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'''Kimberley Joseph''' played the role of Cindy Chandler.

* Born in wikipediaVancouver but moved with her family at the age of 3.
* Studied in wikipediaSwitzerland and also in wikipediaNew York City. She is also an accomplished ballet dancer.
* Is fluent in Spanish and French.
* Played the recurring role of ''Dr. Grace Connelly'' in wikipediaAll Saints (TV series)|''All Saints''.
* Co-hosted the Australian version of the TV show wikipediaGladiators (Australian TV series)|''Gladiators'' from 1995-1997.
* Is well known to Australia television audiences.
* Graduated from wikipediaAtlantic Theatre School, where Matthew Fox also trained.
* Appeared on the television show wikipediaTake Home Chef|''Take Home Chef'' in July 2007.
* Appears in a US commercial for ''Mexicon''.
{{I=Kimberlymexicon.png=left=200=In Mexicon commercial.}}

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