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=Louisiana, USA
=Works in an auto dealership
=David (Confidence Man)
Boy (Confidence Man)=Sawyer's almost-con victim =Kristin Richardson }} '''Jessica''', also known as Jess, is the wife of David (Jessica's Husband). She was Sex by Sawyer in an attempt to con her and her family out of $160,000 money. Sawyer abandoned the con, however, upon seeing the couple's Boy (Jessica and David's son), who presumably reminded him of the murder-suicide Mr. Ford committed after Mary Ford was conned in a similar fashion. {{crossref}} {{Nav-Sawyer}} deJessica esJessica frJessica itJessica nlJessica plJessica ptJessica ruДжессика CategoryCharacters CategorySeason 1 characters CategoryWives CategoryMothers CategoryFlashback Characters CategorySawyer's flashback characters CategoryEpisodic characters