Iraq in Lost

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!Main Characters

* Sayid is from Tikrit in Iraq. {{crossref}}
* He served as an officer in the Republican Guard, and served under Omar (Solitary). {{crossref}}
* He met his childhood friend Nadia in Iraq. {{crossref}}
* Kurdish Shiite insurgents bomb the Baathist headquarters in Najaf. {{crossref}}
* He did something unspeakable in Basra, Iraq. {{crossref}}
* Essam lost his wife in Iraq. {{crossref}}
* Sam Austen served in Iraq during the First Gulf War, and met Sayid there. {{crossref}}
* Kelvin Inman served in Iraq during the First Gulf War, and taught Sayid torture techniques there, which he in turn used to torture Tariq. {{crossref}}

===In The Lost Experience===
* According to his biography, DJ Dan also served in the First Gulf War.

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