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=Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
'''Jorge Garcia''' played the role of Hugo Reyes, more commonly known as Hurley.

'''Jorge Garcia''' was born in wikipediaOmaha, Nebraska, Nebraska.  He is of Cuban and Chilean ancestry.http//

His first performance was as the villain in his school's seventh-grade musical production, based on the comic strip wikipediaDrabble (comic)|''Drabble''. It was after this that he began to seriously consider acting as a career.  Once he completed college, he joined the wikipediaBeverly Hills Playhouse. {{Source needed}}

In February 2010, to coincide with the sixth and final season of ''Lost'', Garcia and girlfriend Bethany James Leigh Shady created Geronimo Jack's Beard's Beard A ''Lost'' Podcast and its accompanying blog, which presents the couple's reactions to the episode scripts as delivered to Garcia rather than to the episodes as filmed and broadcast.

===TV shows===
* wikipediaHawaii Five-0 (2010 TV series)(2013-present) Jerry Ortega, a conspiracy theorist, who is eventually hired as a consultant by the Five-0 task force.
* wikipediaAlcatraz (TV series)(2012) as Dr. Diego “Doc” Soto, a PhD. in Criminal Justice, author of books on Alcatraz and comic book enthusiast
* wikipediaFringe (TV series)(2011) as Kevin the Security Guard
* Lost (2004-2010) as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
* wikipediaHigglytown Heroes (2005) as Dog Trainer Hero
* wikipediaCurb Your Enthusiasm(2004) as Drug Dealer
* wikipediaBecker (TV series)(2003-2004) as Hector Lopez
* '''''Columbo Columbo Likes the Nightlife''''' (2003) as Julius (TV Movie)
* wikipediaRock Me Baby (TV series), Baby (2003) as Vizzy
* wikipediaOld School (film)(2003) as Jorge (TV Movie)
* wikipediaSpin City (2001) as Cabbie
* wikipediaHow I Met Your Mother(2010) as Steve Henry aka "The Blitz"
* wikipediaOnce Upon a Time(2011) as The Giant (from wikipediaJack and the Beanstalk) aka Anton

* '''''The Midnight Zone'''''
* '''''Something Borrowed Something Blue'''''
* '''''Romancing Valentino'''''
* wikipediaFiddler on the Roof* wikipediaHurlyburly
* wikipediaGuys and Dolls===Feature films===
* wikipediaWhen We Were Pirates(2012) as Jason
* '''''Seymour's Last Rule''''' (2008) as Seymour Holmes
* '''''Sweetzer''''' (2007) as Sergio
* wikipediaDeck the Halls (film)(2006) as Wallace
* wikipediaLittle Athens (2005) as Pedro
* '''''The Good Humor Man''''' (2005) as Mt. Rushmore
* wikipediaOur Time Is Up(2004) as Gardener
* '''''Happily Even After''''' (2004) as Chris
* wikipediaTales from the Crapper(2004) as Racoon Head
* '''''The Slow and the Cautious''''' (2002) as Teddy
* '''''King of the Open Mic's''''' (2000) as Meatloag
* '''''Tomorrow by Midnight / Midnight 5''''' (1999) as Jay
* '''''Raven's Ridge''''' (1997) as Monty

===Video game===
* wikipediaHitman Blood Money|''Hitman Blood Money'' (2005) as a voiceover

==Media appearances==

===Talk show===

Garcia has appeared as a talk show guest in the following talk shows and other television shows
*January 17, 2005 - ''Jimmy Kimmel Live!'' (S3 E180)
*May 6, 2005 - 20/20 ''"Lost Special"'' (S26 E1396)
*May 18, 2005 - wikipediaLive with Regis and Kelly|''Live with Regis and Kelly'' (S17 E359)
*May 17, 2006 - ''Late Night with Conan O'Brien'' (S3 E2228)
*November 10, 2006 - wikipediaThe Late Show with David Letterman|''The Late Show with David Letterman'' (S14 E2689) http//
*May 4, 2010 - ''Jimmy Kimmel Live!''

Source http//

Garcia has been featured as the main topic of the following magazine articles

*August 8, 2004; September 14, 2005; September 30, 2006 Sunset on the Beach (Season 1-3 premieres)
*June 2005, conventions
*Episode 15 of the Official UK Lost Podcast 
*October 21, 2006, Lost Panel at the HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) Lost Panel,  also featuring Jean Higgins, Michael Emerson, and Henry Ian Cusick. http//
*October 5, 2006 - video interview http//
*January 13, 2007 - conventions& Sciences - "An Evening with Lost"
* October 25, 2008, HTY Benefit Reading http//
*December 13-14, 2008, Honolulu Symphony Youth Concert''Peter and the Wolf'' narration http//
*October 17, 2009 - Hawaii International Film Festival - "An Evening with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse"
*May 13, 2010 - Lost Live
*Will feature on the cover of wikipediaWeezer's new album http//
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* Garcia was the first actor to be cast on ''Lost''.{{Source needed}}
* Did a commercial once for the fast-food chain, wikipediaJack in the Box.{{Source needed}}
* Appeared as a contestant in a game show called ''"Russian Roulette"''. http//
* Jorge Garcia auditioned for the part of Hurley, but since the writers hadn't written any lines for the character yet, they had him read some of Sawyers lines.  http// 
* When preparing to leave for the airport on May 30, 2010, Jorge's dog Nunu was hit and killed by a car while crossing the street. http//
* His character in ''How I Met Your Mother'' was a direct reference to ''Lost'', with the character being unlucky and saying the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 when asked to say randomly.



==External links==
*http// Jorge Garcia Q&A Forum at
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*http// Further Dispatches - Jorge Garcia's post-''Lost'' personal blog
*http// Geronimo Jack's Beard - Jorge Garcia's ''Lost'' podcast, with his girlfriend Bethany James Leigh Shady
*http// Biography - at ABC Medianet
*http// Podcast Interview (September 20, 2006) - Interview with Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim for Unofficial podcasts.
*http// Honolulu Midweek (October 6, 2006) "Hurley Goes House Hunting" by Yu Shing Ting - article by local media on Garcia's move to Hawaii, relationship breakup, his pet dog, paparazzi, and house-hunting
*Garcia has joined Unofficial podcasts for two podcasts
**May 19, 2007 - Interview - http// Download episode (.m4a)
**December 16, 2007 - Commentary on {{ep}} - http// Download episode (.m4a)
* A http// 45-minute interview recorded live with Jorge Garcia on the Unofficial podcasts's Lost Podcast* List of http// movies and TV shows that Garcia appears in
* http// Dutch Lost Interview
*http// Jorge Garcia Interview At The LOST Convention

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