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'''Julie Bowen''' portrayed Sarah Shephard.

* Known for her role as Denise Bauer on ''Boston Legal''.
* Played Carol Vessey in ''Ed'' (which also starred Josh Randall).
* Starred as Adam Sandler's love interest in the movie ''Happy Gilmore''.
*Has starred in adverts for Neutrogena.
* Played a waitress and potential love interest of Matthew Fox's character in the "Unfair Advantage" episode of Wikipedia Party of Five.
* As of Fall 2009, she is starring in the sitcom WikipediaModern Family, for which she has won an Emmy.

==Television Roles==
*''Boston Legal''
*''Dawson's Creek''
*''Jake In Progress''
*''Law & Order Special Victims Unit''
*''Party of Five''
*''Modern Family''

*Julie Bowen was actually 8 months pregnant while filming her flash-forward scene in {{ep}}

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