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'''Laverne Scott Caldwell''' portrayed Rose Nadler.

'''Laverne Scott Caldwell''' was born in Chicago, but later lived in New York City.  She has an extensive background in feature films, television and theater. Her film credits include ''Mystery Alaska'', ''Waiting to Exhale'', ''The Net'', ''The Fugitive'' and ''Dutch''. In "The Fugitive," she co-starred with Daniel Roebuck, who played fellow castaway Dr. Leslie Arzt in season one. 
In TV, she had a recurring role on ''Without A Trace'' and ''Judging Amy'' and guest-starred on ''JAG'', ''Chicago Hope'', ''City of Angels'', ''Promised Land'', ''The Practice'', ''The Division'', ''Any Day Now'', ''Murder One'', ''The Pretender'', ''Grace UnderFire'', ''Melrose Place'', ''Lois and Clark'', ''ER'', ''Nip/Tuck'', ''Ghost Whisperer'', ''Southland'', ''L.A. Law.'' and ''The Secret Life of the American Teenager.'' Her Broadway credits include ''Proposals'', ''A Month of Sundays'' and ''Home''; she won Best Actress (Featured Role - Play) at the 1988 Tony Awards for her performance in August Wilson's ''Joe Turner's Come and Gone''. She has also appeared Off Broadway in ''About Heaven & Earth, Colored People's Time, Old Phantoms, A Season to Unravel'' and ''The Imprisonment of Obatala''.

==On Lost==
Caldwell currently appears on Lost in a recurring capacity. She had extensive screentime in the series' pilot but was one of two actors who did not become regulars on the show. According to the Season 2 DVD featurettes, her husband was going through health problems during the shooting of the first season; this likely factored into her absence during this time. Her husband's story inspired her character's flashbacks in her focus episode, {{ep}}.

*She is one of six actors to gain main character status in the finale of the series, the others being Fionnula Flanagan, Sonya Walger, Sam Anderson, John Terry and Fran├žois Chau.
* Shares a birthday with Henry Ian Cusick and William Mapother.

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