Karen Pace

{{Infobox Character
=Karen Pace
=Karen Pace
=Liam Pace - Husband
Megan Pace (child)
''Charlie Pace'' - Brother-in-law
''Megan Pace (mother)'' - Mother-in-law
Simon Pace - Father-in-law =Charlie's sister in law =Vanessa Branch }} '''Karen Pace''' is Liam Pace's wife, and mother of Liam's child, Megan Pace (child). Charlie was with her after the birth because Liam was heroin at that time. She named her daughter Megan after Megan Pace (mother)& Liam's mother. Karen's uncle offered Liam a occupations in Sydney to help him break his addiction. {{crossref}} {{Nav-Charlie}} arكارين بيس deKaren Pace esKaren Pace frKaren Pace itKaren Pace nlKaren Pace plKaren Pace ptKaren Pace ruКарен Пейс CategoryCharacters, Karen CategorySeason 2 characters, Karen CategoryWives, Karen CategoryMothers, Karen CategoryFlashback Characters, Karen CategoryCharlie's flashback characters CategoryBritish characters CategoryEpisodic characters