In '''Japan''', the show is known by the roman letters and true name 'LOST', as well as the phonetic transliteration ロスト.
SKY PerfecTV!'s AXN network, and JNN's BS-i are broadcasters.

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==Voice actors==
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The Japanese broadcast of ''Lost'' is dubbed by ''seiyuu'' (Japanese voice actors), many of them familiar voices from anime productions. ==Episode names== ===Season 1=== ("Crash") – {{ep}} #''SOS'' – {{ep}} ("The Night When You Cannot Sleep") – {{ep}} ("Destiny") – {{ep}} ("Responsibility") – {{ep}} ("The Heart Which is Closed") – {{ep}} ("In Darkness") – {{ep}} ("Letter") – {{ep}} ("The Person of Loneliness") – {{ep}} ("Prediction") – {{ep}} ("The Footprint Which is Not Visible") – {{ep}} ("Past in the Case") – {{ep}} ("Bonds") – {{ep}} ("Child of Destiny") – {{ep}} ("Those Which it Should Protect") – {{ep}} ("Last Words")– {{ep}} ("Secret of Silence") – {{ep}} ("Number") – {{ep}} ("Revelation") – {{ep}} ("Promise") – {{ep}} ("Sad Memory") – {{ep}} (phonetically "Time Capsule") – {{ep}} ("The Threat Which is Imminent") – {{ep}} ("Dark Zone") – {{ep}} ("Jet-Black Darkness") – {{ep}} ===Season 2=== ("Bottom of Darkness") – {{ep}} ("Drifting") – {{ep}} ("Man of Faith" (lit. Man Who Believes)) – {{ep}} ("Dejected Work") – {{ep}} ("Searching Ones") – {{ep}} ("The Person Who Wanders") – {{ep}} ("48 Days Which are Not Known") – {{ep}} ("Vengeance") – {{ep}} ("Her Circumstance") – {{ep}} ("23rd Psalm") – {{ep}} ("Boundary Line") – {{ep}} ("Word of Angel") – {{ep}} ("Method of Fraud") – {{ep}} ("The Man Who Is Caught") – {{ep}} ("Door of Memory") – {{ep}} ("Secret") – {{ep}} ("Blockade") – {{ep}} ("Reunion") – {{ep}} ("Area of Relief") – {{ep}} ("The One Gun") – {{ep}} ("Message of the Deceased") – {{ep}} ("The Transaction Which is Hidden") – {{ep}} ("End of Journey") – {{ep}} ("Moment of Ruin") – {{ep}} ===Season 3=== ("Prisoners" literally "Those Who Are Captured") - {{ep}} (phonetically "Glass Ballerina") - {{ep}} ("Next Guidance") - {{ep}} ("In Favor of Oneself") - {{ep}} ("Confession") - {{ep}} ("Vow") - {{ep}} ("Lie about the Location") - {{ep}} ("Fixed Course" (lit. Orbit or Railroad Track) - {{ep}} ("Moment of Judgment") - {{ep}} ("Hope") - {{ep}} (phonetically "Code 77") - {{ep}} ("Crossing the Sea") - {{ep}} ("Magic Box") - {{ep}} ((phonetically "Exposé") - {{ep}} ("Two Women") - {{ep}} ("New Companions") - {{ep}} (phonetically "Jigsaw Puzzle") - {{ep}} ("Date of Conception") - {{ep}} ("Reward") - {{ep}} ("Birth") - {{ep}} ・ヒッツ (phonetically "Greatest Hits") - {{ep}} ("Carrying Outa Plan") - {{ep}} ("The Beginning of the End") - {{ep}} ===Season 4=== ("Choice") - {{ep}} ("Visitors") - {{ep}} ("The Employer") - {{ep}} ("Testimony") - {{ep}} ("Constant") - {{ep}} ("Forbidden Relationship") - {{ep}} ("Ji Yeon") - {{ep}} ("Atonement") - {{ep}} (phonetically"Rule") - {{ep}} ("Father's Shadow") - {{ep}} ("Boy of Miracle") - {{ep}} (phonetically"Oceanic 6") - {{ep}} ("Orchid Station", "Orchid" phonetically) - "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3's No Place Like Home, Part 2" ("Return") - "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3's No Place Like Home, Part 3" ===Season 5=== ("The One Who Bears the Blame") - {{ep}} ("Lie") - {{ep}} (phonetically"Jughead") - {{ep}} ・プリンス (phonetically"Little Prince") - {{ep}} ("Island of Death") - {{ep}} #''316'' - {{ep}} ・ベンサムの生と死 ("Jeremy Bentham's Life And Death", "Jeremy Bentham" phonetically) - {{ep}} (phonetically"LaFleur") - {{ep}} (phonetically"Namaste") - {{ep}} ("Reason") - {{ep}} ("The Past Which Is Yet to Be Seen") - {{ep}} ("Island's Judgment") - {{ep}} ("Existence Named Father") - {{ep}} ("Variable") - {{ep}} (phonetically"Leader") - {{ep}} (phonetically"Jacob") - {{ep}} ("The Afternoon of Destiny") - {{ep}} ===Season 6=== {{ep}} (phonetically"Temple") - {{ep}} ("Her Feelings") - {{ep}} ("Substitute") - {{ep}} ("Lighthouse") - {{ep}} ("Sundown") - {{ep}} ("Dr.Linus","Linus" phonetically) - {{ep}} ("Recon") - {{ep}} ("The One Who Has been Serving for a Long Time") - {{ep}} (phonetically"Package") - {{ep}} ("Time to Wake") - {{ep}} ("Hugo's Guidance","Hugo" phonetically) - {{ep}} ("Joining") - {{ep}} ("Candidate") - {{ep}} ("White and Black") - {{ep}} ("Everything Is for This") - {{ep}} ("The End -Part1-") - {{ep}} ("The End -Part2-") - {{ep}} ===Trivia=== * As many episode names are plays on English sayings, the episodes have been renamed, mostly into Japanese. A few have been renamed with unique English language titles, such as {{ep}}, which was renamed to ''Time Capsule'' タイムカプセル. Curiously, Episode 1x02 {{ep}} was renamed ''SOS'', which is the original English name for Episode 2x19 {{ep}}. Furthermore, the second half of Episode 3x22 is called ''The Beginning of the End''. ==Transliteration key== The following is the written form, in English and Japanese (in Katakana), of various terms and original cast members. These kana representations are useful if for web searches of Lost-related topics in Japanese search engines such as http//www.goo.ne.jp Goo. In the section below, the roman and katakana representations will be exact representations of each other. Therefore, if only the first name is given in English, then the given kana represents only the first name as well. The dot character "・" represents a space between words, such as the space between the first and last names. ''Cast and Crew'' *Matthew Fox - マシュー・フォックス *Josh Holloway - ジョシュ・ホロウェイ *Daniel Dae Kim - ダニエル・デイ・キム *Terry O'Quinn - テリー・オクィン *Malcolm David Kelley - マルコム・デヴィッド・ケリー *Yunjin Kim, Yunjin - キム・ユンジン ( note Typically Yunjin Kim's name is written with the last name first, "Kim Yunjin," as she has an asian first and last name, unlike Daniel Dae Kim.) *Maggie Grace - マギー・グレイス *Naveen Andrews - ナヴィーン・アンドリュース *Emilie de Ravin - エミリー・デ・レイビン *Harold Perrineau, Jr. - ハロルド・ペリノー・Jr *Ian Somerhalder - イアン・サマーホルダー *Evangeline Lilly - エヴァンジェリン・リリー *Dominic Monaghan - ドミニク・モナハン *Jorge Garcia - ホルゲ・ガルシア *Cynthia Watros - シンシア・ワトロス *Michelle Rodriguez - ミシェル・ロドリゲス *Henry Ian Cusick- ヘンリー・イアン・キュージック *Sam Anderson - サム・アンダーソン *Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje アドウェール・アキノエ・アグバエ *J.J. Abrams - J.J.エイブラムス ''Character names'' *Jack Shephard - ジャック・シェパード *James "Sawyer" Ford - ジェームズ・"ソーヤー"・フォード *Charlie Pace - チャーリー・ペース *Kate Austen - ケイト・オースティン *Michael Dawson - マイケル・ドーソン *Walt Lloyd - ウォルト・ロイド *Vincent - ビンセント *Sayid Jarrah - サイード・ジャラー *Hugo "Hurley" Reyes - ヒューゴ・"ハーリー"・レイエス *John Locke - ジョン・ロック *Jin-Soo Kwon - ジン・スー・クォン *Sun-Hwa Kwon - サン・ファ・クォン *Boone Carlyle - ブーン・カーライル *Shannon Rutherford - シャノン・ラザフォード *Claire Littleton - クレア・リトルトン *Bernard Nadler - バーナード・ナドラー *Rose Nadler - ローズ・ナドラー *Ana Lucia Cortez - アナ・ルシア・コルテス *Libby Smith - リビー・スミス *Eko - ミスター・エコー *Desmond Hume - デズモンド・ヒューム *Cindy Chandler - シンディ・チャンドラー *Ethan Rom - イーサン・ロム *Danielle Rousseau - ダニエル・ルソー *Benjamin Linus - ベンジャミン・ライナス *Juliet Burke - ジュリエット・バーク *Richard Alpert - リチャード・アルパート *Daniel Faraday - ダニエル・ファラデー *Miles Straume - マイルズ・ストローム *Charlotte Lewis - シャーロット・ルイス *Frank Lapidus - フランク・ラピーダス *Aaron Littleton - アーロン・リトルトン *Penelope Widmore - ペネロピ・ウィドモア *Charles Widmore - チャールズ・ウィドモア *Eloise Hawking - エロイーズ・ホーキング *Pierre Chang - ピエール・チャン *Jacob - ジェイコブ *The Man in Black - 黒服の男 ''Miscellaneous translations'' * "Main Character" - メインキャラ (phonetically "MainChara") * Year =年, Month =月, and Day =日. Hence October 20, 2004 = 2004年10月20日 * Voice actor (''seiyuu'') = 声 and 声優 ===Music=== ImageJapan-music-chemistry.jpg(Season 1) ImageCrystal-kay-japan-premiere.jpgAXN Season 3 Japan premiere {{Main}} ''End credit theme songs'' * Season 1's theme song is ''Here I am'' by WikipediaChemistry (band)//www.axn.co.jp/lost/news_20050819.html**http//www.chemistryclub.net/pc/top.jsp official fan club and http//www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/DF/CHEMISTRY/ song sample of Here I Am at Sony * Season 2's theme song is ''WikipediaLosin%27''' by Yuna Ito (伊藤由奈) **http//www.yunaweb.net/ official site **http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK4RuOZtlJA music video at YouTube *Season 3's theme song is "Lonely Girl" Crystal Kay from her album ''ALL YOURS'' http//www.axn.co.jp/lost/news_20070501.html//www.axn.co.jp/lost/news_index.html**http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Ve1kCwagk YouTube ImageYunaito.jpg's '' 'losin '' (Season 2) {{brclear}} ==External links== *http//www.axn.co.jp/lost/ Lost at network AXN **http//www.axn.co.jp/lost/setvisit.html set visit AXN visits the set of Lost in Hawaii *http//www.bs-i.co.jp/lost/index-j.html Lost at network BS-i *http//ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/LOST Lost in Japanese Wikipedia *http//www.tsutaya.co.jp/sp/lost/index.html Tsutaya Lost *http//nyoropon.exblog.jp/i63 Nyoropon blog *http//flight815.seesaa.net/ ''Lost'' no Hi-Mi-Tsu (Secrets of ''Lost'') *http//www.k3.dion.ne.jp/~kint/lost/cast.html ''Lost'' no A-I-Tsu (Cast of Lost) *http//www.usagi.org/doi/seiyuu/ Usagi.org - Hitoshi Doi's seiyuu database *http//ja.lostpedia.com/wiki/メインページ Japanese Lostpedia ==Video== Japanese Season 2 end credits featuring Yuna Ito's ''losin'''. The credits also list the dubbing voice actors for each character. 18CXu6ykBT0
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