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'''Leslie Ishii''', portrayed Lara Chang in the Season 5 episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}} and {{ep}}.

Leslie Ishii appeared in many TV series such as "Medium" (as a bartender), "JAG" (as a Navy captain), "Days of Our Lives" (as a doctor), "Beverly Hills, 90210" (as Michelle Sosna), "Party of Five" (as a receptionist), "Frasier" (as a stewardess} and "Judging Amy" (as Sharon Yee). She also appeared in the Season 5 episode "Bargaining" of "Desperate Housewives" as a woman who refuses to give Gabrielle SolĂ­s (portrayed by Eva Longoria) makeup.

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*http//leslieishiiblog.blogspot.com/ Leslie Ishii's Entertainment Career Blog (Mild spoilers)

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