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'''Kevin Durand''' portrayed Martin Keamy in Season 4, and appears during Sayid and Jin's flash sideways during Season 6. He is Canadian, born on January 14, 1974 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. He is best known, other than for his role as Keamy in ''Lost'', for his role as Joshua in ''Dark Angel'' (2001-2002). Attending St. Ignatius High School, Durand's first acting experience was in drama class. He had his first big break when he was cast in ''Mystery Alaska'', having dropped out of the University of Windsor early to work in the local theater scene in Toronto for several years. In the mid-1990s Kevin spent some time performing stand-up comedy in Canada.

Among his other roles in film in and television, Durand has played minor characters such as cellmate Carlos in ''The Butterfly Effect'', Agent Jay Swopes in the remake of ''Touching Evil'', Lord Zipacna in ''Stargate SG-1'', Red in ''Wild Hogs'', and psychotic Jeeves Tremor in ''Smokin' Aces''. He has had recurring appearances in shows such as ''CSI'', ''CSI Miami'', ''ER'', ''Without a Trace'', and ''Dead Like Me''.
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Recently, Kevin Durand played ''The Blob'' in the X-Men movie prequel, ''WikipediaX-Men Origins Wolverine''. He is also set to play the role of Gabriel opposite Paul Bettany in ''Legion''. He was the first actor to portray the role of "Injun Joe" in ''The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'' on Broadway. In 2004, Durand played "Black Knight Ghost" in ''Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed''.

Kevin stands at an impressive 6'7" (2.01 m).
* He recently starred in ''310 To Yuma'' as Tucker.
* He has previously starred in ''Mystery, Alaska'', as "Tree" Lane
* He has previously starred in the movie ''Smokin' Aces'', alongside Matthew Fox and Nestor Carbonell. 
* He was also in the movie ''Wild Hogs'' with M.C. Gainey and ''Walking Tall'' with Michael Bowen.
* He appeared in the WikipediaX-Men Origins Wolverine''Lost'' alumnus Dominic Monaghan, sharing more screen time than on ''Lost'' because Charlie died before Keamy appeared.
* He had a recurring guest role on ''WikipediaStargate_SG-1'' as WikipediaGoa%27uld_characters_in_Stargate.

* He is fluent in French.
* Was named one of Canada's funniest new comedians in 1994.
* Liked to rap while attending St. Ignatius High School in Thunder Bay. He was the opening act for Maestro Fresh Wes at the local auditorium.
* His nickname is "Tree".
* In the movie ''Wikipedia310_to_Yuma_(2007_film)'', he plays a character called Tucker, and has a very similar death scene as his character in ''Lost''. He is stabbed to death by a man named Ben in the neck and upper chest and dies by bleeding out while lying on his back.


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