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=''Signs of Life''
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'''Jeffrey Hadley''' is a character in the official ''Lost'' novelization ''Signs of Life'' by Frank Thompson. He is a famous artist (according to Michael) and had parties, exhibits and galas held to honour his work.

==Before the crash==
Jeff Hadley originally lived in London, after moving away from the Island of Aaran when he was 16. He began an intimate relationship with Ivy Tennant, a model. Jeff broke her heart when he suddenly was offered a job in Scotland and ended the relationship. He became a professor of art at wikipediaRobert Burns College. While teaching there, he fell in love with Savannah and impregnated her. However, Jeff's work kept them apart, as he was headed off to Australia in Lost for a six month lecturing tour. While travelling, Jeff had many meaningless relationships. Savannah was devastated, as she still loved him. Six months after he left, Savannah saw an image in one of her old paintings that showed an airplane. Oceanic Flight 815. Jeff was headed off to another lecturing tour, this time in Los Angeles, and his flight was the doomed Oceanic Flight 815. Savannah died trying to keep him off of the plane for his own safety.

==On the Island==
Jeff is described as tall, thin with shaggy, copper red- blond hair and a fine beard that had little more than a five o' clock shadow even after weeks on the Island. He was one of the few people who actually found their own luggage after the crash and says he feels rather bad about two passengers that that he had described, had died. On The Island, he finds a grove of trees that is fortuitously shaped like a small building, and makes himself at home in a makeshift studio. Later, Jeff befriended Hurley. He admits he doesn't like Locke, calling him inscrutable, and says he doesn't know who Michael is. He also joined Charlie, Michael and Locke on a boar hunt. As well, Jeff set up a makeshift art studio in a tree grove, where he began drawing nightmare-ish drawings, and then later sees the same drawings in caves while on the boar hunt. Whilst on the boar hunt, the group are attacked by The Monster. When the hunters get back to the camp, Jeff engages in a conversation with Kate and notes her attractiveness. He talks to Hurley at the golf course, who was currently in a game with Sawyer. Jeff noted that Hurley was a good golfer, while Sawyer was not, and Sawyer blamed Jeff for his bad game. Afterwards, he was visited in the caves by a vision of Savannah. Michael had followed him and was seriously injured when he was attacked, after this the caves collapsed.

*A print jacket error on the novel lists the main character as Nick Hadley, instead of the correct Jeff Hadley.

==Unanswered questions==


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