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'''Lisa Gellhorn''' is a character in the video game ''Lost Via Domus''. She is a journalist who had dated Elliott before the Mid-air break-up. Though she is murdered before Flight 815 takes off, at the end of the game, she is shown to be a Flight 815 survivor.

== Before the Island ==

Lisa was born in Albany, New York. She became a journalist and worked with Elliott, a photographer. They dated for six months, but broke up due to Elliott's obsession with a story. Since then they became "arm length friends".

She is employed by the Los Angeles Sun newspaper. She knows her sister was killed by Zoran Savo, who has escaped all prosecution. As a result, Lisa is dedicated to exposing him.

Lisa crossed paths with Elliott during an investigation in Australia in Lost. Their romance briefly flares up again, until Lisa learns that Elliott is using her to get the Zoran Savo story for himself. She follows him to Hotel Persephone (location); Elliott betrays her, by telling one of Bodyguard (Via Domus)'s bodyguards that Lisa is a reporter attempting to expose him. She is captured and escorted to Zoran Savo's penthouse, where she is murdered while Elliot watches and photographs from his hiding spot. Her body was discovered in Sydney Harbour on Timeline, 2004.

== On the Island ==
Lisa repeatedly Apparition to Elliott on the Island bearing a bleeding head wound. Lisa first appears in a vision on the Locations (Via Domus), next to the shore.  Elliott approaches her, and she disappears. {{crossref}}

When Elliott is venturing through the caves, he sees visions of Lisa appearing in front of him.  Eventually, they meet inside of a cavern, and Lisa disappears. {{crossref}}

When Elliott is thrown into the Swan station armory, he is knocked unconscious.  When he wakes up, the electricity goes off, and the room is pitch black.  He lights his match, and a vision of Lisa appears in front of him, bearing a bleeding head wound. {{crossref}}

When Elliott is at the lagoon, he sails the ''Via Domus (sailboat)'' away.  About a mile offshore, the radio on the boat picks up a signal, and Oceanic Flight 815 can be seen Mid-air break-up above Elliott.  Elliott blacks out, and appears on the beach.  He awakes, disoriented, and can see a figure running towards him.  It is Lisa, and she says "Oh my God we made it, we're alive!". {{crossref}}

* Lisa can speak at least three languages English, Thai, and French.

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