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Executive Producer =0684374 }} {{Wikipedia-ref}} '''Jeff Pinkner''' served as an executive consultant during the first season of ''Lost'' and executive producer and writer during Season 3. Pinkner co-Categorywriters the following PortalEpisodes of ''Lost'' *{{ep}} (with Drew Goddard) *{{ep}} (with Carlton Cuse) *{{ep}} (with Drew Goddard) *{{ep}} (with Brian K. Vaughan) ==Appearances== *Lost The Complete First Season (DVD) **"The Genesis of Lost" *Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD) **"The World of the Others" **"Lost on Location The Man Behind the Curtain" *At the conventions& Sciences& Sciences' "An Evening with Lost" event in 2007. ==Background== Pinkner previously worked with J.J. Abrams as an executive producer, co-executive producer, supervising producer and producer on ''Alias'' for over 100 episodes. He also wrote 13 episodes and was its show-runner in the final season. Abrams then enlisted the help of Pinkner on ''Lost'' as an executive consultant during the first season. He served in this capacity from the episodes {{ep}} through {{ep}}. Pinkner returned to ''Lost'' as an executive producer on all Season 3 episodes. Pinkner has worked as a writer or story editor on numerous other television shows including ''Ally McBeal''. He began writing with a freelance episode of ''The Practice''. http// In 2008, Pinkner was hired as executive producer and showrunner for the sci-fi television drama ''Fringe'', another Abrams project. http// == External links == *http// ABC Medianet biography {{crew}} deJeff Pinkner esJeff Pinkner frJeff Pinkner itJeff Pinkner ptJeff Pinkner CategoryCrew, Jeff CategoryProducers, Jeff