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'''Iain Lee''' was the presenter for the former Channel 4 Lost Radio show and continues his work for Sky One as the presenter of the "The Lost Initiative" podcast, as well as being lead presenter for any Sky created Lost programming, like Life Without Lost. He recently appeared in a television advertisement dressed as a DHARMA Initiative scientist in a spoof Orientation film to advertise the Official UK Lost PodcastSky One Lost... Uncovered, Get Lost, Life Without Lost, and Lost The Answers Are Here

==Season 5==
For Season 5 The Lost Initiative has become a Video show on the http//www.sky.com/lost Official UK Lost Website. Geeky Tom and Paul have also returned for the twice weekly show. Episodes are approx 15 minutes long and are available after the Lost episode on Sky1 at 9pm and on Wednesdays.

Iain Lee has also visited the set of Lost in Hawaii and his exclusive video diaries, Lost on Location are also available on the Sky1 Lost Website.

While in Hawaii, he was promised a walk on part in an episode of season 5 as a member of the Dharma Initiative

==Other Work==
He currently works as a presenter on the UK radio station http//www.absoluteradio.co.uk/djs_shows/shows/sunday_night_show/ Absolute Radio (formerly known as Virgin Radio). His former work includes presenting on the London radio station http//www.lbc973.co.uk LBC 97.3 FM, on the UK television breakfast show wikipediaRISE and WikipediaThe Eleven O' Clock Show' Clock Show where WikipediaSacha Baron Cohen(Ali G, Borat), WikipediaRicky Gervais (Outside_references_to_Lost.2C_The_.28TV.29, Extras) and WikipediaMackenzie Crook (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean) first got their television breaks. He has also been known to work for the UK version of WikipediaE!!. He hosts the series "Ninty News" that covers Nintendo-related news, which is accessed by connecting a Wii system to the Internet.

== External links ==
http//www.myspace.com/therealiainlee MySpace - Iain's MySpace profile
http//www.youtube.com/therealiainlee YouTube - Iain's YouTube videos
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