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Producer =0225272 }} {{Wikipedia-ref}} '''Leonard Dick''' writer the following episodes of ''Lost'' * {{ep}} (with Javier Grillo-Marxuach) * {{ep}} * {{ep}} (with Steven Maeda) * {{ep}} (with Javier Grillo-Marxuach) * {{ep}} (with Steven Maeda) * {{ep}} (with Steven Maeda) Dick is also a producer, and was credited as such for the 2005 Emmy Awards for ''Lost'' for Best Drama. Dick joined the production team from the first season episode "Special" onwards. He became a supervising producer for the second season. Dick left the production team after the second season to work as a supervising producer on ''House M.D.'' ==Appearances== * Lost The Complete Second Season (DVD) **Lost On Location (Season 2)**Mysteries, Conspiracies and Theories {{brclear}} {{crew}} {{crew-stub}} deLeonard Dick esLeonard Dick frLeonard Dick itLeonard Dick ptLeonard Dick CategoryCrew, Leonard CategoryWriters, Leonard CategoryProducers, Leonard