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The '''Institute for Genomic Advancement''' is one of the current active projects being undertaken by The Hanso Foundation. 

== About the Institute ==
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{{quote= The Institute for Genomic Advancement is dedicated to the extension of the previous Human Genome Project to its most logical conclusions, believing that once our building blocks are laid bare, the future we build on will have no limit. 

In what may be the most forward reaching of The Hanso Foundation's active projects, the Institute seeks nothing less than the eradication disease and birth defects through a deeper understanding of the function and mechanisms of the human genome. }}

The Institute for Genomic Advancement is likely controlled by Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, who lost his mother to a rare genetic disease and was allegedly studying genetics at Caltech before being joining the Hanso Foundation. However this has not been proven.

== Notes ==
* The IGA page shows pictures of normal and mutant cells. These pictures shimmer and flux. 
* The sound for the IGA page includes a sound effect (hard to describe) apparently related to the shimmering pictures.
* If you put your mouse on some of the big Dots, the X-Ray picture in will say either "Retreivers", "of", or "Truth".
**This will lead you to the site http//

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*http// The Hanso Foundation
*http// Retrievers of Truth


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