Ching'' appear in the DHARMA logos. =I Ching =IChing.jpg }}

The Invention of Morel

{{Sectionbox Books =The Invention of Morel =wikipediaAdolfo Bioy Casares= * Sawyer is seen reading this book at the barracks. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =The Invention of Morel =The Invention of Morel.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books = Ishmael =wikipediaDaniel Quinn =* Mikhail Bakunin said, he ''"saw an add in the paper to see if he wanted to save the world"''. {{crossref}} * The Ishmael story begins with a newspaper ad ''"Teacher seeks pupil, must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person."'' = Ishmael (novel) = DanielQuinn Ishmael.jpg}}


{{Sectionbox Books =Island =wikipediaAldous Huxley = * The Pala Ferry alludes to Pala, the fictional island of this novel's title. {{crossref}} * In the beginning of the book, the main character is ''"lying there like a corpse in the dead leaves, his hair mattered, his face grotesquely smudged and bruised, his clothes in rags and muddy, Will Farnaby awoke with a start."'', appearing to be the inspiration for the very beginning of LOST {{crossref}}. =Island (novel) =IslandHuxley.jpg }}

Julius Caesar

{{Sectionbox Books =Julius Caesar =WikipediaWilliam Shakespeare = * Sawyer says to Locke, ''"You too, Brutus?"'' {{crossref}} ** This is a reference to the famous quote, "''Et tu, Brute?''", which are Caesar's last words in Shakespeare's ''Julius Caesar''. * The character Caesar '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Julius Caesar (play) =JCaesar.jpg }}

Jurassic Park

{{Sectionbox Books =Jurassic Park =wikipediaMichael Crichton = * The Monster's similarities with a dinosaur in relation to ''Jurassic Park'' is directly referenced by Nikki when she debunks Paulo's theory on the Monster by telling him ''"it's not Jurassic Park, Paulo."'' {{crossref}} =Jurassic Park =Jurassic Park.jpg }}

Kings of Love

{{Sectionbox Books =Kings of Love =Kings of Love The Poetry and History of the Ni'Matullahi Sufi Order =wikipediaNasrollah Pourjavady and P.L. Wilson.L. Wilson (translators) = * Seen on a bookshelf in Benjamin Linus' house. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =Bookshelf.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =Lancelot =Lancelot =wikipediaWalker Percy = * Sawyer was reading this on the beach when Kate asked him for a gun. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Lancelot (novel) =Lancelot.jpg}}


{{Sectionbox Books =Langoliers =Stephen King = * Damon Lindelof has referenced this book as a source of influence in LOST. * The Langoliers depicts a group of strangers who are on a flight that travels into a time rip, into a new dimension. =The Langoliers =The Langoliers.jpg}}

Laughter in the Dark

{{Sectionbox Books =Laughter in the Dark =Laughter in the Dark =wikipediaVladimir Nabokov = * Hurley was seen reading this book. {{crossref}} =Laughter in the Dark =Laughter.jpg }}

Left Behind

{{Sectionbox Books = =Left Behind =wikipediaTim LaHaye and wikipediaJerry Jenkins = * The title of the Season Three Episode Left Behind. {{crossref}} * The opening scene of the novel begins with people disappearing from a plane, similar to the events of Ajira Flight 316 {{crossref}} =Left Behind =Leftbehindbook.jpg }}

The Little Prince

{{Sectionbox Books =The Little Prince (book) =The Little Prince =wikipediaAntoine de Saint-Exupery= * The title of the Season Five episode The Little Prince {{crossref}} =The Little Prince =Littleprince.jpg }}

Lord of the Flies

{{Sectionbox Books =Lord of the Flies =Lord of the Flies =WikipediaWilliam Golding = * This novel is mentioned by Sawyer. ''"Folks down on the beach might have been doctors and accountants a month ago, but it's 'Lord of the Flies' time, now."'' {{crossref}} * Charlie mentions how the Tailies went ''"all 'Lord of the Flies'."'' {{crossref}} * Hurley encounters a fly-infested boar hanging from a tree whilst trekking through the jungle {{crossref}} * Wild Boar were present both in the book, and on the Island * The younger boys complained of a mysterious monster that traveled through the forest with ease. '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Lord of the Flies =LordOfTheFliesBookCover.jpg }}

Memoirs of a Geisha

{{Sectionbox Books =Memoirs of a Geisha =Memoirs of a Geisha =http// Arthur Golden =* Sun and Jin are in the airport having lunch when Sun spills coffee on Jin's lap. Sun tries to clean it up but Jin asks her not to and leaves to clean up in the bathroom. After he leaves, a couple is overheard commenting on Sun's actions comparing her to the main character of this book while assuming that she does not understand any English. {{crossref}} * "Ji Yeon's" pronunciation similar to "Gion", the geisha district in the book. {{crossref}} =Memoirs of a Geisha =Memoirs Of A Geisha.jpg }}

Moby Dick

{{Sectionbox Books =Moby Dick =http// Herman Melville =* On the raft, Michael suspects that Sawyer is on the raft because he has no reason to live, a form of honorable suicide. In Melville's ''Moby Dick'' Ishmael comments on how whaling is his substitute for the "pistol and ball," his suicide. * Sawyer chases a boar like Captain Ahab chases Moby Dick, both blaming the animals for the disgraces of their lives. {{crossref}} =Moby Dick =MobyDick.jpg }}

The Moon Pool

{{Sectionbox Books =Moon Pool, The =http// A. Merritt = * The Moon Pool of the Looking Glass DHARMA Initiative Station is a possible reference to this classic, pulp-scifi/fantasy novel concerning the strange adventures of the botanist Dr. Walter Goodwin on mysterious, otherworldly islands in the South Pacific (this character shares his name with the Other known as Goodwin, who was sent by Ben to join the tail section of survivors). {{crossref}} * The characters of ''The Moon Pool'' cross through a portal to an underground city called Muria, a name which was obviously derived by the author from that of the fabled lost continent of Mu / Lemuria. * Features of this book include strange disappearances, an uncharted island in the Pacific, the remnants of a lost civilization, and a mysterious monster. =The_Moon_Pool =themoonpoolcover.jpg }}

Mysteries of the Ancient Americas The New World before Columbus

{{Sectionbox Books =Mysteries of the Ancient Americas The New World before Columbus =http// Robert Dolezal = * This Reader's Digest book is seen resting on the coffee table between young Juliet and Rachel and their parents during a http//,_Parts_1_%26_2. {{crossref}} =Moaa.jpg }}

The Mysterious Island

{{Sectionbox Books =The Mysterious Island =Mysterious Island, The =http// Jules Verne = *Shannon called the Island "Mystery frickin' island". {{crossref}} * In the novel, several people and a dog crash-land a balloon onto an island in the South Pacific (as Henry Gale (original)), where odd things happen. {{crossref}} * There is an orangutan called "Jupe" (short for "Jupiter") on the Island. The Hanso Foundation's Joop is very likely a reference to this. {{crossref}} =The Mysterious Island =Themysteriousisland.jpg }}

Notes from Underground

{{Sectionbox Books = =Notes from Underground =http// Fyodor Dostoevsky = * Hurley finds a Cyrillic edition (Russian Записки из подполья, Zapiski iz podpol'ya) in Ilana's stash after her death. {{crossref}} =Notes from Underground =Notes From Underground.jpg }}

Oath, The

{{Sectionbox Books = =Oath, The =http// John Lescroart = * Seen in Ben's tent in The Brig, when talking to Locke about how he's isn't ready to see all of the mysteries of the island until he kills his father. =Oath2.jpg }}

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

{{Sectionbox Books =Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge =Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An =http// Ambrose Bierce = * Locke is shown holding this book upside down, in the Swan, flipping through the pages as if he's trying to find loose papers between them. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge =An_occurrence.jpg }}

The Odyssey

{{Sectionbox Books =The Odyssey =Odyssey, The =http// Homer = * Epic Greek tale by Homer, sequel to ''The Iliad'', with parallels to themes in ''Lost'', particularly the story of Desmond and Penelope. {{crossref}} *In the non-canonical Lost Via Domus, a copy of ''The Odyssey'' can be found in the plane's cockpit. {{crossref}} =Odyssey =Odyssey.jpg }}

Of Mice and Men

{{Sectionbox Books =Of Mice and Men =Of Mice and Men =http// John Steinbeck = * Sawyer is seen reading the book in jail. {{crossref}} * Later on, Sawyer mentions the book, and Ben quotes a line about isolation as he reveals to him that they are on Hydra Island. {{crossref}} * Later, Sawyer tells The Man in Black that "Of Mice and Men" is his favorite book. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Of Mice and Men =OMAM.jpg }}

On the Road

{{Sectionbox Books =On the Road =http// Jack Kerouac = * When Ben checks into the hotel in The Shape of Things to Come, he uses Dean Moriarty as a pseudonym. Moriarty is a principal character in Kerouac's famous work. =On the Road (novel) =On the Road.jpg }}

On Writing

{{Sectionbox Books =On Writing =Stephen King = *The bunny theme in lost is an obvious reference to ''On Writing''. In the nonfiction book, a writing exercise asks the reader to analyze an albino rabbit in a cage with the number 8 written on its back. A bunny with a number 8 on its back is seen in many episodes of Lost, along with other bunnies with either different or no numbers. =On writing =OnWriting.jpg }}

Our Mutual Friend

{{Sectionbox Books =Our Mutual Friend =Our Mutual Friend =Charles Dickens = * Desmond had planned for this to be last book he reads before he dies. He took it with him to Southway Garrison but never opened it; later in the Swan discovered Penelope's letter inside. {{crossref}} * The boat where Desmond and Penny live is named "Our Mutual Friend". {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =Our Mutual Friend =BOOK.JPG }}

O Pioneers!

{{Sectionbox Books =O Pioneers! =http// Willa Cather =* The two main characters in this novel are Alexandra, a strong, independent, and resourceful girl, and her eventual husband Karl, spelled "Carl" in the book. =O Pioneers! =Pioneers.jpg }}

The Outsiders

{{Sectionbox Books =Outsiders, The =http// Susan E. Hinton = * In the flashback scene in the van, Hurley's friend Johnny says to him, "Stay gold, Ponyboy." This is a quote from ''the Outsiders'', which is itself a reference to the Robert Frost poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay". In the novel, Johnny Cade's last words are "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold." {{crossref}} =The Outsiders (novel) =Theoutsiders.jpg }}

Pearl, The

{{Sectionbox Books =Pearl, The =http// John Steinbeck = * One of the DHARMA Initiative stations is named The Pearl {{crossref}} * The Pearl shows the "curse" of having too much wealth out of your status, like Hurley with the lottery. =The Pearl (novel) =Thepearlbook.jpg }}

Rainbow Six

{{Sectionbox Books =Rainbow Six =Rainbow Six =http// Tom Clancy = * This book is shown on the bookshelf in the Swan hatch. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =Rainbow Six (novel) =RainbowSix.jpg }}

Rick Romer's Vision Of Astrology

{{Sectionbox Books =Rick Romer's Vision Of Astrology =Rick Romer's Vision Of Astrology =Rick Romer = *One of the books that Claire reads on the Island. {{crossref}}. However, the book does not really exist. =RRVOA.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =Roots =http// Alex Haley = * Seen on a bookshelf in Benjamin Linus' house. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =Roots The Saga of an American Family =Haley roots.jpg }}

A Separate Reality

{{Sectionbox Books =A Separate Reality =A Separate Reality =http// Carlos Castaneda = * A young Ben brought this book to Sayid. {{crossref}} =A Separate Reality =A_separate_reality.jpg }}

The Shape of Things to Come

{{Sectionbox Books =The Shape of Things to Come (novel) =Shape of Things to Come, The =http// H.G. Wells = *Title of episode 4x09, {{crossref}}. =The Shape of Things to Come =Shapethingscomenovel.jpg }}

The Sheltering Sky

{{Sectionbox Books = =The Sheltering Sky =http// Paul Bowles = * This book was seen on Ben's bookshelf when Locke chose ''VALIS'' at the beginning of {{ep.}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =The Sheltering Sky =TheShelteringSky.png }}

The Shining

{{Sectionbox Books = =The Shining =Stephen King = * Minkowski mentions to Michael who was bouncing a tennis ball against a wall, about the scene in the film where the main charcter Jack bounced the balls against a wall before attempting to murder his family. The film was based on Stephen King's novel of the same title. =The Shining (novel) =200px-Shiningnovel.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =Slaughterhouse-Five =Slaughterhouse-Five =http// Kurt Vonnegut = * Desmond Hume's experiences of becoming "unstuck in time" are similar to those experienced throughout the book by the protagonist Billy Pilgrim. * Both Desmond and Billy Pilgrim experience these in a military setting, and become shunned by their squadmates. One of Desmond's squadmates is called Billy in reference to the novel's protagonist. * During a gameshow heard in the background in Meet Kevin Johnson, the novel and its author are named in one of the questions. =Slaughterhouse-Five =Slaughterhouse.jpg }}

Stand, The

{{Sectionbox Books =The Stand =The Stand =Stephen King = * Producers say this is an influential book in Lost. =The Stand =The Stand Cover gve.jpg }}

Stone Leopard, The

{{Sectionbox Books =The Stone Leopard =http// Colin Forbes = * The book is shown on the bookshelf in the DHARMA classroom when the Hostiles attack.{{crossref}} =Leopard.jpg }}

Stranger in a Strange Land

{{Sectionbox Books =Stranger in a Strange Land =http// Robert Heinlein = * This is the title of the ninth episode of Season Three, {{ep}}. * The title of the book is taken in turn from the Bible passage Exodus 222 "And she Zippo'rah bare him a son, and he called his name Gershom for he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land." * The science fiction novel tells the story of a human, Valentine Michael Smith, who is raised by Martians on Mars until his young adulthood, at which time he returns back to Earth. The plot revolves around Valentine's interaction with Earth culture. =Stranger in a Strange Land =SIASL.jpg }}

The Survivors of the Chancellor

{{Sectionbox Books =The Survivors of the Chancellor =The Survivors of the Chancellor =http// Jules Verne = * The book that Regina read, (upside down) before committing suicide. *Much like the freighter, crewman on the Chancellor die and commit suicide; there is also a threat of the boat exploding. =The Survivors of the Chancellor =Title page of Le Chancellor.jpg }}

A Tale of Two Cities

{{Sectionbox Books =A Tale of Two Cities (book) =Tale of Two Cities, A =Charles Dickens = * This is the title of the first episode of Season Three, {{ep}}. * Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed in the official podcast that the "two cities" refer to the two separate societies of the PortalMain Characters and the Others. =A Tale of Two Cities =Tale.jpg }}

The Third Policeman

{{Sectionbox Books =The Third Policeman =Third Policeman, The =http// Flann O'Brien = * This book is seen when Desmond is gathering his things as he prepares to run from the Swan after Jack damages the Station 3 Computer. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =The Third Policeman =Thethirdpoliceman.jpg }}

Through the Looking-Glass

{{Sectionbox Books =Alice's Adventures in Wonderland =Through the Looking-Glass =http// Lewis Carroll = * http// Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's, better known as Lewis Carroll, literary works ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' and its sequel ''Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There'', have been incorporated into the story of Lost in many episodes, such as {{ep}}, and {{ep}}. =Through the Looking-Glass =Through the looking glass.jpg }}

To Kill a Mockingbird

{{Sectionbox Books =To Kill a Mockingbird =To Kill a Mockingbird =http// Harper Lee = *Before Juliet plays the Juliet's tape for Jack, the movie she claims she is putting in is the classic 1962 film ''WikipediaTo Kill a Mockingbird (film)'', starring Gregory Peck, which is based on the 1960 novel of the same name. {{crossref}} =To Kill a Mockingbird =Mockingbirdfirst.jpg }}

The Turn of the Screw

{{Sectionbox Books =The Turn of the Screw =Turn of the Screw, The =http// Henry James = * In the Swan, Desmond tells Jack and Locke that the DHARMA Initiative Swan Orientation Film is on the shelf behind this book. {{crossref}} * Manny Weissman compares ''The Turn of the Screw'' to other detective novels. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works''' =The Turn of the Screw =Theturnofthescrew.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books = =Ulysses =http// James Joyce =* Ben was seen reading this, while talking to Jack aboard Ajira Airways Ajira Airways Flight 316. Ben sarcastically answered Jack's question of his ability to read by noting that it beats what Jack is doing, i.e. waiting for something to happen.{{crossref}} * The 18th (and last) episode of the book is named Penelope Widmore, who's Desmond's wife in the show. * "... or Julius Caesar not been knifed to death? They are not to be thought away. Time has branded {and} lodged (them) in the room of the infinite possibilities they have ousted. But can those have been possible seeing that they never were? Or was that only possible which came to pass? Weave, weaver of the wind" p. 25 {This passage speaks of the idea of what might have been (how minor events could have drastically altered history). Also, is Jacob this 'weaver' Joyce speaks of, as we see him weaving in the base of the statue.} "The Incident, Parts 1 and 2" =Ulysses =ulysses.jpg }}

Uncle Tom's Cabin

{{Sectionbox Books =Uncle Tom's Cabin =http// Harriet Beecher Stowe = * Seen on a bookshelf in Benjamin Linus' house. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf''' =Uncle Tom's Cabin =UncleTomsCabin.jpg }}

Valhalla Rising

{{Sectionbox Books =Valhalla Rising =Valhalla Rising =http// Clive Cussler = * A copy of this 2001 book by Clive Cussler is seen on Benjamin Linus’s bookshelf, on the second tier in the episode Through the Looking Glass. * A copy of this book is also seen on Jack's bookshelf in his office. {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Jack's shelf'''
'''Books on Ben's shelf''' =Valhalla Rising =180px-Valhalla_Rising.jpg }}


{{Sectionbox Books =VALIS =VALIS =http// Philip K. Dick = * Locke gives Ben this book to read while he is held captive in the Barracks. Ben claims that he has already read it, and Locke replies that he might have missed something the first time. {{crossref}} * Benjamin is actually seen reading it in Barracks {{crossref}} '''See also
Books on Ben's shelf'''
'''Literary works''' =VALIS =Valiscover.jpg }}

Watership Down

{{Sectionbox Books =Watership Down =Watership Down =http// Richard Adams = * Kate finds Sawyer sitting on the beach reading this book. Boone said that he was reading it while on vacation in Australia. According to Sawyer, the book had just washed ashore. {{crossref}} * Sawyer is again seen with the book while sitting on the beach. {{crossref}} '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =Watership Down =Watershipdown.jpg }}

What Katy Did

{{Sectionbox Books =What Katy Did =http// Susan Coolidge =* A Victorian tale of a headstrong girl who has to raise her brothers and sisters and dreams of doing great things, including "leading a crusade on a white horse" (sequels are What Katy Did at School and What Katy Did Next). Referenced in the title of Season 2, episode 9, "What Kate Did," in which the reason for Kate's arrest is finally revealed and she sees a black horse on the island. Also referenced in in the title of Season 6, episode 3, "What Kate Does." =What Katy Did =What Katy Did.gif }}

The Wizard of Oz

{{Sectionbox Books =The Wizard of Oz =Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The =http// L. Frank Baum = * Dorothy Gale's Uncle Henry is assumed by many to be named Henry Gale, although his and Aunt Em's surname was never established in Baum's books. The Lost character Henry Gale came to the Island in a balloon (and Ben claimed he had done so when he was calling himself "Henry Gale"); the Wizard arrived in Oz in a balloon. * In {{ep}}, Mrs. Hawking and Desmond observe someone in red shoes being crushed by falling debris, just as the Wicked Witch of the East met her demise when Dorothy arrived in Oz in the 1939 movie adaptation of Baum's book. In the book, the house fell on the witch, but the shoes she was wearing were made of silver. * The episode title "The Man Behind the Curtain" is a reference to a scene in the 1939 movie adaptation of ''The Wizard of Oz'', in which the Wizard, manipulating the illusion of "the great and powerful Oz" from behind a red curtain, exclaims "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" This episode features flashbacks of Ben, whom Locke accuses of being "the man behind the curtain" before their trek to Jacob's cabin in the jungle. {{crossref}} * In one episode, Sawyer calls Charlie "WikipediaMunchkin". {{crossref}} * In the 1939 movie adaptation, one of the farmhands on the Gale farm is named Zeke. Sawyer calls Tom "Zeke" in one episode. * The title of the Season 4 finale, "There's No Place Like Home", is an iconic quote from the 1939 film ''The Wizard of Oz''. {{crossref}} =The Wonderful Wizard of Oz =Wizardofoz.jpg }}

A Wrinkle in Time

{{Sectionbox Books =A Wrinkle in Time =Wrinkle in Time, A =wikipediaMadeleine L'Engle'Engle = * This is one of the novels that Sawyer reads on the Island. He read the 1976 commemorative edition by Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers (cover art by Cliff Nielsen). {{crossref}} * Later, in Sawyer's flash sideways, this book is seen on his dresser in a pile with two other books. {{crossref}} * Number 108 on the lighthouse wheel is Wallace, the one that Jacob hints as coming to the island. '''See Also
Literary works's Books's Books''' =A Wrinkle in Time =Wrinkle1.jpg }} ==Referenced authors== ===42=== * The writers of the show decided to include this number in the series as an homage to ''WikipediaThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's Guide to the Galaxy'' by WikipediaDouglas Adams. {{ref}} ** The book was also mentioned by Speaker in The Lost Experience. ===wikipediaErnest Hemingway, Ernest vs. wikipediaFyodor Dostoevsky, Fyodor=== * Locke and Ben both mention him in comparison to Dostoevsky (who wrote The Brothers Karamazov, see above). * There are no real life references to Hemingway being jealous of Dostoevsky's work or feeling in his shadow. This may have been made up for the show for dramatic effect. ===Stephen King, Stephen=== * Ben sarcastically tells Locke that he prefers King when given a copy of The Brothers Karamazov to read while in confinement. * Damon Lindelof has said that his novels (especially the Stand) have been a major influence on ''Lost''. Numerous other ties exist, such as a mutual admiration between the writers. * The Others' book club is reading and discussing ''Carrie'', which he wrote (see above). {{crossref}} *Damon Lindelof has also cited WikipediaThe Langoliers as a source of influence on the show. The Langoliers depicts a group of strangers who are on a flight that travel into a time rip, into a new dimension. ** Much more detailed references between LOST and Stephen King can be found on the Stephen King page. ===WikipediaLi Bai=== * An early http// Tang Dynasty (618-907) poem by Chinese poet Li Bai, "Mt.Tianmu Ascended in Dreams" is seen as calligraphy in flashbacks of Jin and Sun's home. * See http// link for a complete English translation. * The content itself is surreal, being about a man who journeys far in a dream as though in a vivid parallel dimension, only to be abruptly awoken to the mundaneness and bitterness of reality. This is a paradox uncovering that dreams can be better at revealing the truth than reality. ===Alfred de Musset, Alfred de=== * Locke attempts to Locke's Map his brief sighting of the blast door map on a page from a 1939 book of poems by Alfred de Musset, called ''Sur les Débuts de Mlles Rachel et Pauline'' (''On the Beginnings of Miss Rachel and Miss Pauline''). ===WikipediaSigmund Freud, Sigmund=== *In Chapter I of his book, ''http// Civilization and Its Discontents'', Sigmund Freud discusses a letter he recieved from his friend, the French novelist and mystic Romain Rolland. In this letter, Rolland describes what he calls the "Oceanic" feeling - that is, a feeling of eternity, a deep and innate connection with all things, a "oneness" with the world. Rolland, a "Man of Science, Man of Faith," sees this "Oceanic" feeling as being the primal source of all religion, but itself independent of any particular religion. Freud, an atheist and avowed "Man of Science, Man of Faith" disagrees. While he admits that many people may experience this "Oceanic" feeling, he locates its source not in some mystical feeling of connection, but in an infantile helplessness experienced when confronted with a hostile world and the subsequent longing for the protection and guidance of the father. For Freud, this "Oceanic" feeling is "sustained by fear of the superior power of Fate." ===Blast door map notations=== *WikipediaJuvenal *WikipediaMarcus Annaeus Lucanus *WikipediaPlautus *WikipediaVirgil == Similar Stories Not Specifically Mentioned in Lost ==

The Keep

{{Sectionbox Books =The Keep =F. Paul Wilson =* The Keep describes an '''ancient evil entity''' called Molasar. Molasar is trapped in a castle keep in the Transylvanian alps- but it is oddly built "backwards", as if '''to keep something in''', not to keep invaders out. *Molasar turns out to be a powerful ancient sorcerer from the "First Age" of humans and has been '''trapped there for centuries'''. *Molasar is awakened, or loosened, by Nazi soldiers looting some magical silver cross-like seals that are embedded in the stone walls, which keep him trapped inside. But he '''can't completely escape yet without some help''', and can only run around the keep as a '''black smoky mist''' (!) killing Nazi soldiers. The SS comes in to investigate, finds some ancient language written in blood on a wall, and calls in a linguistics professor "Cuza" to help figure it out. Molasar manipulates Professor Cuza- '''by restoring his crippled legs''' - into being his '''agent to facilitate his escape'''. *Molasar has an '''adversary from ancient times''', Glaeken, whose job is to keep Molasar in this eternal(?) prison. *There is a reward of mortality involved, which may or may not end up being in Lost. *Incidentally, "The Keep" is the first novel in a series, and in book 4, "Reborn", Molasar '''returns with the use of a loophole, reincarnating himself by entering the body''' of a clone fetus in a US super-soldier '''fetal experimental program'''. *Then in book 6, "Nightworld", the results of him escaping are the release of all sort of flesh-eating demon-like monsters on the Earth, and ever-lengthening nighttime. All hell breaks loose, HP Lovecraft-style. Glaeken has to '''recruit a candidate/hero/champion''' for battle against Molasar. =The Keep (novel) =keep.jpg }} == Character Books == === Books on Ben's shelf === {{I=Bookshelf.jpg=right=200=Familiar Books on Ben's shelf's bookshelf.}} The following books have been identified on '''Ben's''' bookshelf. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} ImageQuran.jpg ImageBookshelf.jpg ImageValiscover.jpg ImageTheShelteringSky.png ImageCaravan of dreams.jpg
ImageFarneheit 451.jpg ImageBriefHistoryTime.jpgImageHaley roots.jpg ImageUncleTomsCabin.jpg's Cabin ImageFlowersForAlgernon.jpg *'''''WikipediaThe Holy Qur'ān'ān''''' Text, Translation & Commentary *by WikipediaAbdullah Yusuf Ali*ISBN of 1987 ed 0940368323 *This fully indexed edition contains the full Arabic text of the Qur'ān, with an English translation and commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali (1872-1953). Ali's English translation of the Qur'ān is one of the two most widely read ones. *'''''http//'s Religion Beliefs and Practices of the Indians North of Mexico''''' *by WikipediaRuth Murray Underhill*published by University of Chicago, 1965 *ISBN 0226841669 *'''''Kings of Love''''' The Poetry and History of the Ni'Matullahi Sufi Order *by WikipediaNasrollah Pourjavady and Peter Lamborn& Peter Lamborn Wilson (translators) *published by Great Eastern Book Co, 1985 *ISBN 0877737339 *'''''VALIS''''' *by WikipediaPhilip K. Dick. Dick *published by Vintage, July 2, 1991 (240 pages) *ISBN 978-0679734468 *'''''WikipediaThe Sheltering Sky''''' *by WikipediaPaul Bowles *published by Vintage, March 17, 1991 (335 pages) *ISBN 0679729798 *'''''Literary works''''' *by WikipediaIdries Shah *published by Octagon Press, June, 1988 (207 pages) *ISBN 0900860146 *'''''WikipediaFahrenheit 451''''' *by WikipediaRay Bradbury *published by HarperVoyager, August 2, 2004 (192 pages) *ISBN 0007181701 *(originally published 1953) *'''''WikipediaA Brief History of Time*By WikipediaStephen Hawking *'''''WikipediaRoots''''' *by WikipediaAlex Haley *'''''WikipediaUncle Tom's Cabin's Cabin''''' *by WikipediaHarriet Beecher Stowe*'''''WikipediaFlowers For Algernon''''' *by WikipediaDaniel Keyes === Books on Jack's shelf === {{I=Lost S3x01 12.jpg=200=right=Books on Jack's shelf's Book Shelves.}} These are the books seen on Jack Shephard|'''Jack's''' book shelves. {{crossref}} ImageDark Horse.gif Image180px-Valhalla Rising.jpg ImageHarryPotter.jpg ImageBible.jpg ImageDirtyWork.gif *West’s Business Law *Compton's Encyclopedia Vol. 23 *Glencoe Clinical Procedures for Medical Assisting *Harrison's Platinum Edition *Information Systems Management in Practice--Barbara C. McNurlin, Ralph H. Sprague *Fire in the Mind Faith and the Search for Order--George Johnson *'''''Literary works'''''--wikipediaTami Hoag *Parker's Astrology--Julia and Derek Parker *Pale Horse Coming--Stephen Hunter *Nighttime is My Time--Mary Higgins Clark *The Greatest Generation--Tom Brokaw *Coping with Job Loss How Individuals, Organizations, and Communities Respond to Layoffs (Issues in Organization and Management Series)--Carrie R. Leana and Daniel C. Feldman *Skinny Dip--Carl Hiaasen *Redemption--Leon Uris *Two Dollar Bill--Stuart Woods *Domes of Fire--David Eddings *The Power of Beauty--Nancy Friday *'''''Valhalla Rising'''''--wikipediaClive Cussler *No Place Like Home--Mary Higgins Clark *Hearts in Atlantis--Stephen King *'''''Literary works'''''--wikipediaJ.K. Rowling.K. Rowling *Fraser and Pare's Diagnosis of Diseases of the Chest (Vol.I, II, III, IV) *Eleventh Hour--Catherine Coulter *Easy Prey -- John Sandford *The Spirit of Christmas *The 12-Minute Total Body Workout--Joyce L. Vedral *McNally's Folly--Vincent Lardo *Astrological Patterns *Reader's Digest Condensed Book (titles illegible) *'''''Holy Bible''''' *'''''Dirty Work'''''--wikipediaStuart Woods''' *Chains of Command--William J. Caunitz (?) *Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders--Alfred P. Fishman *The Scottish Bride--Catherine Coulter *Scientific Genius--Dean Kenneth Simonton *A History of World Societies--John P. McKay, John Buckler, Bennett D. Hill, Patricia Buckley Ebrey *Encyclopedia Americana (Vol. ? I, II, 12, 13) *America Land of Beauty and Splendor *The Bailey Chronicles--Catherine Cookson *Last Rights Rescuing the End of Life from the Medical Establishment--Stephen Kiernan *Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia Vol. 1, 2, 14, 15, NOTE Many of the books on Jack's shelves are not LOST related. Bolded books are on Literary works list. === Sawyer's books === {{I=Lancelot Sawyer.JPG=200=right=wikipediaLancelot one of Sawyer's many books.}} Despite his "redneck" personality, Sawyer is an avid reader. His books are read, referenced or seen in several episodes ImageWatershipdown.jpg ImageLordOfTheFliesBookCover.jpg ImageWrinkle1.jpg ImageLancelot.jpg ImageAreyoutheregod.jpg? ImageJCaesar.jpg
ImageBadtwin.jpg ImageOMAM.jpg ImageTheFountainhead.jpg ImageEvil_Under_the_sun.jpg ImageThe Invention of Morel.jpgImageThe Chosen.jpg * '''''Watership Down''''' - Read on the beach. {{crossref}} * '''''Lord of the Flies''''' - Referenced to Jin. {{crossref}} * '''''A Wrinkle in Time''''' - Shown by Jack. {{crossref}} * '''Unspecified automotive magazine''' - Read to Aaron Littleton. {{crossref}} * '''''Lancelot''''' - Read on the beach. {{crossref}} * '''''Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret''''' - Read on the beach. {{crossref}} * '''''''''' - Quoted to Locke. {{crossref}} * '''''Bad Twin''''' - Read on the beach. {{crossref}} * '''''Of Mice and Men''''' - Read in prison and referenced to Ben. {{crossref}} Also referenced to MIB. {{crossref}} * '''''''''' - Read on the beach. {{crossref}} * '''''Evil Under the Sun''''' - Read on the beach. {{crossref}} * '''''''''' - Read in his room at the barracks. {{crossref}} * ''''''s Fairy Tales's Fairy Tales''''' - Read on the beach. {{crossref}} * '''''''''' - Shown in Sawyer's tent. {{crossref}} ===The Swan Bookshelf=== {{I=Valis.png=200=right=The Swan Bookshelf}} The Swan's bookshelves contained a number of titles, including ImageAfterall.gif ImageDirtyWork.gif ImageN73637.jpg ImageAn occurrence.jpgImageBOOK.JPG
ImageRainbowSix.jpg ImageThe Brother Karamazov.JPGImageThethirdpoliceman.jpg ImageTheturnofthescrew.jpg ImageValiscover.jpg * ''After All These Years'' * ''Dirty Work'' * ''Literary works'' * ''An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge'' * ''Our Mutual Friend'' (brought there by Desmond) * ''Rainbow Six'' * ''The Brothers Karamazov'' * ''The Third Policeman'' * ''The Turn of the Screw'' * ''Valis'' == See also == * Philosophers - Several characters were named after them. * Books on Jack's shelf * Books on Ben's shelf ** Publishing Company - A book was seen in Ben's tent in the episode The Brig where all that can be seen is the publishing company name of Farrar, Strauss and Giroux. It is not clear what book it is but this publishing company has published many Authors including Madeleine L'Engle (A Wrinkle in Time), William Golding (Lord of the Flies), and William Steig. William Steig wrote an award winning children's book called ''Abel's Island'' which depicts a rat who is swept way to a deserted island. * The Swan's Bookshelf * Lost Book Club -'s feature which includes books used in dialog, plotline themes, props, and background appearances on shelves. * UserJust Sayin'/LOST Book Club - LBC * UserJust Sayin'/LBC - LOST Book Club Authors
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