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=0517188 }} {{Wikipedia-ref}} '''Joseph "Jeph" Loeb III''', is a comic book writer who was a co-executive producer for ''Lost's '' Season 2. ==Background== *Before joining ''Lost'', Loeb was best known for his work as a writer supervising producer on the Superman television series ''Smallville'' from 2002-2005. *Wrote the critically acclaimed Batman graphic novels ''The Long Halloween'', ''Dark Victory'', and ''Batman Hush'' *Also wrote ''Fallen Son Death of Captain America'' which covered the five stages of grief from the perspective of some prominent ''Marvel'' characters. **He integrated some of his own emotions and experiences after losing his son to cancer in 2005. *Co-wrote the script for "Teen Wolf", the 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox. *After leaving ''Lost'', Loeb was hired as a co-executive producer and a writer for the NBC television series ''Heroes'', but http// left the show in November 2008. ==Notes== *In 2005, Loeb scripted the first six issues of Supergirl. He referenced Lost with the line, "John…don't tell me what I can't do!" ==See also== *Paul Dini *Brian K. Vaughan *Comic book *Comic conventions {{Brclear}} {{crew-stub}} {{crew}} esJeph Loeb ptJeph Loeb CategoryCrew, Jeph CategoryProducers, Jeph
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