Howard L. Zukerman

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=Howard L. Zukerman
=Howard L. Zukerman
=18 September 2004
=Sydney, Australia
=Television producer
=Unnamed wife 
Numerous ex-wives = Poisoned by Paulo ={{ep}} =Was murdered and robbed by Nikki and Paulo =Jacob Witkin }} '''Howard L. Zukerman''' was the wealthy British producer of the American television show ''Exposé (TV series)''. He lived as an ex-pat in a palatial estate in Sydney, Australia in Lost, and had many ex-wives, a current wife, and an affair with one of his show's guest stars, Nikki Fernandez. On Timelinepre-crash, 2004, Mr. Zukerman was crimes by his hired chef Paulo, who had conspired with Nikki (who was actually Paulo's girlfriend). His cause of life and death was reported as "heart failure," as authorities did not suspect what had really caused the heart failure. Paulo and Nikki murdered Howard in order to obtain a keys he kept around his neck. The key was to a hidden safe that held a small pouch of diamonds, supposedly worth $8 million money. The diamonds were hidden inside a Russia matryoshka doll. ==Portfolio== Howard was the "creative force" for the following hit television series * ''Exposé (TV series)'' * ''Dr. Kincaid, Esquire'' * ''Strike Team Alpha'' ==Trivia== *''Howard'' is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "noble watchman". *The surname Kincaid is the name of one of Mr. Zukerman's shows, and also the surname of William Kincaid, Locke's physiotherapist. *''Zukerman'', in German, translates loosely to "sugar man," or more appropriately, "sugar daddy." * The casting call described he as ''"Mr. Zuckerman, a 70ish, wealthy Australian tv producer. He has many ex-wives, a current wife, and a hot young girlfriend from one of his current shows."''http// ==References== {{reflist}} {{Nav-Nikki}} {{DEFAULTSORTZukerman, Howard L.}} deHoward L. Zukerman esHoward L. Zukerman frHoward L. Zukerman itHoward L. Zukerman plHoward L. Zukerman ptHoward L. Zukerman ruГовард Л. Цукерман zhHoward L. Zukerman CategoryDeceased Characters, Howard L. CategorySeason 3 characters, Howard L. CategoryFlashback Characters, Howard L. CategoryNikki and Paulo's flashback characters, Howard L. CategoryArtists CategoryEpisodic characters