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'''Lillian Hurst''' played the role of Carmen Reyes. 

Lillian was born in Villa Palmera in San Juan, Puerto Rico where the majority of families are middle class. Her father was the owner of an Imperial Pharmacy in Barrio Obrero. Her cousin is Tommy Muñiz, a Puerto Rican producer. 

She received her compulsory education in the capital city. However, at a young age she made it known that she aspired to be an actress. Her parents responded by enrolling her in the modeling academy of Ana Santisteban. 

When Hurst was 17, she was spotted by a producer named Gaspar Pumarejo on the look out for fresh talent. Gaspar Pumarejo starred Lillian in his television comedy Pompilia y su Familia (Pompilia and her Family). As a result of this break, Lillian went on to star in several other television shows, including some created by her cousin Tommy Muñiz, in addition to some theater productions.

After this time Hurst moved to America, first living in New York being cast in some off-Broadway productions until 1989, where she moved to Los Angeles enrolling in Santa Monica College. At college Lillian majored in Psychology.

Hurst was able to speak both English and Spanish, allowing a career in the United States to take off. Her first role in America was in Windows created in 1991, this then led to extra acting roles. Lillian then opened an acting school for Hispanic children.

Later in her career, she was cast in multiple films and television programs, including Lost, Ugly Betty, The X-Files and ER. Prior to Lost, her most notable role was as Celia (the Montgomery family maid) in the television series Dharma & Greg. Currently Lillian still resides in Los Angeles continuing her work as an actress.

*2004 ''Criminal''
**Actor Mrs. Ochoa 
*1995 ''Sleepstalker''
**Actor Old Woman 
*1994 ''A Million to Juan''
**Actor Nosey Neighbor 
*1992 ''From the Files of Joseph Wambaugh A Jury of One''
**Actor Mrs. Madrid 
*1991 ''The Summer My Father Grew Up''
**Actor Mrs. Gonzales 
*1991 ''The Doctor'' 
**Actor Mrs. Maris
*1986 ''Amigos''
**Actor Mirta 

* Is one of only 2 actors to guest star in every season of Lost, along with Andrea Gabriel.


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